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Does It Get Cold Enough To Snow In Florida?

Posted by Shane On January 22nd

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great and staying warm.

We have had a cold snap down here for weeks and it is just awful. I cannot remember the last time it was this cold and for an extended period of time. The water temperatures have dropped so low and have stayed low, we are getting large fish kills. Dead fish floating everywhere, it is really, really sad. Although today Friday the 14th, it warmed up to 76 degrees,Thank goodness for the fish and other marine life’s sake.

Needless to say we have not done any boating at all. It has been far too cold and very windy. Although if you want to brave the cold windy weather on the boat, a lot of the fish have moved into the Caloosahatchee River to try and stay warm. Get some live shrimp or some cut lady fish. Those are both excellent baits to use. Hopefully this weekend will be a nice boating weekend. We will see.

You folks from the north are probably saying “Shane you do not know what cold is……..” Well I do know it was cold enough several days ago to build a snow man in my neighbors yard, yes a snow man in my neighbors yard and yes we are in Florida. You should have seen the looks the snow man got from the passing cars. Several cars even stopped and could not believe what they were seeing and got out and took pictures. I am telling you all, it was freezing here. See the snow man photos below….. for real, I am serious……

Pictured is Nancy, owner of the house and Cheryl the neighbor next door.

Pictured is me.

Pictured is Ice Man John and his wife Cheryl.

Pictured is me and Ciara, my Daughter.

Pictured me and Ciara my daughter..

Okay, Okay… So we had a little help from Ice Man John. He lives next door and has a huge ice machine that makes this shaved ice, kind of like snow. Ice Man John Made a bunch of ice and then he and all the kids built the snow man. The snow man lasted for 3 days believe it or not. At the end of the third day he was melting and by the fourth day he was gone. Kind of like Frosty The Snow Man cartoon we all watched when were kids. It is okay though. I would much rather have a melted snow man than be freezing like it has been here.

Until next time, where ever you are, stay warm and remember take time to smell the roses and spend time with your family and friends.

See ya,



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