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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great..It is great here is sunny South West Florida. Yes it is hot, but as I mentioned before, the afternoon rain storms come and cool everything down. We have actually had massive amount of rain here. It seems to pour every day not just showers, but pours rain. I know we needed it, but this is ridiculous.
🙂 I know in a few months when the winter comes, everyone will be belly aching about the droughts. The fishing has slowed down some. I think it is all the fresh water coming down the River and Creeks. I feel it is pushing the fish farther out to a higher salinity level. As the rain subsides, the fish will move back up into the River and Creeks.
Remember I wrote about feeding the Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina in the Florida Keys. We we met a family there from the Netherlands. They thought it was so cool to watch Wade, my son feed these Tarpon by hand. One of the daughters of this family walked up and ask to take photos of Wade feeding the Tarpon. I said of course you may. This camera this young lady had was like a foot long with this amazing lense and she said the camera would take like 10 frames per second or some crazy number like this. Her and her brother looked at me and said i promise when we get back to the Netherlands we will e mail you these photos. These folks were on Holiday. Below are only two of the photos she took, but they are really neat and I thought I would share them with you. Take a look…..

I thought these photos were really neat, with the clarity and timing. Look at the detail of the Tarpons scales and the water droplets.

Okay now on to, A weekend get away to Little Gasparilla Island and Fishing and Crabbing in the area!!! There is a barrier island called Little Gasparilla Island. It is only accessible by boat which makes it a neat place to go to. No cars only golf carts and sandy roads. To find a home out there for purchase or for rent call my friends and Tarpon Realty in Placida, they are the best and will find you the best place to stay. The web site is… Ask for Holly, Alicia or Stacy.. and if you want to talk to the big cheese, his name is David. They are great people and love helping other people.

What make this place so great is, it is like stepping back in time, the way old Florida used to be, no hustle and bustle, you are on Island time, yah, mon….. hee hee ….. No where to be, no where to go, just go at your own pace, whether you want to go lounge at the beach and listen to the wave coming up on shore or looking for the thousands of fossilized sharks teeth in the sand or searching for some of the most amazing shells you will find on the Gulf.. Fishing off the dock, taking the boat out fishing to some amazing fishing spots. There is so much to do or NOT 🙂 I am going to tell you what we and so many other families enjoy doing. Once you get settled into your place. We all walk down to the beach just to see the pristine Gulf waters, wow a crystal clear greenish blue water is. Lots of sea life. Bait fish jumping just off the beach, Dolphin playing in the water off shore. Pelicans and sea gulls diving on pods of bait. Just an amazing site to take in. Words do not do it justice at all. Everyone gathers on the beach to watch some of the most amazing sunsets you will ever see.. Enjoy the photos….

Just amazing, you ever seen The Green Flash? Just before the sun disappears, I mean the millisecond before it is gone, there is a Green Flash. I have never seen it but I have heard all kinds of stories about other people seeing it. Maybe one day i will see it 🙂
The next morning the boys wanted to go fishing and crabbing for dinner. We headed out to a place called Bull Bay and Turtle Bay. These are great places to catch Red Fish, Snook, Trout and Flounder..Yummy !!!! and Crabs too.. Enjoy the photos…

Something that I find fascinating is that once a crab loses it claw or claws, it will regenerate another, How cool is this. Look at the photos above again. Look on the left hand side of the Blue Crab, see the little tiny claw it is regenerating? Nature is just amazing. We let this crab go so it could regenerate the new claw..

We caught a lot of fish and released a lot of fish. We only kept the fish and crabs we were gonna eat. There is this spice called Shrimp and Crab Boil. It is really good. We cleaned the fish and cooked it on the grill and we boiled the fresh crabs in the spice, oh my was it great!!!!!!

Like I mentioned before, we only keep what we are going to eat. Oh gosh, it was sooooo good.. After dinner, the kids like to go to the beach at night and chase the Ghost Crabs around. These crabs only come out at night and are hard to catch, They are very fast. There are hundreds of them on the beach. If you grab them wrong they will pinch the you know what out of you :-(. The kids have it down to a science they chase the crabs till the crab gets worn out, then as a team the kids catch them 🙂 See the photos…

By this time everyone is beat and ready for bed.

The next day we got up and walked the beach some looking for shells. We found a lot of really cool shells. Remember if the shells are alive you must let them go. This turned out to be a very short weekend, But very fun filled 🙂

Wait till next week. I have got an amazing story you are not going to want to miss. Something happened to my family that only happens once in a life time. I am 42 years old and I have been on the ocean my entire life ad have never seen anything like this before, just amazing… Till next week make time for your family and friends. If you ever have any questions on the places I write about or the things we see, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will help you any way I can.

Thank you,

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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