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Hello Everyone, I Hope You Are All Doing Great.

Posted by Shane On August 12th

We are great here in super sunny South West Florida.. It is warm, but the afternoon showers cool everything down which is very nice. The fishing still remains hot. Spoke to some friends who landed a few Tarpon up in the River. They are still catching Snook, Red Fish and Trout. My other friends ran off shore, not even to far and caught their limit on Grouper and Snapper.

As far as the Gulf Oil Spill, from what I am seeing on TV and reading it is still capped off. There in NO OIL, NO OIL here or anywhere near us. This does not mean the folks who got hit up north are not suffering with the devastation of the wetlands, animals, sea life, birds. It is just awful. Please keep all these folks in your thoughts and prayers as they have a long road ahead of them.

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Update On Oil Spill In The Gulf

Posted by Shane On June 28th

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing great.

I wanted everyone to know that SW Florida’s beaches are free of oil.. NO OIL……. It would appear from what I am reading and watching that SW Florida may be spared from the oil. I have several Realtor Friends who watch the oil situation as well and we all compare the information provided to us. Below you will see some information from a Realtor Friend of mine David Haynes of Tarpon Realty, Inc. He is in the Charlotte County / Boca Grande area. Please also see the attached file to view. It is virus free do not worry.

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