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Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing great.

Just to give you an update on the Real Market. Properties are moving and banks are loaning money. This is a great thing for everyone. Prices appear to have leveled out and in some cases prices are going back up. The inventory supply of homes is way down. This is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. The nicer more unique waterfront properties are selling  for more. If you would like a detailed analysis on our market or just updates on what is on the market for sale and what is selling and for how much. Just let me know and I can get you all set up.

Okay on to the fun part, the BOATING GUIDE!!!!!!!

Heading back to the Florida Keys. Every year  there is a two day period where Lobster season opens for two days during the week. It is for the recreational divers/ Lobster Hunters.

We headed down on Tuesday after work so we could get up bright and early the next morning. We pulled in to the Coconut Palm Inn. I have written about this place before. It is awesome there. Lots of Palm Trees and Hammocks to lie in. You keep your boat in the water right behind it. It is an easy shot  to the Bay and through Tavernier Creek to the Atlantic Ocean. They offer a free continental breakfast which is actually really good. There is nothing like eating a Blue Berry Muffin sipping on your Orange Juice overlooking the cove. There is so much wild life if you just sit, watch and listen. Off in the distance, is an osprey swooping  down catching a fish, there are Mullet jumping in the back ground. Watching the Tarpon roll and gulping air. Watching the crabs in the water by your feet. Watching  the Snapper and grunts swimming around. It is just the most relaxing peaceful feeling. Think of your most favorite place to go and decompress, unwind. Okay now magnify that a peaceful feeling 100 times. This is what it is like here at the Coconut Palm Inn.  Oh and they have ice for the boat courtesy of Coconut Palm Inn.

Okay getting on to Lobstering. We headed out not knowing it was going to be blowing 15 to 20 knots. It’s all good though. We headed into the Bay and started looking for bugs. It was murky, making it hard to see the bottom to look for the bugs, (Lobster). The kids decided to drag behind the boat.



While dragging the Wade found a hole with a Stone Crab in it. He brought it up to show everyone, then let it go. They are out of season. We dragged some more looking for ledges, debris anything that would hold Lobster. Finally Ciara’s friend Lindsay said Hey Shane we just went over a big hole. I said What,  A big hole, this is perfect. So I pulled the boys over the hole and there were Lobsters.. Yippee!!!!!





As I always tell the kids, Never, ever break the law or the rules. Sometimes it is tempting when you have a Lobster and it is border line short, meaning a non keeper. It is either legal size or it is not. It is Black or White 🙂 The children get it, but some people do not. Well this leads me in to what happened next. The United States Coast Guard approached us and asked permission to board our vessel…

Well,  I have to go now, but stay tuned for what happened next week.

As I always say, make time to smell the roses. Time goes by so fast. Make a plan and stick to it. Whether it be a life plan, a vacation plan, a savings plan. Make a plan and stick to it. Put it in writing and it will happen. See ya on the water. Make it a great day!

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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