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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great!! The weather is beginning to cool down here, well…. cool for us. I was out on a walk with the dogs the other morning about 6:30 am and the temp. was 68 degrees. I could not believe it. It was chilly out. I guess Fall is really here. It has also been continually windy. It is a welcome change as long as it does not get too cold to go boating πŸ™‚ Fishing is still red hot here. Snook are back up into the creeks and canals, Red Fish are out on the grass flats in large numbers, getting ready to Spawn. The Sheeps Head and Snapper are still biting and there are still Tarpon around. There are Bonnet Heads, Black Tips and Lemon Sharks all over the grass flats on a high tide and they will eat just about anything. There is still a lot of bait in our area. I was talking to a good buddy of mine and last weekend they took out some friends scuba diving with spear guns off Sanibel on one of the wrecks. They came back up with Grouper, several large Mangrove Snapper and Hog Snapper,,, Yum, Yum !!!! They also said they had a large Cobia swim up behind the boat, take a free lined shrimp and then took off. The fish was large and the tackle too light, it snapped the fishing line quickly. At least they came home with fish…

The snow birds are just starting to come down, I see the out of state tags everywhere. This is great thing for our economy. Homes are still selling if they are priced right at market value. We still cannot believe how low prices are and how low bank loans are right now … Interest rates below 4.5% for 30 yrs fixed.. WOW Everyone, not just me is saying, now is the time to buy…….

I know I mentioned before and I will bring it up again…If you would, like I can set you up on Listing Book, it is a really neat program that pulls properties right from our MLS system. It sends you new listings that come on the market each morning. You can search existing listings and listings that have sold. I offer this service to you for free… Free is good πŸ™‚ Just e mail me and I can get you set up.

Okay now on to the fun part….Little Gasparilla Island Adventures and the surrounding areas….Part Two

I think we left off heading out to Boca Grande Pass looking for Grouper and Snapper. I think I mentioned before that there is a hole about 65 feet deep on the North end off Boca Grande Pass. It always holds fish, you just need to set up your drift properly, the current is always ripping through the pass and I mean ripping through there. Remember you have got to time it right. You must drop your line before you get to the hole and then time it just right when you get over it to drop another 25 foot of line down in the hole and if you get no bite, be prepared to wind up your line quickly before you snag the other side of the deep hole. If you do snack the bottom, forget it, your line will snap and you must re rig your line…. UUUGGGG πŸ™

My son and Daughter taught the other kids the secret technique, although we did smack bottom a couple times and broke off, it was nothing like some of my clients I take out…:-) You know who you are… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :-)… Oh come on I will still take ya out fishing …. The kids did well, we caught several Grouper, Black Grouper and Red Grouper. Unfortunately they were under size and we threw them back. See the photos…

The fishing was good, it could have been better if we got some keepers, But that is okay. The kids had a blast. The girl sitting down holding the Red Grouper is named Lindsay. This was her first Grouper ever, she was so excited and so proud of herself πŸ™‚ We were all very proud of her.

The kids began to get bored, can you believe it??? They wanted to head over to the beach, the Boca Grande side. It is such a beautiful beach and the Boca Grande light house is right there. It is now turned into a museum. It is really neat inside.

Working the way down the beach we found all kinds of birds sifting through the sand looking for food. We came across this flock of birds, They look like big seagulls, but they are not. I have always called them Skimmers. They feed by flying very low to the water opening their mouth and letting the lower jaw skim along the top part of the water and when the lower jaw hits a small fish, the bird snaps it’s jaw shut tight and catches the fish. It is really neat to see. I wish my cousin Erin’s husband, Andrew could see these birds, he would know what they are. He loves to bird watch πŸ™‚

The kids saw this old pier that a storm had taken out years ago. The only thing left was the pilings… All the kids wanted to go see it and climb up it and jump off. I said okay sounds like fun πŸ™‚ It was very funny, when we got to it, all the kids tried to climb this rope to get to the top and climb up the concrete piling. One by one they tried and each time they were not able to get to the top. Kidding around I said kids if your 42 year old Dad can do it, so can you. They all said yah right Dad, you are talking smack. I said, kids I have nothing to prove, but I can pull myself up that rope and get to the top. I wanted to teach these kids a lesson.. I said kids, my Dad and Grandpa and Grandma and Mom always said if you put your mind to something and you really want it bad enough, you can do anything. They said yah Dad prove it.. Oh Boy I am thinking in my head, Shane, you had better be able to do this or you will never hear the end of it. I looked at the rope and I looked at the kids and I looked at the rope and looked at the way it was tied up under the concrete pillar. I said here we go, I start to think what the kids were doing and why did they not make it, it suddenly came to me as I was dangling from the I rope, use your toes to pinch the rope and hold you in place and then you would be able to let go of the rope and reach up and grab this massive pillar and pull yourself up. As soon as the kids saw my toes pinch the rope and hold myself steady, they said, hey you are cheating!!! I said no way, no rules, just get to the top. Once I reached the top, everyone of the kids was able to climb up that rope and get to the top. I said kids what is the lesson here? We know, we know… Never give up. I said you are correct, never, ever give up. What a great lesson for these kids.

Note the toe Grip in the above photo.. mmm great idea Dad. LOL

Well after all this excitement the kids wanted to ride in the boat and go somewhere. I said lets ride over to Cayo Costa, it is an island on the Gulf of Mexico and it is also a state park. It is really cool. You can take a ferry boat to the island or bring your own boat. There are little cabins you can rent. There is no power, but there is a bath house you can walk over to and use restrooms. These cabins are located just off the beach. If I recall they are very inexpensive.There are also camp sites where you can set up tents. The beach is right there. Here is one of the web sites.. Check it out..

We decided to run up the beach in the boat looking for Sharks, shells, fish whatever we could find. We decided to go to a sandbar and swim just off the beach. The water was beautiful, the waves were breaking and the kids were having a ball..

By this time everyone was getting hungry and wanted to head back to the island “the house” and get lunch. Along the way I noticed the tide was way out. One of my kids favorite things to do is stop at the exposed sand bars and explore for sea creatures. We found all kinds of cool creature, Whelk Shells, sea shells, Great White Heron skull, lots of sea urchins. Fiddler Crabs, blue crabs and kinds of neat things.. Check out the photos….

Little do the kids know it, but this is just like Marine Biology class, but out in the field. These kids learned more about these animals in the ocean and how the animals survive and what they eat and how they reproduce. Hopefully when they are out with there friends and other people they will teach them what they have learned.

We got back to the house and after lunch the kids wanted to go on a golf cart ride around the island. If you ever come out to Little Gasparilla Island, you are just going to love it. You will not believe what we found on our golf cart ride and yes there are several of these guys all over the island. By the way there are no cars on the island, just golf carts and sandy roads.

There are these tortuous’s all over the island.

Just so we are all on the same page, any sea life we studied, examined including the turtle we released unharmed. All the animals and sea creatures were returned to the wild :-).

It was beginning to get late and we wanted to go out and explore some more sand bars and catch more bait for an evening fish. We went to the Trussel sand bar, it is a really neat sand bar with all kinds of life, We have harvested clams here and cooked them on the grill with melted butter, yummy…. There are thousands of species of creatures here. So much for the kids to learn. I do not want to bore you with words, I will just share the photos with you. You will get the picture πŸ™‚

The kids had sooooo much fun. As you know photos cannot do justice unless you are really here to see it, smell it, feel it, enjoy it, share it with family and friends.

It was starting to get late and the kids wanted to catch bait for an evening fish. As we headed out I said lets just watch the sunset then head to the bay and get some bait. I am glad we did the sunset was amazing!!!!!….

After the sun had set we ran back over to the bay to get some bait, wouldn’t you know, a nice thunderstorm was coming our way. We stayed around to watch this amazing lightning storm in the distance, what a beautiful sight…..

Once again, photos do not do any justice to actually being there. Look closely at the above photos look at the bolts of lightning in the sky. I was not fast enough to get the really big bolts that shot through the night sky..

I hope you enjoyed this weeks boating guide. I share this with you so you to can live what we here in Florida call the Waterfront Life Style. What a way for these kids to grow up and the things they have seen and experienced. How these experiences are going to help change and shape their lives as they grow up into adults. How they raise their kids and grand kids. I personally feel it will help them to be better people.

I was working with a client, now friend this last week showing her properties near the beach. She told me, “Shane I cannot believe I am here buying a home in Florida and will be able to walk or ride my bike to the beach.” Her and her husband are soooo excited. She said Shane, “our entire life has been very challenging, work, raising kids “, but they always kept their dream of living in Florida near the beach. Well they are now going to be living their dream. If you believe it is unattainable, then it will be unattainable. If you believe you will do it and can do it, then you will do it. I learn so much about life, decisions in my life, learning from all the people I meet with my job. I do not even consider my job a job, it is my career, it is what I do, It is what I Love. I help people reach their dreams and goals. You have no idea how rewarding my career is, when I am able to help someone who has been planning and dreaming for 30 or 40 years to move here and be on the water or near the water. To live this life style. Thank you to everyone who continue to send me weekly e mails on how much the enjoy the boating guide and how it helps to inspire them to reach their dreams and goals of being here. I honestly have to tell you it keeps me going and to continue to create the boating guide, I am happy to do it and again I am so very happy you enjoy it.

Please remember to make time for you family and friends. Time goes by so fast. So enjoy it now.

Until next time……

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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