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Charlie’s Pass

Posted by Shane On May 29th

Hello Again,

I have been getting a great response from all of the subscribers that get the boating guide weekly.

Many folks want to know where to go by boat to beaches that are not packed with a bunch of people and only accessible by boat


172 IMGP1898 575x431 Charlies Pass

Here ya go, have you heard of Charlie’s pass? It is located on North Captiva Island. Charlie’s pass is an unofficial name for it, but everyone calls it Charlie’s Pass. Years ago when Hurricane Charlie came through, it literally blew a hole right through the island, hence the name Charlie’s Pass. It was plenty deep to bring larger boats through it. In a short time, the pass began to close up to where it looked like a little creek that only skinny water boats could get through. A very short time later the creek closed up. Now it is an amazing place to go to. We love to spend the day here on the beach. The neat thing about the beach here is, you can anchor and back right up to the beach with in feet of the dry sand. (No long walks to shore). The sand here is the nice white sugar sand and loads and loads of sea shells. Most people set up an umbrella or canopy right on the beach and enjoy the rolling waves on to the beach and the gentle sea breeze. My children and I cannot sit still, so we swim in the beautiful blue green waters and shell along the beautiful Beaches.

173 IMGP1900 575x431 Charlies Pass


Okay this is the really fun part if you like to fish. Walk East Opposite of the Gulf about 200 yards and you will come to the back Bay, it is a natural estuary full of marine life. Birds, Crabs, Fish,, you name it. You will see in one of the photos my son throwing his cast net catching bait for his friend Jo Jo. Who caught a nice Snook and of course released it. Enjoy the photos below, this is such a beautiful place, unspoiled and full of nature. You are going to love it and you will not want to leave. Have fun!!!!!


174 IMGP1908 575x431 Charlies Pass

175 IMGP1903 575x431 Charlies Pass


176 IMGP1906 575x431 Charlies Pass


177 IMGP1907 575x431 Charlies Pass

How do you get there?

Coming from Pine Island Sound. Head towards Redfish Pass. Hint, South Seas Plantation is on the south side of the pass. Once you are in Redfish Pass, head north up the beach . You will see a few homes on your right. Keep heading north and you will come to an area where the trees are gone and you can see clear over to the Bayside. You are there. Enjoy..


179 IMGP1910 575x431 Charlies Pass






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