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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 1

Posted by Shane On November 20th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great…

I do have to apologize for not sending any new boating guides in the last several weeks. I have heard from so many of you saying, “Shane, where is the boating guide, why have you not sent it out, Shane we miss it.” I have to tell you, I missed writing them and sharing the all this great information with you. Much of it is sharing my experiences with you which is educational and just fun. Living this waterfront lifestyle is a lifestyle that so many people love. Many people have got their goals set to come to our area and live the waterfront lifestyle. Whether you live on the water with your boat in the back yard or you keep your boat on the trailer next to your home, you can live the waterfront lifestyle. Or if you have dreams of doing this one day, your dreams and goals will come true, if you truly believe. I feel we all share the love of the water, activities on the water, the wild life you see on the water and just the way you feel on the water. As you may or may not know the feeling, it is a different world out on the water. Wether you are just going fishing, diving, beaching or just cruising enjoying all the nature, birds, fish, Dolphins, there is so much to see and appreciate. I know we live in such a fast paced world now. On the water it all slows down. I know you get it 🙂

The other day my son said, Dad how come we never put our crab trap in the water anymore and catch crabs. I looked at Wade and said son, I do not know. We are just so busy with everything. He looked at me with this stare. I felt almost like I could hear his brain saying, yah Dad, it is real hard to bait the trap and throw the trap off the dock into the water. In that instant, I said Wade, go get some frozen bait out of the freezer and we will do it right now. Wow, how hard was that? It made Wade so happy and I was happy to see him happy. The simple things in life can bring so much enjoyment, it was so simple. Ya know the best part? A few days later I was on the dock looking at the water. Suddenly it hit me, lets check the crab trap. I called Wade to the dock, he pulled the trap and wholly cow, one of the biggest Blue crabs I have ever seen was in our trap. Wade and his buddy were so excited.. Check out the photos below….

Since there was only one crab, a huge crab at that. We decided to let it go so it could make babies. Wade put it in the water and it crawled away. The simple things in life that bring so much joy 🙂

Okay now on to the story I think you are going to enjoy. I have written about this before, but every year is a different adventure. The Dry Tortugas (Fort Jefferson) What a cool place to go visit and the history it offers is just amazing, not to mention the fishing is outstanding!!!!!!!!

Go to thewebsite…

This year my Office Manager and Broker decided to take his boat. I brought along two clients who have turned into good buddies of mine. One of them is from Iowa and the other is from New Jersey. So this trip is like nothing they have ever experienced or done before. Brad my office Manager/Broker brought along his step Dad. He has never done anything like this before. We started out of Ft. Myers about 5:30 in the morning. The sun was just coming up. Wow an amazing sunrise.

What a beautiful sunrise and the beginning of our 128 mile run out into the Gulf of Mexico heading to the Dry Tortugas. The weather was supposed to be 2 to 3 foot seas..yah for the first 35 miles, then the seas kicked up, oh boy. Not too bad 4 to 5 foot seas, there were some 6 footers in there. One of our crew members wound up chumming the water really good for us :-). Not much you can do when you are 80 miles out in the middle of no where. It was okay he was trooper. I do not dare tell you which crew member it was or he would kill me. LOL. ha ha ha. All in all it was a good crossing.

Coming up to the Fort is such an incredible site. You see this huge creation coming up out of the ocean in the distance and as you get closer it gets larger and larger and larger. Then you are thinking, how in the world did they get all these brick and materials out to this island.. I would urge you to read the link I posted above about the Fort. check out the photos. Look real closely at the first photo and you will see way off in the distance the Fort…

It is such a beautiful place. The water is a crystal clear blue. Fish and wild life everywhere. If feels like you are in a different world. Cell phones do not work, no computers. Just relaxation and back to nature. No hustle and bustle.

If you ever want to go to Fort Jefferson. You can take the Key West Express boat to Key West and then take a ferry from Key West to the Fort. Or you can take a sea plane from Key West to the Fort. Let me know and I will get you the details for your trip.

I hate to go now, but I must. There will be a part two next week detailing the rest of our trip and lots and lots of photos. I love photos and I think you will enjoy them.

Please remember to make time for your family and friends and do not put off what you can do now. Time goes by so fast. I went to a funeral a few weeks ago for a cousin of mine. Ironically enough his name was Shane also. He was having a Bar B Q with his family and infant son. Shane said he was tired and went and laid down after cooking a great meal for his friends and family. Shane never woke up again. Shane was 28 years old. It makes you think doesn’t it. It made me think. I do not tell you this to bring you down. I tell you this to make you think about family about friends and what is really important in life. Make it a great weekend enjoy yourself no matter what you do.

Look for the boating guide next week, you are gonna love it. One more thing, anyone can do the things I do. We must put our minds to it and believe we will achieve it and you will!!! I guarantee it 🙂

Till next make it a great day !!!!

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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