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Starting Out 2011 With A Fun Family Boating Weekend

Posted by Shane On January 21st

Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far and making the best of it!!! It is and is going to continue to be an amazing year, you just watch and see.

Well the weather here got cold again, but thankfully it did not stay cold too long. However, it did stay cold long enough for one of my neighbors, Ice Man John and the neighborhood kids to build a real Snow Man. I am very serious. He lasted two and half days before he melted 🙁

No, it did not actually snow, but it felt like it was going to. Ice man John has a big ice shaving machine and he and the neighborhood kids make a snow man every year…

The weather has warmed up again and is just beautiful out. The sun is shining and the sky is a brilliant blue. Just beautiful out 🙂

The fish are still biting very well. I am getting reports that there are lots of Flounder, Trout and Red Fish being caught up in the mangroves and creek channels. The Snapper bite is still good and the Sheeps Head are still biting well near the shoreline, seawalls and boat docks around the pilings. Here is a hint. Take a flat nose shovel with you and when you get to the pilings, scrape a bunch of barnacles off the pilings. The barnacles will sink to the bottom while releasing a nice scent in the water attracting the fish. This is fish candy, especially to the Sheeps Head. You will catch something for sure 🙂

As for the Real Estate market here, homes are still selling. It is great for Buyers with the prices adjusted down. All the tourists are here looking for the deals and finding them. For the nicer more unique homes on nice pieces of water, they are holding their value and Buyers are paying their price to buy that piece of Paradise. Although many of the Buyers that are buying now are paying cash, there are still a lot of people getting loans from the banks because interest rates are so low and they went down again this week. Do not forget, if you want an up to the minute snap shot of what is on the market, what is pending and what has sold, call me and I will set you up on Listingbook. It is an awsome tool and I think you will love it. I know everyone else on it loves it. 🙂

With all this talk of the fish bite still being great and the weather finally warming up.(Thank Goodness) I decided to take my own advise and get out on the water and do some boating in this beautiful weather and hopefully fishing too. We loaded up the family and a couple of adopted kids 🙂 and hit the water. What an amazingly beautiful day. The first warmer day in weeks. The kids wanted to head to Ft. Myers Beach. It was packed. Like I said the first nice day in a long time . When we got there, you could tell the locals from the tourists. All the tourists were in the water and it was freezing,,, BRRRR. The locals stayed up on the beach. We anchored behind the Cottage. A really cool place to eat and drink while watching all the people on the beach.. Check out their website…..

We saw the coolest yacht while at the beach. The rear of it opened up to access the play toys, really cool……
Check out some of the photos…..

This one guy came walking by with his dog in a doggy life jacket.. cute, cute… Check out the back of that yacht, how cool is this to have a toy compartment in the back. Very cool…..

It was getting late so we decided to head over to a friends house who lives on the water and have a cookout.. Oh my was it good, homemade Bar B Q ribs and homemade pulled pork with homemade sauce. It was amazing!!!! Of course we all over ate and were stuffed full. It was beginning to get late and the sun was going to be setting so we headed home by boat. It was a beautiful ride home.

The kids were disappointed we did not get to fish, so I said we would fish tomorrow.

The next day could not come soon enough. We got a late start on the water. I called the bait Barge and spoke to Rick and Debbie. They said they saved us some live shrimp. I said we are on our way 🙂 Call Rick or Debbie and they will hold bait for you until you get there. Call Rick or Debbie at 239-677-7179 . Below is the bait Barge…

Oh man we got some great bait, big hand picked shrimp. We headed to a secret spot I know. It was so secret the fish could not find this spot. I blamed it on the tide, it was falling and the spot we were in was beginning to get shallow and I did not want to get stuck and spend the night up deep in the mangroves sitting in two inches of water. Definitely no fun, especially when the wind picked up and the temperature began to drop. When you are on the water in bathing suits and the wind is blowing 15 knots and the temp is in the 60’s, it is cold :-(..

Finally I said, we gotta go. No fish 🙁 wah, wah, wah. Like I always say, a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. LOL Ha ha ha ha..The sun was getting low, just then a friend just happened to text me they were at a mutual friends beach house sitting around a fire. I told the kids and they said lets go, its cold!!! After a 15 minute run, we were there. We pulled right up on the beach and got around the fire, oh boy, if felt great..

After the boys got warm they decide to go on a Kayak ride. They went all the way across the bay. The wind was blowing and I figured they were getting tired so I drove the boat across the bay to rescue them. They were happy I did, they were tired and cold 🙂

All in all it was a great day. The sun was begining to set and it was time to get home before dark. We headed home and it was chilly. We entered the miserable mile just before the sun was about to go down and I looked up on the North side of the channel and what did I see, a big 28 foot Hydra Sports boat with twin Yamahas run right up on the sand bar. We all looked at each other and said we have got to help these people. Believe it or not we were able to pull that big boat off with our flats boat. I have to admit, I was very surprised our flats boat did it. I have the same exact Hydra-Sports boat and fueled up, gear and all, it weighs in over 8,000 pounds. These people we helped were so very happy and thankful we came along when we did. Or they would have been stuck there for hours and hours in the cold, dark, windy night. I had the other boat follow us to the mouth of the river and offered to help them navigate their boat home in the dark to the Landings where they live. It is very tricky navigating at night as to not run aground or hit unlit markers, etc. So I hopped on their boat and Wade drove our boat in the pitch black. These folks are the nicest people you could ever meet. They had their kids on board and their kids friends on board. We made it to their marina and said our goodbyes. We exchanged our information and when they get back into town we are going to get together and go boating and fishing together. It is just amazing how you meet the nicest people on the water. I tell you what, by this time it was late and cold.. Brrrrrr… We headed home. Another great day on the water 🙂

The next day the boys wanted to stay home and the girls wanted to fish. So we headed out and met Rick and Debbie at the Bait Barge. We got some great bait and headed out to one of my secret fishing spots, but not so secret the fish could not find it. My family was ragging on me cause we caught no fish the day before. I was saying in my head, Shane, you must redeem yourself. You must put your family on some fish or else you will never live it down :-0

I got us to the first spot and the fishing was slow and yes they started in on me, Dad you do not know how to fish,, Dad you could not catch a fish if you had to. I do not know about you but this is a challenge in my eyes. I said fine, you girls really want to catch some fish. I will take you to the top secret spot, but I must blind fold you on the way there,, Just kidding 🙂

We got to the next spot and bamm!!! fish on!!! We caught Trout, Sheeps Head, Flounder, it was great and yes Shane “Waterfront” Wilson redeemed himself 🙂
Check out the photos……

We were catching fish… Yippee…

Now you ready for this. When it was time to head out, I began to have motor problems. I could not get it started. So another boat passing by offered to tow me. I said please, how ironic, I just helped a boat the night before who was stranded. I do believe in karma and here is an example of it 🙂 As it turns out I knew one of the guys on the other boat, his kids were friends with me kids. Small world. He pulled me to my friends place on the beach. I was able to get the motor running good enough to get home. It is a fuel issue. Anyway, I took some fun photos for you to enjoy.. Check out the Osprey nest on the slow speed sign.. Way cool..

What a great 3 days on the water, spending time with family, spending time with friends, meeting new terrific people. Helping other people on the water and I even was helped on the water. I am very thankful and grateful to be able to live this Waterfont Life Style. It really is a lifestyle. It brings families together, it brings friends together. I know you get what I am saying. We all live in this mega fast paced world, guys we all need to slow down and remember what is really important in life. Life goes by so very fast, enjoy it, live it, have fun. Life is whatever you make it to be. Yes I could choose to work all of the time like I used to but what kind of life is that. We, including myself need to look at our lives and make balance and harmony. You will be a much happier person and you will create memories that will last a lifetime in your childrens mind, grandchildrens mind and your friends minds.

Until next time make it a great weekend.

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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