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Mini Lobster Season Is Here!

Posted by Shane On August 14th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. I know I missed the boating guide last week, we were out of town creating a new Boating guide.

We are once again going to shake it up this week, we are going to get out of Ft. Myers and do something really fun and different. If you have a trailer able boat, this makes it easier or if you have a larger boat you can always go by water (great adventure by water). I am talking about loading up and going to the Florida Keys, Tavernier to be exact.
I am sure you have heard of the elusive Florida Lobster. Well every year there is a Mini Lobster Season. The Mini Season is when the Florida Lobster Season open for two days several weeks. Before the normal season opens. This is probably one of the best times to go because there are a lot of bugs (Lobsters) to be had.
We hooked up the boat and headed to the Keys. The next day which was a day before the Mini Season opened, we went out to do some spotting for good spots to catch these yummy bugs. We spent the entire day out on the boat with my Son Wade, Daughter Ciara and Wife Kim. We were also with one of my best Buds from College Jay and his Fiance’ We found some great spots to go on the opening day. We had decide to go out that night at midnight Bully Netting, this is when you go in your boat and use bright spot lights to shine into the water on the bottom looking for the bright reflective eyes of the Lobsters. It was very slow, never even saw the first Lobster, so about 2:00 a.m. we headed in.

Opening day(Wednesday) we loaded all of our gear in Jays Boat, ( a beautiful 31 foot Jupiter with twin 300 H.P. Yamahas) and headed out in to the Atlantic to our spots we had found the day before. We did well the first day, almost had our limit. We got back to the dock and Jay said, Shane I have got a great spot but it is way north on the Bayside. I said Jay, let’s load up in my Lake and Bay flats boat. He said Shane it is a far run and the sun will be setting soon. I said Jay, load up, I got my son and said hang on. We ran way far north, cruising at bout 71 MPH, need less to say it did not take long to get the secret spot. I am glad we went, we loaded up and made it back home before dark. We did not Bully net that night, we were all beat. However, we did get an invite to one of my life long best friends T.J. We went to his home for a huge Lobster and Beef Fillet and Grouper Dinner. Oh my Gosh just amazing, my buddy T. J. is also a chef and used to work in one of the premier seafood restaurants in the keys.

Last Day of Mini Season (Thursday) we headed out on to the water in Jay’s boat. We headed south looking and looking and looking, the day started out slow and we got a few bugs. We decided to head to Robbies Marina in Islamorada. My kids love to go there and feed the Tarpon by hand. After a bite to eat and quick drink we headed to the last spot of the day. BINGO!!!! We did very well.

The next day, Friday we loaded up the boat and headed back to Ft. Myers.

Remember, life goes by so fast please take the time out to enjoy all the great things life has to offer. Enjoy your FAMILY AND FRIENDS EVERY your family and friends just to say hi.

Until next time you take care and enjoy the photos.



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