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Hello everyone, I hope you are going great. Here is some more news on our Real Estate Market. Homes continue to sell and the inventory of homes is getting smaller.  Interest rates on mortgages just dropped again. Can you believe you can get a 30 year fix rate loan just above 4%. That is cheap money. I have been reading this is the lowest rates have ever been, at least in my life time. I mentioned last week that certain properties are going up in value. This is true. Not on all properties, but more of the unique, better maintained properties are. There are still some very good values out there. If you thought maybe you could not afford to purchase your home on the water, with interest rates so low, maybe you can now. If you would like any information on properties, please let me know and I can set you up on a free program that allows you to search the MLS just like a Realtor and it sends you automatic updates of new properties hitting the market on a daily basis. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have 🙂

Okay now on to the boating guide  – the fun part!

I left off last week in the Lobstering in the Florida Keys; with the Unites States Coast Guard wanting to board our boat. If you missed that blog post you can check it out here : “Mini Season Lobstering in the Florida Keys 2011 (Part One)”.  Of course , I said sure come aboard. They checked all of our safety gear. Of course we passed with flying colors.  They then asked to check to see if we had any Lobster. I said Yes, But only one. I said hey, of all those other boats you have checked today, how are they doing on Lobster? Officer Meagan said most boats had none and a few boats had one. There was only one boat that had 12. I said twelve. Your killin me. Of course I had to hear it from my crew how we only had one lobster… UGGGGG… I said okay – I am going to take you all to my very best secret spots and you cannot tell anyone where they are or it will be certain Death 😉

Before Officer Meagan and Officer Matthew of the United States Coast Guard got off our boat, I asked if they would pose for a photo. They looked at each other and said sure…



After the Coast Guard left our boat, I was determined to find some bugs (Lobster). I said okay Guys, the wind has picked up and it is a short run to the secret spot. I said you must be sworn by death if you tell anyone about the secret spot. So we headed to the secret spot.

The wind was heading out of the West Northwest. This was a good thing because the secret spot was on the Atlantic Ocean, East side of the keys.


We got to the spot and started towing behind the boat looking for any kind of structure and ledges. We found all kinds of cool sea creatures, which of course we let go after checking them out. We found a Tulip Snail attacking another snail and trying to eat it. Pretty wild looking to watch.


We came to a great ledge which was holding bugs, Yippee!!!!. The boys and girls all got in the water and started hunting  bugs. The current was ripping out. I warned the kids be very careful or you may get caught in the current and get washed out the channel in to the Atlantic Ocean, Yikes. Of course I would never let this happen, but I would not want to lose our secret ledge to go rescue someone and not be able to find the same ledge with the bugs.  MMMMM. Yes I would save the kids. Check out the photos and what my girls caught.. Go Girls, what do they say,  ”Girl Power” ???

My boys were in the water and found a conch, which are now a protected species, so they let it go. Check out these photos and yes the wife was right there too hunting for the bugs and she actually was catching them too, pretty cool. How many girls do you know what will reach their hand up in a hole and grab a Lobster or tickle a Lobster in to a net.



I want to show you what we see under water so maybe you will get a better feel for what it is we are looking for 🙂

You are going to see Lobsters and a little tiny type of Angel Fish and a huge Stone Crab, yes the kind you eat in restaurants. Stone Crab were out of season and this one was soft and molting. We let it go. Enjoy the photos 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the photos. It is a really cool thing to do with the family. There is so much to see and so much to learn. It seems like every time we go out ,we see something new.

Well this is all the time  I have right now, but stay tuned for Part 3 next week of:

Mini Season Lobstering in the Florida Keys 2011

Remember like I always say, please make time to smell the roses. We all work so very hard and forget to enjoy life and enjoy everything that life has to offer. Trust me I do not say this with ease. I am a workaholic myself. In the recent past I have seen too many people stressed with everyday life, I have seen people who worked so very hard and end up 6 feet under way before their time. I met an old gentleman several years ago and he shared some very wise words with me, which I am going to share with you. He said, “Shane What is your tomb stone going to say when you die?” Shane Wilson, workaholic, he worked very, very hard and died too young or do you want it to say, “ Shane Wilson, Excellent Father, Excellent Husband, Best Friend to many, Helped as many people as he could, spent lots of time with his family and friends.”

Till next time make it a great day 🙂

“Shane Waterfront Wilson”














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