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Hello Everyone, I Hope You Are All Doing Great.

Posted by Shane On August 12th

We are great here in super sunny South West Florida.. It is warm, but the afternoon showers cool everything down which is very nice. The fishing still remains hot. Spoke to some friends who landed a few Tarpon up in the River. They are still catching Snook, Red Fish and Trout. My other friends ran off shore, not even to far and caught their limit on Grouper and Snapper.

As far as the Gulf Oil Spill, from what I am seeing on TV and reading it is still capped off. There in NO OIL, NO OIL here or anywhere near us. This does not mean the folks who got hit up north are not suffering with the devastation of the wetlands, animals, sea life, birds. It is just awful. Please keep all these folks in your thoughts and prayers as they have a long road ahead of them.

Switching gears here. I am reflecting on all the past boating guides I have published and sent out. I think about all the families I have helped buy homes on the water. These are families who either wanted to live on the water and live The Waterfront Lifestyle and raise their family on the water. Over the years I have seen so many of these families raise their kids on the water and share their love of the ocean with their children, family and friends. I could not have imagined my own children not growing up living on the water and Fishing, lobstering, snorkeling ,Scuba Diving, water skiing, knee boarding, exploring the beaches, collecting shells, seeing and learning about the marine life. It is truly a life style A Waterfront Life style. This Life style that yes myself, I take for granted some times. I was showing a client and his wife (now became great friends)properties here on the water. I took them out in the boat just last weekend. The guy has always joked with me while looking at waterfront properties and says.. Shane Man, this is the Life Style, The waterfront Life Style.. Well getting back to me taking them in the boat, he looked at me all serious, and this guy is a jokester all the time 🙂 He said while cruising up the river, Shane, “This is truly the Waterfront Life style.” I looked at him and then I looked to the stern of my boat where his wife was sitting. His wife was smiling ear to ear. I said Sandy, What do you think. She looked back at me and with an even larger smile said, This is amazing, just amazing. She said “I LOVE IT!!!, I JUST LOVE IT!!!!” Just then I realized how lucky I am to live the life style I live and I am able to share this Waterfront Life Style with as many people that I can.

This leads me into another story. My own children have been raised on the water their entire lives. My son Wade got his Boater License when he was 9 years old and got his own boat, a 14 foot Boston Whaler with a 35 HP Evenrude motor. Of course Wade had to earn this. He had to get all A’s and B’s in School, He had to complete his First Degree Black Belt in Karate and he had to go online and take his boater test. Wade wanted his boat so bad he did all three of these tasks and he did them very well. We determined boundaries for Wade when he would go out in the boat by himself with his friends. Wade followed all the safety rules. Life Jackets, Flares, horn, fire extinguisher and he knew how to use them as well. Wade always called me with his float plan, so I knew where he would be in case of an emergency. Wade calculated the amount of fuel and oil he would need for his little adventure. This is a huge responsibility for a 9 year old kid, but he wanted it so bad and he earned it. How amazing is this. This goes to show what all of our children and grandchildren are capable of if they want something really bad. Wade just turned 12 years old. If I was ever out in the boat and in trouble, I know who I would want right there to help me, my son Wade. He never ever panics, always thinks before he acts. I want to share a story with you that happened a few weeks ago. Wade and his friend’s were out in The Lake and Bay. The boat with the wrap on it “”, yes he has earned his way up to using the Lake and Bay boat. It is also great advertising for me. Wade called me and said Dad, I am okay, but there is this guy broken down in his boat and needs help. I cannot leave him on Picnic Island with the bad storms coming. Wade said, Dad I have to help him. I said Wade use your gut what does it tell you. He said Dad it is fine, Wade said, I recognize the boat, it is here at Picnic island almost every time we are out in the boat I see it. I said okay. Wade had three boys and two girls with him, and one of the girls was my daughter Ciara. Wade proceeded to tow this boat in before the nasty afternoon thunderstorms and lighting came in. We communicated several times on the cell phones so I knew where he was and where he was towing this boat to. Afterwards Wade called to say they were rushing home to beat the storms, I said be safe and get straight home to our boat dock and call me when you get there.

A couple hours later I got this call from a man named Hal. He left a message at my office to call him cause he just knew I would want to speak to him. I called this Hal, he said you do not know me, but I am the person that your son saved today and towed me in. I said really, He said I did not have your number, but I remember the wrap on the side of your boat that said “” Hal said, I pulled you up on the net and got your number. Hal proceeded to tell me he has never seen a more knowledgeable young man “Wade” handling a boat, maneuvering a boat and being so calm and everything under control and keeping his crew in check on his own boat while towing me in. Keep in mind Wade was 11 years old at the time. I want to share an e mail that Hal sent to me. Please see below…

Hello Shane,

Felt more than compelled to drop you a note about this Captain I was fortunate to meet last week at Picnic Island. My name is Hal and I was enjoying another wonderful day on the water at Picnic Island. It is one of the jewels of this area for boaters as you know. I live on Pine Island not 20 minutes by boat from PI and spend a lot of time there.

Well, my boating day started great then went a bit south when I couldn’t get her started then it turned out fantastic by afternoons end. All because of this Captain Wade that did not hesitate for a second to offer his assistance, which I gladly accepted. One of the first things I noticed was his knot craft expertise in tying my boat to his for the tow home. I am an old deep water wind sailor from California and doubt if I could match him in tying knots. As rusty as I am or not. It was about a 40 minute tow in the middle of he and his friends day on the water and I am sure doing other things besides helping me were more on their minds but Captain Wade saved the day and got me home safe and sound.

To top it off he tried two or three times to turn down my offer of compensation for the trouble but I wouldn’t have it. Told the Captain to treat he and friends any way he wanted on me. It was my pleasure to be sure.

Boaters are bound by tradition and just good sense to help out there when needed and Captain Wade exemplifies the true spirit of this. I doubt I am the first or last person he has assisted but I will never forget it. He made my day the other day and when I get my motor running I hope to see him out here on the water again!

BTW dear readers, Captain Wade Wilson is Shane Wilson’s eleven your old son, how about that!



Needless to say, I was and am so proud of Wade and those kids. Getting back to the Waterfront Life Style. Wade has been raised on the water boating his entire life, learned the responsibilities through his experiences, trials and tribulations in and around the water. Earning the privilege of what was very important to him, getting his own boat at the age of 9. I feel this is going to carry on into his future endeavors and future life experiences. The self esteem this type of life style provides to childen is amazing. When Wade turned 10, He said Dad, I want to get certified to Scuba dive. I said okay Wade, check into it and tell me all about it. Long story short. Wade rode his bike up to the front of our neighborhood where Underwater Explorers is, met with the owner, set up the dates for the course and signed us both up. I agreed to take the course with him cause I was certified as an open water diver when I was 15 years old. I figured a refresher course would be good. Needless to say Wade did it. We got down to the Florida Keys on our check out dive for the final certification. It was rough, I mean real rough. 8 to 10 foot swells. People were puking all over the place in the boat outside the boat, it was pretty bad. Wade looked at me and said dad I do not feel good. I think I am going to be sick. I looked into his big dark brown eyes and said Wade. It is your choice son. We can stay on board and get sick or we can use our powerful brains to overcome our feelings and suck it up and get our dive gear on and hit the water. I said, I promise you, if you choose to go for it, once we get underwater it will be calm and beautiful. That Little Wade looked me in the eye and said Dad lets do it!!! The rest is history, Wade is now a certified Scuba diver. Wade informed me that when he turns sixteen he is getting his pilots license. I have no doubt in my mind that he will get his pilot license. Wade tells me Dad then I can fly us to the Bahamas and the keys to go fishing. 🙂 Gotta Love that….

Getting back to the Waterfront Life Style it is so special and it offers so much to families whether it be, adults, teenagers, smaller children. Everyone I know has benefited and enhanced their lives by living The Waterfront Life Style..

Enjoy the photos below…..

Living the Waterfront Life Style….

These are where memories are made with Family, Friends, Children and Grand children. What a way to live and to enjoy life.

Until next time. Please make time for your Family and Friends. Life goes by so very fast.

Take care,

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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