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Camping By Boat To Cape Sable (Part Two)

Posted by Shane On November 25th

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great.

Our local Real Estate Market is still going strong. Homes continue to sell and new construction is being built. It is hard to believe, but the market is transitioning from a buyers market to a seller market. Our inventory is continuing  to shrink. Banks are loaning money to qualified buyers, yes qualified buyers. Although many of the transaction we are seeing in todays market are cash.

As they say, cash is king….

Home prices are so low and there are some amazing waterfront deals still out there,  but they are being bought up. If you would like any information on our local Real Estate Market, please let me know, by contacting me online or calling me at (800) 741-3757 . I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. I can set you up on an automatic program that will give you full access to our MLS. It will also update you on new listings that come on to the market as well as homes going pending. You will like it, it is a great program and it is free.

Okay now on to the fun stuff, the Boating Guide, Camping at Cape Sable by Boat Part 2.

We last left off with the sun getting ready to go down and getting ready to start dinner. We had the best dinner. Uncle TJ is a chef, seriously he is a chef and prepare this amazing food on the main land and brought it out in coolers. We warmed it up on the fire and cooked all of the fresh fish we caught, oh my it was just amazing. Out in the middle of no where and eating like kings. Of course with every campfire, you must have marshmallows.

After there fill of marshmallows, the kids decided to go on a walk about with their torches. This is gonna be good. I think they made it a couple miles down the beach and the torches burned out. Now that was funny, dark out, no light, & the flash lights back at the camp.

While the kids were gone, the adults had to think of a great prank to play on the kids once they went to bed. This is something you have to do, “Of Course :-)”. We thought of all the different things we could do then suddenly it came to us. We (the grown ups) while the kids were on a walk about down the beach, we went wading into the water and collected 15 spider crabs. These crabs are very hardy and live for a long, long time out of the water.

Look on Uncle Derek’s chest. This is what they look like. Scary looking… huh….Not Uncle Derek, the Spider Crab.. LOL….

Look very closely in the bucket, 15 Spider Crabs..

Once the boys got back, some of them were tired and went into the tent to go to bed. Of course the kids who were awake had to play a prank on the boys who went to bed. They dug a hole in front of the tent door, so when one of the kids would come out of the tent during the night, they would fall into the hole.. Oh and they squirted ketchup all over the ground when you walked out….NICE…

Thank goodness all the kids decided to go to bed, it is like 2:00 am in the morning. Once we felt they were all asleep, we checked to be sure. The adults got all 15 spider crabs and put them inside the kids tents. We then zipped the tent back up and went back to sit around the fire…

With in 10 minutes we heard a voice get off me, stop scratching me, quit it. Another voice, I am not touching you, another voice quit it that hurts, your scratching me, Stop it before I hit you…. all of the sudden, you heard screaming like a bunch of little girls.. ah get it off me, oh &^$%, what the heck is on me, get it off. Keep in mind it is dark in the tent. Get them off me, more screaming and yelling. Finally the adults went over and opened the tents and here were all the kids wide awake, really mad and half asleep. They all said when you go to bed we are going to get you back, but even worse. If you look real close, Nate the boy in the Camo shirt is getting ready to throw a crab at us – look closely in his hand. If you look at the second photo, there is a crab between the blue and green sleeping bag…

The last photo show several crabs crawling around the floor. LOL

Oh my gosh, it was hilarious, we were all cracking up. The only concern we adults had, is now the kids were going to get us back. Did we dare go to sleep? We tried to stay awake, but us old farts were tired and went to bed. We, the adults were not asleep what seemed for than 30 minute and we heard these loud, boom, boom, bam, bam, crack, crack. We jump up and went to run outside the tent and wouldn’t you know it, those kids dug a hole right in front of our tent and as we came running out, fell right into it. Remember, we were sound asleep and still half asleep. Then Boom, Bam, I am thinking what the heck, sounds like shot guns going off, Boom, Boom, Bam , I see hot ash flying everywhere and hot debris flying everywhere. i am thinking what in the heck is happening here. I look over at the kids several feet from the fire just cracking up, pointing at us and rolling around in the sand laughing at us adults, those kids thought is was the funniest thing they had ever seen. What in the world are you kids doing? Well, they took our full sodas and other beverages (Man Drinks) in the cans and through them in to the hot fire and coals. Yes you got it, boom, they explode all over the place.. Ha ha ha ha…. By now it is past 3:00 am in the morning. After a great laugh we all turned it in for the night…

That’s it for part two of “Camping By Boat to Cape Sable” Trip – Stay tuned for the next part of our journey when we go to Lake Ingraham to do some fishing!!!

So what kind of memories are you making with your friends, family, and loved ones?  I would love to hear about them! Please take a moment to leave a comment to share with us 🙂

Make it a Great Day!

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson




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