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Please give me a few minutes of your time, Please…..

My name is Shane Wilson I live in Ft. Myers Florida. For those of you who do not know me. I write a weekly boating guide for clients, people thinking of moving to our area, friends and family. I have a very serious message that is going to go out to as many people as I can think of and hopefully you will forward it to as many people as you can think of. Please read below.

No this is not some stupid chain e mail, I promise you.

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing great.

I was going to follow up on the second half of the Dolphin fishing in the keys this week, But it did not seem appropriate for this day and time.

I would like to discuss something far more important at this time. The Oil Spill out in the Gulf. This is absolutely awful and a disgrace to see the death, devastation and more death and devastation to come. It is going to get a lot worse guys unless something is done and done quickly. For weeks and weeks and weeks, I have been reading everything I can and watching any programs I can to learn about this oil spill. I personally feel it is way, way, worse than the media leads us to believe. I do not understand, if we can put a man on the moon and have all this technology, why can the oil well not be capped off, shut off, plugged up, what ever has to be done to stop it. Please copy and paste the link below to you browser. You are going to read some disturbing information and see disturbing photos. You really do need to see for yourself. The article is from May 12, 2010.

I know, the above article is very disturbing and here we are 30 days later with millions of barrels of oil flowing into the Gulf. Hey guys, some of you saying this will not affect us we do not live near the coast. I have news for you, it is going to affect everyone from the Gulf waters, possibly Atlantic Waters, to the Gulf coastline to folks inland. Everyone will be affected,family members, friends, friends of friends, everyone will be affected for years to come.

Please take a look at this link below. If you cannot click on it, then copy and paste it to your browser. You will be in shock at the similarities as to our tragedy today. Please take a look.

I am hoping you looked and the link above. You fired up now? I personally am in shock, using all these same techniques that did not work 31 years ago?? I just do not get it. Am I missing something? I am just baffled.

Please take a look at the link below. This was just posted this last week. There are going to be very disturbing verbiage as well as photos. People need to see this. It is just aweful !!!! Please take a look.|htmlws-sb-w|dl1|link3|

Well hopefully you checked out the link above. Are you just nauseous and sick to your stomach. I am and have read it and viewed the photos several times. It still makes me beyond sad, a sadness I have never felt before. Those poor creatures that do not have a chance.

Okay the oil is out in the water, we must accept this. It would seem to me that based on these past oil spills, the booms,the skimmers, the barriers do not work or maybe do not work effectively. Pouring all these chemicals into the ocean does not seem to be a wise idea either, again I am no oil clean up specialist. I do know, that I have seen several different ways to clean up the oil that appear to be environmentally friendly. Please check out the links below.

Hopefully you checked out the above links. Imagine this, microbes that eat the oil and there are no harmful residual effects according to the manufactures. So what is BP or the government waiting for. If in fact these microbes really work, lets do it now!!! If you did not view the above link… please do. Okay how about the Straw Hay or Bahia Grass. So simple and if it works, then do it now. Look at the link…

Please please, please, take the time to view these links. If in fact it is for real and really works, why is BP and the government not using it. I do not know who is in charge of this clean up, but shouldn’t they be made aware of this?

This whole spill has been bugging me and everyone I know. We have all said the same thing, ” what can we do we are just one person or a handful of people” Well you know what, I am one person and I have a data base with several thousand people who get my weekly boating guide. So instead of talking about great places to go by water, great places to fish, great places to dive, great reefs to go to, great places to eat by water, I am going to use this little edge I have and send it to all the subscribers to the boating guide, not to mention I am going to send this to everyone I know. Let’s do the math. Lets say I can get this information to 3,000 people and those 3,000 people send it to just 5 other people, if my math is correct, that will be 15,000 people that this information goes to and if those 15,000 people send it to just 5 more people, friends, family. That would be 75,000 people and so on and so on. Eventually it will get to the enough people to make a difference and hopefully get to the people who can make change and make it happen.

I do commend all the workers, volunteers and everyone helping in the is effort to ward off this oil and helping all the sea creatures that have been harmed by this tragedy. I do not know what else to say, but please forward this to as many people as you can. It is not just going to go away by it self unless enough people make enough noise to make a difference.

Here is a great site to get the update on the oil. Please see below..

If you know of anyone that can get this information to the proper people, please get it to them. Something has got to be done now. I as one person can only do so much but by forwarding this to everyone you know, the word will grow exponentially.

Let’s help to preserve the life as we know it, the ocean as we know it, the beaches as we know it, the marshes as we know it. The sea food we love to eat, the sea food restaurants as we know it. All the people who make their living on the water and from our oceans.

Thank you so much for your time and support.



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