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Hello everyone, I do have to apologize for not being as diligent with the boating guide as we normally are. We have been super, super busy here. People are coming in by the droves buying waterfront properties. Prices are very low and interest rates are very low as well. This is a great combination to get properties moving again.
Enough about that, now on to the fun stuff. I have got a place that is very special to me. My family and I love going to this magical place. This place is called Little Gasparilla Island, located in Placida, Florida. It is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by water from Ft. Myers. When you go there it is like stepping back in time. There are no paved roads on the island, no stores or shops on the island. Just Golf carts to cruise around the island. The beach here is absolutely beautiful. Miles and miles of white sandy beaches. If you are not a beach person, hop in the boat and go fishing or just fish off the beach or the dock. The fishing there is amazing, so many different species to catch. Did I mention there is no bridge to the island, the only way there is by boat. The accommodations on the island are great, yes there is running water and electricity. You can rent a condo or rent a house. If you want more information on rentals on the island go to
They have a great website and have all the rental information you need.

We happen to be out there for Labor Day weekend and it just so happened there was the First Annual Hide Away Condo Fishing Tournament. Of course the friend we were with and their kids and mine said Mr. Shane, we need to fish this tournament. Needless to say we signed up. What a great time for the family and the kids. We fished all day Sunday and then had the huge cook out and awards banquet. What a great family time and the kids and adults all had a blast. Below are some photos for you to enjoy..

Here are some island photos for you to enjoy.

Going to Little Gasparilla Island is a great weekend get away or stay longer. You will absolutely love it out there. It is quiet, peaceful, relaxing and you will love it.

By the way I have a great 3 bedroom, Loft, 2 bath home that I own and it is in the rental pool. Check it out.

Till next time. Make time for the family,spouse’s and friends, we only have so much time on this earth, so use your time wisely. Make it a great weekend.



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