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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing great!!! I know it has been a long time since I have done “The Boating Guide“. I think we all get so wrapped up in our work and every day life. I have had so many of you write me over the last several months saying “Shane, where is the boating guide? Why are you not doing the boating guide anymore?”

Well doing the boating guide is what I love doing for you. I love sharing my boating experiences with everyone I can. It is part of living the waterfront life style. If I can help anyone else experience what we experience it will change your life. We have helped so many people over the years get into their dream homes on the water.

It is amazing to see a person from up north contact me and say “Shane, we have been following your boating guide for months!” Some folks have been following for years. They tell me they cannot stand the cold winters anymore, or some folks are retiring and they want to do what we do here on the water. If you have have never followed the boating guide before, you may have no clue what I am talking about. Over the years we have helped so many people to get down here and live the waterfront life style. They are living their dream they have envisioned for years. Now they are finally here and lovin it 🙂

I always mention the state of our Real Estate Market. Our Market is actually doing very well and homes are selling. The prices have adjusted down and maybe further than what we all as home owners wanted, but it had to happen to get our Real Estate Market moving again, not to mention the great buys that buyers are getting. I cannot remember a better time to be a buyer right now… Why? Because prices are very, very low. Interest rates are still at historic lows and banks are loaning money again. You would not believe some of the deals out there for these waterfront properties. It is amazing,  no one ever thought prices would go this low. If you have an interest in checking out some of these great deals, I can gladly set you up on a computer program that will e mail to you all the waterfront listings as they come on to the market as well as any price reductions. It is a really great tool for you 🙂

Okay on to the fun stuff, you know what is coming up don’t  you? Mini Lobster Season. This is a two day period when Lobster Season is open only for two days during the middle of the week. The Florida Keys get jammed with people looking for those tasty little bugs, (Lobsters). I am attaching last years mini season Lobstering so you can get a feel for what its all about. I think you will enjoy it.. Check it out…….

A Lobstering Get away to the Florida Keys – Part I

Okay lets move on to the fun stuff… How about Lobstering in the Florida Keys. Well I am gonna tell you all about it. Yes even if you have never done it before, after looking over this boating guide issue, you will be an expert, well maybe not an expert, But you will look like you know what you are doing Get it, you will look like you know what you are doing I just crack my self up.. Okay any way…

There are several different ways to catch these bugs )( bugs are known as Florida Lobster) so first get the lingo down One way is to go Bully netting at night. Lobsters are nocturnal and come out at night to feed and do their thing. To Bully net it must be dark out and you will of course need a bully net and good strong deep cycle battery and a couple of high powered spot lights.. Typically you want to look in Creeks and Grass beds or on the edge of chanels for these bugs (Lobster). You can either drift a long or idle around looking for these guys. Typically the first thing you will see is the glowing of their eyes. Look at some photos below….

Another exciting thing about being on the water at night is you never know what you are going to see lurking in the dark. There are two Nurse Sharks in the photo gallery above.

Okay now it is very important that you measure the lobster before keeping them. Yo will have to buy a measuring device. About $1 to $5 dollars.

Once you get back to the dock you must twist your Lobster and break off the tip of the lobster tentacle to clean out the pooper. I will show you some photos. It is not as bad as you think. If you do not clean out the poopers, you will be chewing your fresh catch of bugs and it may be a little crunchy/ gritty. Another place to find bugs is a secret ship wreck, okay boat wreck, But Ship Wreck sounds more exciting icon smile A Lobstering Get Away To The Florida Keys!!! Part 1 I know this spot in the back bay where the bugs hide really good and it is a bear to get them out from under the wreck. It takes practice and proper technique, but it can be done. Oh and part of the fun is the scenery and adventure getting there…

We did well at the wreck. About this time you start to get hungry.. so why not go down to the Hungry Tarpon and eat. YOU can feed the Hungry tarpon here and you eat at the restaurant called the Hungry Tarpon.. Pretty neat icon smile A Lobstering Get Away To The Florida Keys!!! Part 1 Check out the website…

Some times the Tarpon will get ya, it does not hurt though….:-)

After Filling our bellies and the Tarpon’s bellies too, we headed out to search for more bugs. This other way we search is by dragging behing the boat a long the creeks and looking up under the ledges for bugs. It is challenging and the bugs hide way up under these ledges.

This is really a geat time and you never know what it is you are gonna see. After looking for bugs all day (Lobstering) you get kind of tired, so it is nice to go somewhere and relax in the crystal clear waters of the Florida Keys. There is a place in the keys called Holiday Isle….Check out the web site……….It is a fun place to go to, but I would rather go to the Holiday Isle Sand bar. It is a beautiful place to park your boat and relax in the water. Oh and thank goodness I had my mechanic with me, just in case we happen to have some mechanical issues, which we did. Well We did not, but my buddies did. So I lent them my personal mechanic out to them….:-)

The Florida Keys is an amazing magical place. It is only about 3 hours car drive from Ft. Myers. It is a quick weekend get away for the entire family and friends too for that matter. I will be giving you some great places to go next week and one of the best most relaxing places to stay in the Keys.. tune in… Until next week….Make time for your Family and friends, life goes by so quickly,… Do not say oh I will do it next week or the following weekend or next month, do it now or you will never do it. Make it a great weekend what ever you do and first and for most be safe and have a great time icon smile A Lobstering Get Away To The Florida Keys!!! Part 1

Take care,

Shane”Waterfront” Wilson



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