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Spring Warm Weather Is Finally Here..Yes!!!!!

Posted by Shane On April 16th

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is doing great and finally getting warm. We have really warmed up here in SW Florida. The weather has been just beautiful. You can tell Spring is here and Summer is on the way. It is so great to see so many people here. There are lots and lots of boats on the water again. Lots and lots of people at the beaches and restaurants are full. It so great to see soooo many people having such a great time.

We went out boating and to the beach by boat with some friends and clients who have turned out to be very dear friends. We started the day by taking the boats to Ft. Myers Beach off of the Lanai Kai (look in the past boating guide for Lanai Kai). What an amazing day, the sun was out and the air was crisp. There were a lot of boats out. We got to Ft. Myers Beach and oh my gosh I have not seen so many boats there in a long time. The beach was packed with families and Spring Breakers all having a ball. It is so much fun to people watch, it quite interesting to see all the different types of people. We walked up to the Cottage to grab a bite to eat and watch the beach goer’s from the upper deck. (look in the past boating guide for The Cottage). We hung out at the beach for several hours, the kids wondered the beach and swam in the Gulf.

After a great day at the beach we were invited to some friends house for a cook out on the beach, the home is right on the beach. The kids got to fish off the beach and by this time it was beginning to get a little chilly, so our friends lit a fire on the beach behind their home. Strange to think, I am sitting on a beach in Florida and it is chilly enough to be cold and enjoy a fire. Okay I am strange, but it was just a weird feeling, but a warm weird feeling cause the fire felt great.

The sun was beginning to set and oh my, what a beautiful sight, an orangish redish bright pink sky.

As soon as the sun set we hopped in the boat and ran home. What a great day, the weather was great, the friends and food were great. It was great seeing so many happy people having a great time.

Spring is here and summer is on the way.

Please enjoy the photos below…..

Hope you enjoyed the photos and this put some cheer in your life. Please remember to make time for your family and friends. Until next time enjoy and make it a great week..

See Ya,



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