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Hello everyone,

I know it has been a few weeks since the last boating guide and I am sorry cause I really do enjoy writing about things to do by water and places to go by water. We have just been super busy here in Lee County with work. Many, many people are coming down to look and see what all the talk is about when it comes to great deals on properties. There are still great deals to be had.

Okay now on to the important message here…. I had a great response from the last Florida Keys getaway. People wanted to know what else to do in the Keys, things to do, places to go, attractions to see. Oh what a great time we had.

My family and I loaded up the flats boat and headed to the Keys late Wednesday, the kids were out for Spring Break. My father Bill and step mother Kelly live there. My Mother Kelly, is a Realtor in the keys and was able to hook me up with a great rental home right on the water, so of course I could keep the boat in the water behind the house. If you are ever looking for great places to rent in the Keys, let me know and I will hook you up with my Mother,she is great.

The first day we were there we got settled in, put the boat in the water and headed for one of our favorite places to go by water, World Wide Sportsman. It is just like a Bass Pro shop but right on the Bay. It is an amazing place. It offers a marina with Charter Boats. It is really fun to see the charters come in with their daily catch. This one Captain had a 70 pound plus Amber Jack, it was huge!!!!!!There is shopping, restaurants and much more.

On the way to World Wide Sportsman there are many channels and cuts you must go through. The first one is called toilet seat cut. See the photos, hence the name. It has been called toilet seat cut for as long as I was a kid growing up down there.

This is another secret cut called the Slawson Cut Off, Who knows where the name came from, but ever since we were kids this is what we called it. It is a skinny channel and only one boat can pass through at a time. Basically when you enter the channel you cannot see the end until you are in it and you cannot go slow through the channel or else you will run a ground, it is only about 1 foot deep. So you take your chances and get through it as fast as you can. It is fun 🙂 (I know, Shane grow man, you have children now.)

We finally got World Wide Sportsman, what a cool place..

After spending time looking around and seeing all the cool things to do, we decided to headed further south to Robbies Marina where you feed the Tarpon by hand, way cool. This is a great place to eat and watch the wild life. The kids love it here and so do I and you will too..:-)

The kids love feeding the Tarpon by hand, there are hundreds and hundreds of these mammoth fish.

I am sorry to say, but this weekend getaway will have to be continued to next week. Until then Please make time for your family and friends.

Make it a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!



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