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Fun Filled Afternoon At North Captiva Island

Posted by Shane On December 25th

Hello to everyone. I hope each and everyone of you is doing great. Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? The weather here has been great compared to the folks up north. We are supposed to get down into the 40’s this weekend. I will believe it when I feel it, I hope not though.

I want to tell you about a great place to go to by boat.

It is called North Captiva Island right at Red Fish Pass. What an amazing place.

Last Sunday I worked showing property till early afternoon, When I got home the kids and their friends and Kim and her new best friend wanted to go in the boat. I said guys it is too late to go out. They all said Dad come on. I said where do you want to go, they said Dad surprise us. I said okay, lets load up. Kim had already gone to the store to get snacks and sandwiches and drinks. The kids loaded the boat and off we went. Here is something a little different. The Lake and Bay was on the trailer so instead of leaving from my back yard, we trailered the boat a few miles to Punta Rassa boat ramp. For those of you who do not live on the water or want to buy a home here not on the water, you can always trailer your boat to the boat ramp or put it in dry storage till you are ready to use it. Any how we got to the ramp and put in and headed to one of my favorite places to go to. North Captiva Island, specifically the southern tip of the island. On the way to the island we saw a huge flock of birds working the bait. I said to my crew, do you all want to catch a few fish for fun, they all said YES!!!!!

NOTE: Ciara’s pink Camouflage Rod. Go to…

There is not much beach left due to the erosion, but when Mother Nature is ready she will bring the beach back to what it use to be. One of the reasons I love this place so much is, it offers something for everyone. I can beach the boat and fish right off the beach. It almost literally drops to 25 feet deep from where the water meets the sand. The fishing here is out standing on a strong out going tide or strong incoming tide. The beach is beautiful, with beautiful shells every where. You can see all kinds of fish right from the shore. The water this time of year is so clear and beautiful you can see down 10 feet with out a problem. It is soooo amazingly beautiful. The kids love it cause they can fish from the beach, swim in the water, play ball, run around or just be crazy kids. They love it. My daughter Ciara brought a friend and her boy friend Lewis. My son Wade, brought his buddy Boogie. They had such a great time running around, playing in the water, exploring the island. Kim brought one of her best friends, Liz. Liz is from Ohio, she recently moved here to escape the cold weather. Liz also met her Fiance’ Kraig here in Ft. Myers . Liz had never experienced anything like this or seen anything like this before. She kept saying it is so beautiful. Just amazing. All the sea life and birds and fish. I have never seen anything like this before. She said all of her friends are up north freezing right now.

NOTE: The clarity of the water, just beautiful

Note: all the Glass Minnows in front of Wade look real closely.
A huge school of Minnows

Ya know Liz is correct, we do live in such an amazing beautiful place. When you can see the wild life we see, the birds, fish, Dolphin, Bald Eagles, Ospreys. Looking over the Gulf of Mexico as far as the eye can see.

Note: Kim and Liz having a ball, Kim said the water was too cold,
Liz said it is just right for her, Kim has got the thumbs up.

Note: the dead Bait fish on Kim’s shoulder.
Not sure if she knows they are there.

It was getting late and it was time to head home. The kids begged me to please stop by Tween Waters so they could go in the hot spa and the massive pool. Well I gave in and went to Tween Waters. It is really a great place and I wanted Liz to experience it as well. Please ask for Tim or ML, they will take good care of you. Check out the website:

Of course Kim and Liz had the check out the frozen beverages that Tween Waters is famous for..

All in all what a great afternoon get away. As the sun was going down the wind laid down and it was a beautiful boat ride home with an amazing sunset to boot. Wow this is paradise we live in and Liz just did not know what to think. Well I do know two things. Liz and Kraig want to raise their children here( when they have children) with this life style and she said, “Shane, when we do buy our home next year, you are going to be our Realtor!!”

As I always say, make time for your friends and family, time goes by so ,so fast enjoy it now!!

Until next time make it a great weekend.



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