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A Quick Florida Keys Get Away…… Part Four

Posted by Shane On May 21st

Hello to everyone. I hope you all are doing great.
The weather does continue to warm up although we had a couple of cooler evenings and cooler mornings a few days ago, very surprising for this time of year.
Fishing in South West Florida continues to improve. I took some clients and friends out offshore fishing last weekend. We only went out about 28 miles. We all had a blast. My son Wade mated for me on the boat. He rigged rods and baited hooks, Wader just loves it. I was able to put these people on a school of 200 plus Bonita, they are in the Tuna family and put up an amazing fight. Big Mike who is like 6 foot 4 inches, just a big dude, got his butt kicked by this little 16 pound Bonita, not to mention the other people on the boat were worn out after fighting these fish. We also caught Snapper and Grouper which were too small to keep. Craig caught a nearly 40 inch King Fish, that was a surprise. We saw a lot of Logger head Turtles sunning themselves on the top of the water. It was a beautiful day on the water, blue sky, great breeze. Just an absolutely amazing day.

Okay now on to A Quick Florida Keys Get Away…… Part Four

I believe we left off last time snorkeling on the reef. What an amazing place, it is so beautiful and the fish on the reef are so colorful.

After snorkeling on the reef we decided to head over to World Wide Sportsman. As I mentioned before, it is like a Bass Pro Shop, but on the water. Next to World Wide Sportsman which is on the same property is a place called Islamorada Fish Company. The is a great place to eat, sit out on the water enjoying the bay views or sitting on the small basin which is full of Nurse Sharks and Tarpon, Biiiig Tarpon. Next to the Islamorada Fish Company is the retail fish market. You can buy fish, Stone Crab all kinds of seafood brought right in fresh off the boats right there at the docks. The fish house brings over the scraps and feeds the Tarpon and Sharks, it is really neat to watch. The food at the Islamorada Fish Company is great and the service is great too. You can walk across a little bridge to a beach area where they offer live entertainment of all sorts, right on the water. The day we were there, they had a tropical band playing, great music. I will tell you in a minute what the entertainment was when the sun went down.
Please go to the World Wide Sportsman website. It is an awesome store with really cool stuff, Ernest Hemingway’s boat is there to see and there is a huge fish tank with Tarpon, Snapper, Snook, Bone Fish, Red Fish and much more…….

Go to the Islamorada Fish Company web site….

Enjoy the photos…..

I do have to tell you, it was really busy and there was like a 45 minute wait to eat. Spring Break was almost over, but still lots of people in the Keys. Wade and I walked over to the North end of the property to another restaurant right on the bay called Morada Bay Beach Cafe. Oh my Gosh, they have got great food, you can sit out on the beach over looking the water. They have the famous Full Moon Party at Morada Bay Beach Cafe. Live entertainment, bands, fire entertainers, bon fires… Lots and lots of people, having a fantastic time with the great evening tropical breezes.

Please go to their website be sure to click on Full Moon Party and watch the video, it is a blast!!!!…

Attached to this property is an upscale place called Pierre’s Restaurant. The food is outstanding and so is the atmosphere. You will learn more about it on the Morada bay website.

Check out the photos….

Wade and I walked back over to Islamorada Fish Company for an early dinner. We both had the seafood, it was fantastic. While we were sitting there eating we got to watch the fish being fed. We were getting ready to leave cause it was getting dark and we saw this guy on the white sand beach setting up this perimeter with a rope. We wondered what the guy was doing, as it turned out he was a flame thrower person. What a cool show. He twirled fire, spit out fire like 10 feet long, juggled fire. This guy was amazing.. Check out the photos…

Wholly cow better him than me, we were standing 15 feet away and you could feel the heat from the flames. Do not try that at home!!!!

It was pitch black out by this time. Wade and I got into the boat and headed back north to the house. It was so quiet, calm and peaceful on the water. I stopped in the bay to show Wade what phosphorous was. I told him you can put your hand in the dark water and it will light up green when your hand hits the phosphorous. It is really cool. With it being pitch black on the water, as far as you could see were the phosphorous worms swimming in circles with the green glowing trails behind them. It was really neat. When we got back to the house ocean side, Wade and I jumped in the canal and swam around, our bodies glowing green in the water. What a sight. We had a great day and some great adventures. I do hope you make it to the Florida Keys and make time to go to some of these places, you will not be disappointed.

I have to tell you something funny, for the entire time we were at this house, Wade my son kept asking, can I catch an iguana ? They are all over the place. I said sure Wade. Wade asked me if they would bite, I said I did not know, but I will bet you are gonna find out. I never thought in a million years Wade would actually catch one. Well Wade did catch one. Oh my gosh!!!…… Check it out…

No Wade did not get bit either…..:-)

Hope you enjoyed this Quick Florida Keys Getaway series. Hopefully it gives you some travel goals and hopefully it brought some great smiles to your face and a warm feeling inside.

Until next time, Please make time for your family and friends. Life goes by so quickly. Enjoy it now, do not say, well we will go next year. There may not be a next year. Live life to the fullest…. Work hard and smart …..but play harder…

Till next week, make it a great weekend.

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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