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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. The weather continues to improve here. It is actually very cool in the morning, but it does get warmer in the afternoon which is awesome!!
I hear the fish are starting to bite again, although Snook Season is closed. There are still plenty of big Gator Trout being taken, Red Fish, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel. The pods of bait have found their way back to our local water which is nice. The bigger fish are following the pods of bait… Yippee!!!!!

Now on the continuation of our Quick Florida Keys get away part two….

We left off last time at Robbies Marina the place where you go and hand feed the Tarpon. As I said before, it is a blast and great fun for the kids. When you go to the keys you will have to go there to eat and feed the Tarpon. It is a really cool Place.. Check out the website….
It really is a cool place, you can shop for knick Knacks and goodies. You can drink and dine right on the water and watch the wild life and the tourists feeding the Tarpon. The restaurant there is call the Hungry Tarpon. Imagine that, ha ha ha..There are a ton of other things to do, rent boats, Kayaks, fishing charters, check out the web site..

Okay after a late lunch at the Hungry Tarpon and feeding the Tarpon, we decided to head back up north to a really cool tropical Resort called The Coconut Palm Inn. It is an awesome place to chill and unwind. It is on the bay side with quick access to the world famous back country fishing grounds or 15 minutes through Tavernier Creek and out into the beautiful crystal Blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean..where you can catch Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, King Fish, just to name a few species.

The moment you get onto the property of Coconut Palm Inn, your heart rate slows way down, you are totally relaxed and on Island time. I cannot explain it, it just is 🙂

It is such an amazing place. Great sand beach to hang out on or lay in one of the many hammocks and enjoy the island breeze as it hums through the palm fronds and cools your body. There is an amazing view of the bay with a boat dock and boat ramp right there on property. Now this is a must, the boat dock and ramp that is… A couple years ago I was cleaning a bunch of Dolphin (not Flipper) (Dolphin the fish) with my Family. I look down at all the fish scraps in the water and saw about an 90 pound Tarpon. I yelled to Wade my son , bring me a stout fishing rod quick. I hollered at my big brother Bill, get over here quick. We put a hunk of scrap fish on, the Tarpon ate it.. and as we say…”FISH ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” My brother had the best time fighting that fish. He must have fought that fish for 30 minutes. What an amazing experience for us all !!! WOW!!!!! All this action and excitement off the dock at Coconut Palm Inn, yes right off the dock. Just amazing. Getting back to the resort. It is fun for the entire family, there is a great pool for swimming, there are Kayaks right there, paddle boats or just chill on the beach and do nothing. Tavernier Town is right up the road for shopping. The rooms are nice too and very,very clean. The folks who run the place are super great and very attentive to your every wish. Dana is a dear friend of ours who has worked there for a long time and is just amazing, It makes her happy to see her guests so happy. Also Kathryn who is super great also is always making her self available to be sure you, the guests are happy. I do not know the other folks who work there, but they are always very kind and accommodating. After hanging out by the pool for awhile relaxing. I know what you are thinking(Shane Never sits still) Okay I did not sit still to long, my son Wade and I took a Kayak
out exploring the Mangroves. Once we got back to the beach, Dana was getting off work, so we grabbed her after she retrieved a few cold beverages and headed back onto the water. It was just beginning to get dark so we headed back to the awesome rental house my Mother got us. What a great amazing day. I am sorry I did not take to many photos of the resort, I honestly for got to, I was having such a relaxing chilled out time. Enjoy the photos below….

Yes, that is our Dana in the middle. She is great and when you book Coconut Palm Inn, You will get to meet her or Kathryn 🙂

Please check out the website…

They have a ton of great photos of the resort on this site.

Wait for part three of the Quick Florida Keys get away. I have got some really cools photos and places for you to go and visit. So when are you booking your trip The Florida Keys?? Ha ha ha ha… You will after next weeks boating guide.

Like I always say, Please make time for your family and friends. Life is so short, so make the most of everyday!!!!! Until next week. Make it a great weekend!!!!

Take Care,



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