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Jonathan Harbour Community - Waterfront Homes in Fort Myers

This is the 9th location of the “11 Southwest Florida Waterfront Vacation Home Communities” eBook, which is available as a free download!

For a private island lifestyle, join this exclusive waterfront community tucked away on Connie Mack Island in South Fort Myers. Jonathan Harbour is one of the most prestigious waterfront communities that Fort Myers has to offer. It is located off McGregor Boulevard, just before the Sanibel Island Causeway.

Jonathan Harbour boasts absolutely breathtaking views and deep water Gulf access throughout the community. As a resident of Jonathan Harbour, you will also enjoy the waterfront luxury of your yacht or boat on a private dock behind your home.

The amenities available at Jonathan Harbour take waterfront living to a whole new level. It is a luxurious slice of paradise, on your own private island. Should you decide to make one of Jonathan Harbour’s waterfront homes in Fort Myers your home or vacation home, you will enjoy a:

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Fort Myers Waterfront Homes - Siesta Isles

This is the 7th location of the “11 Southwest Florida Waterfront Vacation Home Communities” eBook, which is available as a free download!

Siesta Isles is a small, tropical oasis nestled in the back bay of Fort Myers Beach. This community boasts one of the largest and deepest canals in Lee County. In fact, the Siesta Isles canal is along the route of the famous Fort Myers Beach Boat Parade, which takes place every year in December.

The Fort Myers waterfront homes of Siesta Isles include:

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Fort Myers Waterfront Homes - The Landings

This is the 4th location of the “11 Southwest Florida Waterfront Vacation Home Communities” eBook, which is available as a free download!

The Landings is a beautiful riverfront community located in Fort Myers. It is situated on 250 acres of splendor, encompassing 12 condominium associations and two homeowner associations. The Riverside Yacht Club Estates is an additional homeowners association within The Landings community.

If you choose to make The Landings one of your Fort Myers waterfront homes, you will have the luxury of enjoying:

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Fort Myers Luxury Homes - Gulf Harbour Golf and Country Club

This is the 3rd location of the “11 Southwest Florida Waterfront Vacation Home Communities” eBook, which is available as a free download!

As far as waterfront communities go… Gulf Harbour Golf & Country Club is the crème de la crème. This is a very exclusive, upscale community with every imaginable luxury.

Gulf Harbour is a unique, equity member-owned, private Club on the shores of the Caloosahatchee River. The Gulf of Mexico is only 4.5 nautical miles from your home (yes, “nautical miles”… you’ll soon be speaking in “Waterfront Living” terms as well!) It is also only 10 minutes from beautiful Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel Island.

If you decide to make Gulf Harbour your vacation home, you will enjoy:

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Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope the season is treating you all well. It’s been a busy buying season in Southwest Florida – not only are people busy out on the roads buying presents, they are also busy buying HOUSES! If you are interested in buying a home in Southwest Florida, give me a call!

Also I wanted to share with you a Southwest Florida fishing charter guy that we just love. If you have a fisherman in the family that you are still trying to figure out a gift idea for – a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a Southwest Florida fishing charter with Capt Bill at Endless Summers Charters, can help you out, without leaving your home. You can buy and print the Gift Certificate right from your computer & printer.

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Camping by Boat to Cape Sable (Part One)

Posted by Shane On November 10th

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great . before we get into another boating adventure, I wanted to give you an update on our Real Estate market. Contrary to what may e happening around the country, homes here are selling. At this point in time there are more homes going pending and selling and closing than there are coming on the market.

There is definitely a market shift taking place.

In the past we had a huge over supply of homes for sale and it was killing our home prices, so needless to say home prices plummeted. We have seen a leveling off in our market place. Prices are stabilizing and in some areas we are seeing an uptick in pricing. Keep in mind the homes that are overpriced and have been over priced are going to sit on the market and get stagnant. Then when that seller decides to get realistic on pricing, they drop their price on their property and then you get the illusion prices are still falling.  

Right now as this  letter is being written, we have an under supply of homes for sale. In an average market, there is normally a 3 to 4 month supply of homes for sale. The current inventory of homes for sale is much less than that. The market is shifting. Have you noticed the new construction that has just started to be built again. Look around in all the developments, they are building homes and the crazy thing is, they are selling as fast as they can build them. Yes there is some inventory homes, but nothing like we have had for the last several years. Why is this happening, Interest rates are at an all time low, this is a fact. Home prices are so low now, it is like going back 12 to 14 years ago. You cannot afford to buy the dirt and build a new construction home for what many of the existing homes are selling for at this time. This buyers market we are in is beginning to shift and as the inventory dries up even more, you are going to see prices begin to rise at a normal rate. It is quite interesting to watch our Real Estate Market.

If you would like, at no cost or obligation, I can set you up on a program that is just like MLS. It will give you the most current information on home on the market, what is going pending and what is selling. It will even e mail to you any new listings that come on to the market. If there is anything I can do for you whether it be answer questions or if you have family or friends who want someone they can count on to give them honest accurate information, please feel free to give them my contact information. I will be happy to help anyway I can. Thank you in advance.

Okay now on to the fun part, the boating guide. It is getting to be that time of year again. It is cooling down and the mosquitos and bugs have gone away. It is time to go camping by boat. So load up all your camping gear, fishing rods and tackle, cause we are going to have a blast. We are going to Cape Sable, just south of the Everglades.

Let me show you a photo of where I am talking about. It is at the bottom of Florida.  

Do you see where it says Cape Sable, this is where we camped. Do you see to the right side of the screen where it says Planation Key (underlined in black). It is approximately 37 miles by boat from Plantation Key to Cape Sable through the Florida Bay. This has got to be one of the most beautiful boat rides in the entire world. The water is only a few feet deep all the way there. There are tiny wheel cuts, which are little skinny channels that you drive through with your boat. On either side of the wheel cuts, it is only a few inches deep with the miles and miles of grass flats. There are every kind of marine bird you can imagine, Brown Pelicans, White Pelicans, Ospreys, the Great Bald Eagles, Great White Herons, Great Blue Herons, White Egrets, Snowy Egrets, Sea Gulls, Roseate  Spoon Bills, (what an amazing brilliant pink bird), Cormorants ,Anhingas. There are so many more marine birds, that I cannot even tell you their names. 

When we started our trip out of Plantation key, we started with three boats. Several miles in to Florida bay one of the boats with a dad and three kids had a mechanical falure and could not be fixed. You know the old saying, leave no man behind. We were able to get the broken boat back to shore and on a trailer. Needless to say the dad and kids were devastated about not being able to go on the camping trip. My other buddies and I said what?, No way we are all still going. The kids and the other dad were elated. We crammed all of their supplies and gear in to the other two flats boats and headed out. It was tight 8 kids and 4 adults in two flats boats.. YEE HAAAA!!!!!

We headed back into the Florida Bay as I said before, it is just an amazing trip and the scenery is so beautiful, like nothing you have ever seen. I know the photos will do no justice to the real thing.. check out some photos…

On the way you sort of pass Ranger Station, it is in what they call Flamingo. You can get there by car. There is a small boat launch and marina.. Check out the web site….

After running awhile longer we came across the beaches, miles and miles of secluded beaches. There were a couple of campers which we saw up on shore. Check out the photos…

Finally we seek out camping spot. It is the best piece of Real Estate you could camp on… Check out this aerial shot 🙂 Check out our Gulf front View :-)…

Right on the point of what is called Middle Cape. Look at all that white sand. Miles and miles. So quiet and peaceful. No cell phones, no tv, no radio. Just the sounds of nature. The Chirping of the Osprey as they fly over, the screeching of the massive Bald Eagles. To see them swoop down and grab a fish from the ocean is just magnificent.  The best part of this spot is at the point that you see is a great tidal flow, very strong current which brings in the bait and the big fish that eat the bait. Great fishing on this point, but do not tell anyone..another good point about this spot is that you are somewhat protected from a storm, to a point. There have been many, many stories of winter storms that roll in. You are on the open Gulf with no protection at all. Many boats have broken anchor and washed up on the beach to be pounded by the crashing waves, eventually the boats break up. I have also seen boats washed up and a thousand pounds of sand has washed in to the boat. The only safe haven we have if the storm comes from the north we can tuck up into the south East side of Middle Cape.

Check out the photos as we come to our camping spot….


It is such a beautiful place, right on the Gulf of Mexico. With views of the ocean and beaches as far as the eye can see. We got the camp all set up and of course the boys wanted to fish right away…But of course if we wanted to stay warm we needed to collect fire wood. It was supposed to drop to the high 40’s. This is very, very cold for us Florida people.

It is kind of crazy who you will meet out at Cape Sable, after all you are 37 miles from home VIA the water. Mangrove Mike pulls up in his boat heading back home from fishing on Lake Ingraham. Mangrove Mike is a long time friend from the keys.. Mike owns Mangrove Mikes Café and Catering.. You really need to check out his website and the Black and white Ball he catered.  Scroll all the way towards the bottom. You have never seen anything like this, (Keys Style). Mike is a great guy and check out his Café when you go to the keys. Check out his website.

We were all glad Mike came by, he gave us a bunch of fresh fish to cook that night, seeing how the fishing for us was slow. Not that we really tried that hard, we were busy setting up, the kids were all running around had to collect fire wood, ya know the normal stuff.. Okay, Okay, I will say it we go t skunked, we only caugt a few fish, not enough for Dinner. Thank goodness for Mike, Fresh Red Fish .. MM good..

I have to give one of the boys credit. He sat and he sat and he sat fishing. He said he was not going to move until he caught a fish. So he sat and sat and suddenly fish on!!!! I have never seen a kid soooooo happy 🙂

Well it was time to bust out the cooking gear to feed all these little rascals..

While getting prepared to cook one of the boys noticed one of the boats floating away, this is not good. No one would fess up to who did not tie it up well. It is so nice to have children that know how to run boats and solve problem. The boys quickly hopped on Uncle T.J.’s boat and went and Got Uncle Derek’s boat from floating away.

It was getting to be that time to secure the boats for the night and hope and pray there would be no storms hit us during the night. At least in the day time you can see them, at night the air get really cool and bam. Lightning and thunder and strong winds!!!!!! UGGG. You also have to be very careful not to anchor to close to shore. There are really high and low tides. Some times as high as 3 to 4 feet. If we anchor too close to shore we could wake up and have our boats high and dry..

The kids were having a ball catching crabs and catching fish right off the beach. It is such a joy to see children having so much fun and in return being parents, it make you feel so great to see the children having so much fun. Kids need to be kids, they grow up sooooo fast.

The kids were beginning to get hungry and we had to explain we had to build a fire and set up the other stoves. In the mean time the boys caught a bunch of hermit crabs and said they were going to saut’e them in a pan with garlic and olive oil. I said go right ahead, so they did. Icky…

What an amazing long day so far, the kids are having so mch fun and the adults are having a ball just watching the antics and goofing around of these kids. it is amazing to see how much they learn on trips like this and how smart these kids are, to watch them teach eachother different things, like how to clean a fish, bait a hook, real in a large fish, throw the cash net, catch crabs and bait, how each one of them has their own style to navigating a boat. It is just amazing. This trip in not over yet, wait till you see what happens once the sun goes down you are going to be laughing soooo hard, you will fall out of your chair right on the ground. The things these kids come up with.. Just wait for  Part 2 of Camping at Cape Sable by Boat.

Like I always say, take time to smell the roses. Time goes by so very fast. Make the plans right now to get away with family, friends, loved ones. Do not keep putting it off and say oh next month, next year. Where there is a will, there is a way. Until next time, make it a great week and even better weekend.

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson

Part 2 to follow……….



Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing great.

Just to give you an update on the Real Market. Properties are moving and banks are loaning money. This is a great thing for everyone. Prices appear to have leveled out and in some cases prices are going back up. The inventory supply of homes is way down. This is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. The nicer more unique waterfront properties are selling  for more. If you would like a detailed analysis on our market or just updates on what is on the market for sale and what is selling and for how much. Just let me know and I can get you all set up.

Okay on to the fun part, the BOATING GUIDE!!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone, I hope you all are doing great!!! I know it has been a long time since I have done “The Boating Guide“. I think we all get so wrapped up in our work and every day life. I have had so many of you write me over the last several months saying “Shane, where is the boating guide? Why are you not doing the boating guide anymore?”

Well doing the boating guide is what I love doing for you. I love sharing my boating experiences with everyone I can. It is part of living the waterfront life style. If I can help anyone else experience what we experience it will change your life. We have helped so many people over the years get into their dream homes on the water.

It is amazing to see a person from up north contact me and say “Shane, we have been following your boating guide for months!” Some folks have been following for years. They tell me they cannot stand the cold winters anymore, or some folks are retiring and they want to do what we do here on the water. If you have have never followed the boating guide before, you may have no clue what I am talking about. Over the years we have helped so many people to get down here and live the waterfront life style. They are living their dream they have envisioned for years. Now they are finally here and lovin it 🙂

I always mention the state of our Real Estate Market. Our Market is actually doing very well and homes are selling. The prices have adjusted down and maybe further than what we all as home owners wanted, but it had to happen to get our Real Estate Market moving again, not to mention the great buys that buyers are getting. I cannot remember a better time to be a buyer right now… Why? Because prices are very, very low. Interest rates are still at historic lows and banks are loaning money again. You would not believe some of the deals out there for these waterfront properties. It is amazing,  no one ever thought prices would go this low. If you have an interest in checking out some of these great deals, I can gladly set you up on a computer program that will e mail to you all the waterfront listings as they come on to the market as well as any price reductions. It is a really great tool for you 🙂

Okay on to the fun stuff, you know what is coming up don’t  you? Mini Lobster Season. This is a two day period when Lobster Season is open only for two days during the middle of the week. The Florida Keys get jammed with people looking for those tasty little bugs, (Lobsters). I am attaching last years mini season Lobstering so you can get a feel for what its all about. I think you will enjoy it.. Check it out…….

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