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Waterfront Restaurant

Posted by Shane On April 17th

I know I have had this place on the Boating Guide in the past, but it is such a great place I have to tell you about it again.
Have you heard of the Waterfront Restaurant in St. James City, Pine Island? It is a great place to go have drinks and a great food with wonderful waterfront views.

I took some clients out in the boat for the picture perfect day. While on our way out to sight see and do some fishing, we had some friends, Dolphin friends that is come up behind the boat and played in our wake for a good 15 minutes see photos below. What a great experience not to mention the clients on my boat had never seen anything like this before.

Neat, Neat , Neat…..

Okay now getting Back to The Waterfont Restaraunt, this is a great place to go to and grab a bite to eat and have some cold beverages while sitting right on the water. The Oysters are great here and so is the Blackened Mahi-Mahi sandwich. Yum, Yum. The Waterfront Restaurant brings in fresh sea food daily by its local fisherman.

Everyone we meet here is super nice. You can either sit outside and look over the water or if you are warm, you can go inside the air conditioned part of the restaurant. Inside the table is covered with large white paper. The kids or (creative adults ) can color and doodle right on the table and if the drawing is really neat, you can ask for a few pins and stick it to the wall with the other art that has been drawn by other folks who have visited. This place reminds me of some of the hole in the wall restaurants I used to eat at in the Keys where I was raised. May not look fancy, but the seafood is great!!!

How Do I Get There?

This is easy. Coming from Cape Coral Yacht Club, get into the ICW and head towards the mouth of the river. Go through the slow zone, when it says to resume normal speed, go almost straight ahead, you will see a green marker, should be Green marker #3 this is the opening of the miserable mile as some people call it. Proceed staying in the channel do not go outside the channel or you will run aground, it is very, very shallow outside the channel. Follow the ICW until you get just past Picnic Island which will be on your left. Look straight ahead to your right a little you should see a red marker #10. Once passing this red marker veer to your right(staying in the IWC) about 3/4 of a mile up you will see red marker #12. About a half mile pass marker #12 you will see a Green Marker #1. When you get to Marker #1 look to your right, you will see the markers going into the canal. Stay in the channel it is very shallow outside the channel. (look at the attached photo to see what the opening of the canal looks like. There is plenty of dockage for you.



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