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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 4…

Posted by Shane On December 18th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

It is nice here is SW Florida, a little on the chilly side. Actually down right cold. I am talking in the low to mid 40’s. This is cold for us. It does heat up in the day time and we did have some rain which we did need desperately. The snow birds are here and still coming down.
Properties are still selling well here. All price ranges are selling. There are homes in the $100,000 up the $million plus dollar range selling. You will not believe how low some of these homes are selling for. I am in shock. Interest rates are still low, in the 4% range. Who would have ever thought that rates would ever go this low? If you know anyone that is thinking about buying, now is the time. Prices are way low and interest rates are really low. If you would like daily updates on properties in our area that are coming on the market, pending or you just want to know what homes have sold for, let me know and I will set you up on Listing Book. This tool will give you full access to our MLS system and it will also send you a daily report of any new listings that hit the market. I have a many, many people on it and they love it. A great example, I had some friends on it. They got the morning report, a home popped up in the area they were looking for. On the water with Gulf access in their price point. We went and looked at it. It was a bank repo and a steal at that. They offered cash and got the house. They are so excited. Back to the dream I have spoken about in prior boating guides. They have dreamed for years about coming to Florida and buying a home on the water with their boat in the back yard. The are living the dream, they closed yesterday and are moving in today. They are soooooo excited 🙂 and I am very happy and excited for them too 🙂

Okay, now on to the fun part. Another Dry Tortugas adventure Part 4…

We left off last week on Middle Key a sand island between the Fort and Hospital Key. After hanging out and eating lunch, we headed to another great fishing spot. When anchored in about 40 feet of water. Now imagine this, the water is so clear here, I could see the reef at the bottom and I could see the fish….WOW!!!!! We put out the chum bag and watch the fish swarm the back of the boat. You have got to see this to believe it. Just incredible!!!! Check out some photos..

We caught some nice Grouper and a bunch of Yellowtail Snapper and Mutton Snapper. Yum, Yum 🙂

We had a great bite on .. until…

Until the Sharks showed up. The sharks spooked our fish. Mike a great fish on and this Shark, acctually a Black Tip Shark ate the fish on the way up..UGGGG!!! 🙁

We did catch the Shark and release it unharmed. We continued to try and fish in this spot and it was done. The fish were spooked and not biting. We decided to move to another spot where the bite would be better.

We got to our next spot and put our chum bag out.. Bammm with in a few minutes, fish on!!!!! Check out the photos…

We were catching all kinds of fish, then suddenly I looked out in the water and chasing Mikes fish was a huge Barracuda, huge!!!!! It was coming after Mikes fish he had just caught. I aid Mike reel faster and faster….Wham , with a flick of the barracudas tail it must have covered 10 feet. The fish was bitten in half as we were all gasping did you se that!!! A huge Black tip Shark, probably a 10 footer came out of no where and did a massive swirl in the pool of blood that was in the water. The Shark did not stick around though. It swirled through the blood and was gone. This was wild, I have seen a lot of crazy things but this was crazy. Mike was able to get the rest of what would have been a keeper Grouper to the boat…..

Even after this, the bite was still on…

It was getting later in the day and I had fish to clean for dinner and the boat had to be scrubbed. So we headed back to our anchorage for our nightly routine. Yes the request was made to make more sashimi, Which I was happy to do, especially with this fresh fish. Man it was good 🙂

The sunset was amazing and enjoying all the wild life. It is hard to explain the feeling you feel at the end of the day bonding with the ocean and nature. No cell phones, no TV, no radio.. Enjoy the photos….

We got up the next day and headed to Key West. We planned on stopping at some of the Lobstering spots we had along the way. The longest run was to the Marquesas Keys a really cool place with a lot of history check out Capt. Lenny’s website…

We stopped and looked at a few spots could not find any Lobster. We looked in a few other spot and did find some Lobsters or Bugs as we call them.. We made our way to Man Key and Woman Key. Yes they really do exhist. We picked up some more bugs there as well. We did okay, did not get our limit, but we had enough to eat.

We decided it was time to head to Key West so Mike and Rob Could catch the Key West Express Ferry home to Ft. Myers that night. check out the website…

Well we did make it back on time and got our feet on dry land. Mike and Rob caught the ferry back to Ft. Myers and we got the boat all situated at the Galleon marina and Resort.. Check out the website…

This is a very cool place. You can walk anywhere. Some of the most amazing seafood places are right there on the water..

We had a great dinner on the mail land and went to bed early so we could get up and make our 90 mile run back to Ft. Myers… Yippee..

I hope you enjoyed this boating guide adventure, I know we did..

If you have any questions on any of the trips we take or any of the things we do, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Remember make time for the family and friends.. Time goes by so fast.

Till next time make it a great weekend.




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