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Weekend On The Water With The Kids!

Posted by Shane On July 31st

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great!!

This week are going to mix it up again. I have had many e mails saying Shane we get it that you go fishing and that you go to eat at all these great restaurants on the water. What else do you do on the water.

Well we were out on the water a few Sundays ago with my past clients who have become boating buddies and I have met other folks who we have become friends with through our boating buddies. If you live here you will understand what I about to share with you. If you live up north, this is what we often do when we go boating and one day you will be here to enjoy it to.

We started out morning with my family and headed out to the grass flats to catch some bait for the fishing that we had planned on doing. Bait was very easy to find thank goodness, a lot of Green Backs and white bait. We headed up to Red Fish pass to do some fishing with the kids. Red Fish Pass is the most northern tip of Captiva you can get to by car. The Resort there is called South Sea Plantation. What an amazing place. Anyway we fished for a while and caught some Snook and Snapper. We wound up running into some other friends on the water and with in a few minutes later we ran into some other friends all in Red Fish Pass. The consensus was to run south in the boats to Tween Waters Resort for some good food and good drink if you know what I mean. ( I have written about Tween Waters Before, Great place to go by boat). We ate and had some cold beverages and all the kids swam in the pool. After hanging out there for awhile we all decided to go to a friends home who I met through my network of boating buddies. This friend of ours offered to Grill out for us at his home. Our friend has got a great home on Sanibel right on the Bay. What an amazing spot. He has his own sand beach in his back yard. On the way to our friends house we ran into some other friends who had pulled off to the side if the channel to swim and have fun in the sun. As it turned out, they were low on Beverages and we had plenty of cold beverages. So we traded our cold beverages for some of there snacks. It was great we all rafted up together for a short time, exchanged some great stories about fishing the kids, etc. Best part was, we all got to meet more people that we had never met before. After spending time rafted up in the bay, we headed to our friends house on the Bay. We beached all the boats and Our friend had all the food ready for us as soon as we stepped off the boat. Wow, we felt special, ha ha ha.. We sat on his private beach eating, enjoying cold beverages and just talking about all kinds different things. The kids were having a blast, some of them went for bike a ride. The other kids were fishing off the beach and the other kids had raised one of the boats up on the boat lift way up in the air so they could jump off into the water. Talking about a small world when we pulled up to my friends home, I heard a voice saying Shane, hey, Shane what are you doing here. I looked to the property right on the bay to the right of my friends home and there was of my good buddies who lives in my neighborhood down the canal from me. He was at his Dads house having a Bar B Q with his family. All in all it was a great relaxing day with friends and family until sunset. You know this is so important in this busy, busy, crazy world we live in. You have got to take time to slow down and smell the roses, go boating, go for a walk or a bike ride. Spend time with your family, friends, it is so important, life goes by so quickly. I know you know what I am talking about.

Attached are some photos of our day, please enjoy. If there is anything I can ever do for you, please feel free to drop me a line (get it, drop me a line, Fishing line??)or shoot me an e mail.

Until next time enjoy!!!!!



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