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Nervous Nellie’s Crazy Waterfront Eatery

Posted by Shane On March 26th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great!!!

It is actually beginning to warm up here in SW Florida and it has not been as windy either, thank goodness. Well I took my own advice from last weeks boating guide and went to Ft. Myers Beach by boat for the Shrimp Festival. What a great time. There was lots of food, drink and vendor tents set up with some really neat stuff. Everyone was in great spirits, the sun was out, it was warm, people were very happy and the Beach was packed. Enjoy the photos below, then I will tell you about …… NERVOUS NELLIE’S CRAZY WATERFRONT EATERY….

Well now this was a surprise to me a total surprise. I have written about Snug Harbor Waterfront Restaurant before and I have been going there for years and years, it has been around way longer than I have. Well my plan was to pull up the Snug Harbor dock and tie up the boat and walk to the activities at Time Square. The dock hand came down to help me tie up the boat and he said, are you here to eat at my new restaurant? I said new restaurant? He said yes, we just opened up on Friday (two days Prior). He said it is called, Nervous Nellie’s Crazy Waterfront Eatery. He said my name is Rob and I am the owner. I discreetly put the tip cash back into my pocket thinking it would not be right to tip the owner of the restaurant or maybe I should have :-). He was so happy to have us there, he said, please come up and check us out, there is a whole new menu. I said, Rob do you mind if we dock here and walk over to Time Square to see all the vendors and activities? Rob said not at all. After coming back from Time Square we decided to eat at Rob’s new eatery. What a great menu, there are a ton of things to order and very reasonable too. Everything we ordered was just great. The service was great, the atmosphere was great, right on the water. Plenty of dockage for the boats. They have live entertainment, which was great. You can go to the upstairs bar (I forgot what it is called) and eat and have drinks overlooking the bay. I would definitely recommend Nervous Nellie’s Crazy Waterfront Eatery to anyone. The website is still under construction, but here it is anyway….

Here are some photos for you to enjoy….

Thank goodness the weather is finally warming up. It has been cold here way too long. If you live up north come on down :-)…….

Remember, like I always say, Please make time for your family and friends. Life goes by so very fast….Until next time….Enjoy!!!!!!!!



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