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Dry Tortugas Weekend Trip

Posted by Shane On July 24th

Hello Everyone, I hope each and everyone of you is doing Great.

We are going to mix it up a little this week. I have many, many people asking what about boating trips some where. There are a bunch of neat places to go out and stay on your boat. Either just over night or for many nights or just take you boat to one of the many resorts we offer or you take your boat and set up camp on an island. This next place I am going to tell you about is probably going to be for the more experienced boater with a long Fuel range.

I want to tell you about an amazing Magical place out in the middle of no where. It is call the Dry Tortugas. The Dry Tortugas also known as Fort Jefferson National Park is approximately 123 mile out in the Gulf of Mexico off of Ft. Myers and Approx. 70 miles from Key West. Please check out the web site:

I try to make the trip every year to The Dry Tortugas, it is really a neat place. The water is crystal clear and there are amazing coral reefs all over that you can snorkel and Scuba Dive on. You can also fish here, the fishing is amazing, however you must follow the strict fishing rules and regulations while in the Park.

We just went down last weekend. I will give you a quick overview of the trip and show you photos of this beautiful place that also offer a lot of really interesting history.

This year I took Jeff and Client/Friend of mine, my son Wade and my sons friend Gregory. We pulled off the dock about 4:30 a.m. and headed out to sea in the pitch black. Of course we checked the weather for many days before leaving and the weather report was good. AS it turned out we were about 80 miles out and the weather kicked up and it got rough, probably 4 to 6 footers. This is no fun. Well we could not turn around and only had 40 more miles to go, so we pushed forward. We got to the Fort late morning Friday. We had lunch and after that went fishing. We had a ball we caught Grouper, Yellow Tail Snapper, Mutton Snapper all kinds of fish. We headed back to the anchorage for the night to prepare some of our days catch. I have a grill on the boat and we ate the fresh, fresh fish that night. Yum, yum. After dinner. the kids fished off the back of the boat and caught more fish. Of course after we had cleaned our fish and tossed the fish carcasses into the water, you got it the Sharks showed up. The Kids had a ball trying to catch the sharks. Of course we released them unharmed. There are no lights out there, so when you are looking up into the night sky you can see every single star. Just amazing.
Got up Saturday and took the kids to see the Fort, wow!! You must go to the website:

What an amazing place. You will see some photos.

After viewing the Fort for a few hours, we were off the fish. I have a hot spot in an area outside the Park where you are able to fish. Oh my, did we have a ball. We had balls of 100 to 150 Yellow Tail behind the boat in our chum slick. We only kept the Larger Yellow tail. We caught Mangrove Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Grouper and then the Sharks showed up. That was fun catching them as well. We did release all the sharks unharmed. After this we went to the back side of Logger Head Key and snorkeled for a couple of hours. The water is so Crystal Clear and so much coral reef and tropical fish, Words cannot describe the beauty. Then we walked around Logger Head Key, this is a really cool Island, there is no one there just a huge Light house built in the 1800’s and a few vacant old homes. We headed back to the anchorage for the night. Cooked up some of our fish we caught that day. Watched an amazing sunset going down by the Fort. YOU got it the kids and Jeff and I fished off the back of the boat that night. Jeff caught a 4.5 pound Mangrove Snapper right off the back of the boat. I have been boating and fishing my whole life and I have never caught a Snapper that Big. Of course the sharks showed up and the kids caught and released them as well. We got up Sunday and headed to Key West to fuel and ice up and headed back to Ft. Myers. This is the short and sweet version. Please enjoy the photos below. Make it a great weekend!!!



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