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Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Posted by Shane On July 10th





Pool Bar and Grill


Hotel View From the water


Hotel Main Pool

If you have never been to The Sanibel Harbour Resort, you have got to go. After an early morning fish in your boat or spending the first part of the day at the beach by boat, head over to the Sanibel Harbour Resort.  This place is absolutely amazing!!! Once you get your boat secured at the dock run a couple of spring lines, There is a lot or boat traffic in the inter coastal water way that makes it a little choppy at the dock. Walk  to the Resort style Pool and outdoor Bar and Grill, (The Cove). The drinks are great here and so is the food. Take a dip in the massive pool or sit around the pool enjoying the tropical paradise created right there. Or you can sit by the water and watch the passing boats and the Dolphin play in the water. There is small beach the kids can play on as well. If you like to fish, you can fish right off the dockYou can catch some big Snook, Red Fish and Snapper. You will love it here, so check it out.


How Do I Get There?

Coming from the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, head towards the Sanibel Causeway. Just before getting to the causeway, look to your leftyou cannot miss Sanibel Harbor Resort. Look at the photos and you will recognize it when you see it.


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