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A Lobstering Getaway To The Florida Keys Part 2

Posted by Shane On September 10th

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. The weather is still beautiful here. We have had a bunch of rain, I mean a bunch of rain for several weeks now. I know we needed it, but this is crazy. The fishing here is still great. Lots of bait everywhere, Lots of green backs also know as white bait. Big Thread fins at the causeway. Great reports of all kinds of fish being caught.
I was at dinner with the family talking about fishing and boating and fish we had caught. This guy in the next booth turned around and said I could not help but hearing you all talking about fishing. You will not believe what I caught on Ft. Myers Beach today. He showed me this mammoth, Monster Snook on his phone. It is huge. He caught it on a frozen Mullet. This is not normal guys. I have fished my whole life and have never caught a Snook even close to the size of this one. WOW.. check out the photo…

How cool is this. I know I get very excited about fishing. Just so you know, this guy Cameron did release the fish unharmed. This fish was to big to keep (over slot limit) and Snook this size are our breeders to make baby Snookies. Great going Cameron.

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Okay now lets get on to the Lobstering getaway to the Florida Keys part 2

We last left off at the Holiday Isle Sand Bar and what a great place it is to go and relax in the water and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the ocean. Check out the photos..

By this time we have had a full day on the water and it was beginning to get late. There was a group of us by now so we decided to run the boats over to Whale Harbor, it is just up the channel from the sand bar. Check out the website…

The kids were hungry and wanted something cold to drink and I think the adults wanted a cold beverage. Whale Harbor is a great place to visit. They have a fleet of offshore boats for fishing,back bay boats for the back country, diving, jet ski rentals, you name it. The best part are the cold beverages, food and the amazing views over the Atlantic Ocean. Check out these photos…

Once again it was getting late so we decided to head home. On the way home by boat is a really neat place called Marker 88. Check out the web site….

It actually has a man made beach and the kids love going here and snorkeling off the beach into the Bay. The kids begged please, please, lets stop there. I said okay, ya really did not have to twist my arm. It took about 10 minutes by boat. Well at least when you are cruising at 60 MPH in the boat :-)….The food here is outstanding and so are the cold beverages as well as the most amazing sunsets you may ever see. When looking at the photos below note the three little dots in the water starting at the left side of the photo and how the little dots work their way across the photos to the right. Yes those dots are the kids still snorkeling in the water. In the photo below is one of my life long friends Annie, a super great person 🙂

By this time it was for real getting late the sun was setting and it was time to get home. Home, where is home. Home is at the most amazing resort in this part of the keys. If you are not staying in a great place when you come to the keys, that can ruin your whole trip. This place we stayed at is call the The Coconut Palm Inn right on the bay. Check out the website..

The Coconut Palm Inn is an amazing place. When you pull up to the property and walk on to the beach and look over the Bay, Your blood pressure drops, your heart rate slows and you instantaneously are put into relaxation mode. For those of you that know me, I never ever relax and sit still, I am always on the move, always busy doing something. I even sat in one of the many Hammocks laced between the many palm trees and just watched the water. It is amazing what you see when you sit still and listen and watch. In a matter of 15 minutes, I saw a huge Manatee cruise on by, I saw Tarpon cruising by, I saw fish jumping all over the place, watch hermit crabs and snails crawling on the bottom of the bay. Blue crabs cruising around, more Snapper than I could count. I watch lizards and these iguana looking lizards running around the property. There were more aquatic birds flying around, feeding, doing their thing. I know I have said this before, but, it is just a magical place. The staff here is awesome, ask for Dana or Kathryn. They will make your stay most pleasurable. Rene and Hector do a great job keeping the property pristine and everything working properly. Yaima and Arelys keep you rooms clean, beds made, fresh towels and whatever else you may need. The continental breakfast is great too. Get your food and sit in a Hammock and enjoy the view. My favorite part is there are two large boat docks on the property for parking your boat and a boat ramp just next door. This is so convenient. It is a short boat ride to some of the best back bay fishing you can have. I have some life long friends who have been Back Country fishing guides for years. I will gladly give you their names and they will take you out for a great day of fishing. If you want to go Ocean Blue fishing or diving and snorkeling on the reef. You are only a few minutes to Tavernier Creek which leads you to the stunning blues/green waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Okay back to Coconut Palm Inn. It is only a mile or so to the food stores, shopping, some of the best restaurants you can eat at. Made 2 Order is an excellent place to go and get breakfast, Lunch or Dinner. It is right on the water, We prefer to go there by boat for breakfast. It is the best breakfast ever. Yummy, Yummy.. Home made Pastries.. mmmmmm Check out their website….

For dinner .. Go to Old Tavernier which is only a few miles drive by car or YES, you can go by boat. The food here is outstanding as is the service. You will love it here.

Okay now lets get back to Coconut Palm Inn, again. By the time we got home we were exhausted from boating all day. We ate and went to bed. We woke the next morning and remember what I told you about where your temporary home is in the keys. Look at what I woke up to.. please enjoy the photos…. 🙂

I told ya,…… just beautiful, relaxing, peaceful. Sadly this was the day before we had to leave here and we had one more day to go out and catch some more bugs. We talked about the Bully netting, snorkeling the ship wreck (okay,sunken boat), dragging behind the boat along the channels. This other way we find bugs is my most favorite

Okay, another way to get bugs (Lobster)is going out to the patch reefs. This is really fun, cause the reefs are so amazingly beautiful. Lots of sea life, fish, crabs,Lobster, tropical fish, turtles, corals sharks, just really cool..What you do here is look for good coral filled bottom, when you see it, stop the boat and someone jumps in the water with a mask to survey the area. If the bottom looks good, carefully set the anchor on the ocean floor, NOT on top of the coral or sea fans. I prefer for my son or whoever is in the water and go hand set the anchor in a sandy patch. Another way to find good bottom is to drag behind the boat and when you see some good bottom, let go of the rope and dive down to check it out. If the driver of the boat likes you he or she will turn around to get you, if not they may just keep on driving away.. Ha Ha,, kidding.. These bugs camouflage themselves really good, so they are hard to see. You must look really carefully. While looking for the bugs you are going to see some really cool stuff. Enjoy the photos below 🙂

Okay the next two photos you must pat attention, Bugs (Lobsters) are good at camouflaging themselves. Look and see..

Okay the next two photos you must pat attention, Bugs (Lobsters) are good at camouflaging themselves. Look and see..

Last but not least, My son Wade. He said, Dad, I want to ride on the back of that shark I keep seeing. I said, Wade unless you are trained professional like me. HA HA… I would not do it. Wade said, Dad can I touch his tail, I said if you would like to. Wade said, Dad what if he bites me, I said then do not grab his tail. Wade said, Dad, I want to. I said then son, be very careful and grab his tail. So what does Wade do…..??? Look below and see for your self 🙂

No Wade did not get bit 🙂 and he got to touch the sharks tail. 🙂

What a great Lobstering trip to the keys and all the fun places to go to while visiting the keys. I hope you enjoyed this edition of the boating guide and if you have any questions on places to go, charter captains, lodging(you know my favorite place to stay :-)) or looking a Great Realtor besides my self, is my step Mother Kelly Wilson. She knows properties in the keys, whether it be a rental or a purchase, she is awesome 🙂 or you need a great building contractor? My Dad Bill Wilson who also lives in the keys. He can build the smallest to the largest McMansion you have ever seen.

Until next time make time for your family and friends. Come and enjoy this paradise that we live in. Like Nike says, “Just Do It!!!!”

Make it a great weekend and be safe.

Shane ‘Waterfront’ Wilson



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