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Weekend Trip To Islamorada!

Posted by Shane On March 4th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great!!!! It is trying to warm up here in sunny South West Florida. I cannot wait for this weather to pass and get warm again. Have not been boating at all due to the cold and high winds, however, did take a weekend trip down south to Islamorada in the Florida Keys. I figured it had to be warmer down there. I wanted to share this with you because it is something you can do too.

My Broker/Office manager and I and a great client turned into fishing and boating buddy, Bruce loaded up in the truck at 5:00 am Friday morning with the boat on the trailer behind us and headed to the Keys. It is only a 3 hour drive. This is a great quick in expensive get away and I promise you will have a blast. It is another world down in the keys. The water is so beautiful.

Okay back on track we arrived at the Look Out Lodge Resort a great place to stay right on the Bay. Right next door is a nice sandy beach with a restaurant called Marker 88 right on the Bay.

This is a great place to stay and gives you quick access to the Atlatic Ocean for off shore fishing and reef fishing.

Once we got checked in we dropped the boat in the water and went to look for the infamous Bone Fish. Very illusive and hard to stalk down, but a great fighting fish. Brad and Bruce were just set on busting out the fly rods and catching some Bones. I took them on the ocean side of Snake Creek where there are always bone fish to be found. We saw a few but, they would not eat. After the bit e for bones was not so good and the wind started to pick up I said how about fly fishing for some big Permit. So I took them out in the Florida bay where as a kid I always caught Permit. We saw four monster Permit, but they would not bite. Before the gorgeous keys sunset, was getting ready to set I said boys time to head in and get showered up and go have an appetizer and cold beverage at Marker 88 and watch the amazing keys sunset. What a sight!!!!

The next morning was calm and beautiful. We got up and decided to run off shore 15 miles and troll for tuna. The bite was not so great but the ocean was so, so beautiful. Purple blue water. We caught one Black Fin Tuna and put him in the cooler. We headed in to do some reef fishing and caught several Yellow tail and some snapper and some grouper. We had to let the Grouper go, but we kept the Yellow Tail. Yum, Yum. Very sweet tasting fish, no fishy taste at all. It began to blow about 20 to 25 knots (yes, another cold front coming through). I told the guys lets run out in the back bay and stalk those permit again. We looked and looked and could not se one fish, by this time is was blowing the water was very choppy and rough. WE decided to head in and prepare for another Florida Keys sunset. The sunset was not as nice as the one the night before, but still absolutely amazing and soo beautiful.

We got up Sunday and the weather was not so great for fishing so I called my buddy to see what they were going to do and he said they were going to go pull their Stone Crab Traps, he said come on, so we did. What a great time. YOu never know what you are going to find in your traps. WE had lobster in some traps which were released immediaitely, all types of other Crabs and of course our target the Stone Crab. Not just average sized ones we had some colossal claws, oh my gosh they were huge and sooooo tasty. We pulled out of the keys about 3:00 pm and were home by 7:00 after a few stops.

What a great weekend get away, yet close to Ft. Myers. It was in expensive and just a wonderful enjoyable time. Take the whole family down there or just a guys fishing trip, or just the spouse, no atter what you will have an amazing time in an amazing place. If you ever need pointer on where to go or stay or boat rentals or boat charters, let me know, I was born and raised in the keys and still have a great connections their.

Until next time, please make time to smell the roses enjoy your family and friends.

Make it great what ever you do!!!!!



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