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Lighthouse Resort

Posted by Shane On October 30th

Hello, Hope everyone is doing great. We have had a couple of cool days down here. It actually got down to the mid 50’s….. Birrrr, way to cold for boating, however, it did warm up to the mid 70’s in the day time. As of yesterday we were back in the high 80’s low 90’s. This weekend should be great for boating and a little cooler.
I have got a place for you to go to which is really fun. Now this will be a little different accessing this place,but an amusing adventure getting there. Have you heard of the Lighthouse Resort on Ft. Myers Beach. Inside of the Lighthouse Resort is the Tiki Bar and Grill. You would never know it was there. What a cool place, very, very tropical. I felt like I was in the Caribbean some where. It is hard to explain the experience here at the Tiki Bar, It was Great, Fun, exciting, everyone there was super, super nice the wait staff were very attentive. The food was good, nothing fancy but good and the cold beverages were great too. There is a pool right there to dip into. Just a great experience.

Now here is part of the fun part, how do you get there by boat? Well take your boat and anchor off Ft. Myers Beach in front of the Cottage or the well known land mark Lani Kai. Wade up to the beach and make your way to Estero Blvd, this is the main drag on Ft. Myers Beach. Take a left and walk down the side walk. It is so much fun to people watch. It is very interesting what you may see. Looking up the road you will see a McDonalds. Cross Estero Blvd. to Crescent St. walk a block and look to your left, you will see the Lighthouse Resort. Cross the parking lot and walk to the Lighthouse Resort. You cannot miss the Tiki Bar.

Please go to the two links here, one is the link to the Lighthouse Resort and the other is the link to the Tiki Bar and Grill in the Light House Resort.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Until next time, Make it a great weekend and take time out for your family and friends. This is what life is all about. Time goes by way to fast…….

See Ya,



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