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Bow Ditch Point

Posted by Shane On March 13th

I have another really great boating guide tip that is often overlooked.
Have you heard of Bow Ditch Point? It is on the far north tip of Ft. Myers Beach. The really neat thing about this area of the beach is that there are not a ton of people this far up the beach. Now here is the cool thing, this location is great for everyone. If the Gulf is choppy or rough you can pull around the rear side (bayside) of the point and get out of the choppy waves. The beach here is really nice and offers the good sand if you know what I mean. There are several cool things about this beach. The first is fishing right from the beach, whoever the fisher people are in your group will love this. You can catch live bait right off the beach with a cast net. You can fish right off the beach and catch, Snook, Red Fish, Trout, Pompano, Whiting,Spanish Mackerel and many other species right off the beach, Why? Great currents push through the pass there. Another great thing is watching all the boats coming and going, watching the Dolphins play in the water. If you walk south a little ways there is a place to get cold drinks, sandwiches and snacks, it is part of the Lee County Parks and Recreation. There are also restrooms right there. This a great place to cook out, enjoy the weather, catch fish. Who Knows you may even catch a keeper fish and put it on the grill for lunch. Yes, I am serious, just be aware of our current fishing regulations. This beach offer something for everyone, so check it out and enjoy!! This is Paradise!!! You are probably wondering why not drive your car, well just try fighting the traffic on the road to Ft. Myers Beach and then try to find a parking spot…Ha ha, Good Luck…NOT…..

How Do I Get There?

This is really easy, look on any Chart or on you GPS and find Ft. Myers Beach. Go to the most northerly tip of the island (Estero Island)and you are there.



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