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The weather has been great here is SW Florida. Lots of sunshine and it has really heated up down here and so has the water. Fishing is still great. Property is still selling like crazy. I feel the biggest reason is the prices are so very low and interest rates are very low as well. The time to buy is now…..People do not want to miss out on these low, low prices$$$$. We have people buying now at todays prices and todays low interest rates and are not retiring for several more years.

Okay now for the fun stuff and one of the reasons you may be moving here to Southwest Florida.

We are going to go some where different this time, how about offshore fishing.

I have some really great clients that turned into close buddies. They told me they were coming down and wanted to go off shore fishing, I said sure why not. My son Wade and I loaded up the boat and headed over to my buddies property I sold to him. We gathered up the boys and headed to one of our favorite bait spots to catch some live bait and then head off shore. Now I am going to tell you a secret that you can not tell anyone, okay.. Way far out in the Gulf we have shrimp boats that drag their nets all night for shrimp and in the morning the shrimp boats anchor up and cull or clean there catch. What this means is there is a lot of by catch other sea creatures besides shrimp. As they are cleaning out their nets with the by catch, they throw the by catch into the water. Well you can only imagine the feeding frenzy behind these shrimp boats while this is happening. You can catch, Tuna, Bonita, King Fish, Spanish Makerel, all kinds of fish. Anyway on our way out I pulled up to one shrimp boat and the guys looked at me like what are you doing? I told Wade to get a rod and go to the bow of the boat and throw the bait into the water. Once the bait hit the water, nothing happened. I was thinking this is odd. We waited a few more minutes nothing happened. I know all these guys on my boat thought I was nuts. I said Wade, lets move on. There was another shrimp boat about 6 miles away, so we headed to it. I know at this point the guys on the boat must have thought I had a screw loose @ 5 plus miles out in the Gulf chasing shrimp boats.

We came up to the shrimp boat and I told Wade the same thing, cast out your bait. I said give it less than 10 seconds and Wade will have a fish on. My one budddy looked in the crystal clear water and saw nothing, he looked at me and I could see the look in his eyes saying, Shane you are full of doo doo. But he never opened his mouth. The bait hit the water, 1 ,2 ,3 ,4 ,5 ,6 BAMMMM!!!! Fish ON!!!!!! The drag on the real was screaming, line was pealing off like you would not believe. The excitement and adrenaline was running like you would not believe. Keep in mind we are only fishing with 20 pound test line. I grabbed two more rods and baited them and handed them off to the guys. As soon as their baits hit the water, bammm , fish on!!!!!! There was easily a school of 200 plus Bonita under the boat, what a sight. These guys had a blast catching these fish. These fish fight so hard they will wear you out fast. You arms ache, shoulders ache, you actually can get winded fighting these fish.

Bob was just eating a sandwich when his fish hit. The only thing to do is keep the sandwich in your mouth and wind, wind, wind and pull on that rod and get that fish in. No one wants to woof a fish, meaning lose the fish or have it get off the line. If you do, you then get teased a bunch and your new name is the Woof Master.. 🙁

After about an hour of catching these fish we decided to go bottom fishing. We went to another spot about 28 miles out into the Gulf. We had a great time and caught a lot of fish although they were to small to keep but it was still a great time. They caught Grouper and Snapper. Craig even caught a 40 inch King Fish. This was quite a surprise. We saw a bunch of huge Logger Heard turtles, Many pods of Dolphin and all neat things…

Even with the tropical sea breezes, it was kind of warm, so the guys decided to jump into the water to cool down. It was only about 65 feet deep and No… I know what you are thinking, there were no sharks. I mean there are sharks out there, we have seen them many, many times and we have caught many sharks out there. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning than you do getting bit by a shark.

All and all, it was a fantastic day on the water. The sun, the Gulf, just an amazing day. The ride in was nice, it got little choppy as it got windy and the seas picked up. But the guys took it in stride….

Until next time make it a great weekend, especially this weekend. It is Memorial Day and there will be a lot of crazies out there on the road and on the water. So travel safe and spend lots of time this weekend with Family and Friends. This is what it is all about.

Take Care..

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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