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Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great. Well summer is almost upon us and the waters are getting busy. The jet skier’s are back on the water, the water has warmed up. There are small boats, medium boats and large boats back on the water. Local fishing tournaments are back in full swing with great results. The fishing is great with the Tarpon returning to our area, the Snook bite has been great as is the Red Fish and Trout. The Mackerel are here and so are the King Fish.

Here is another day of living the Waterfront Life Style in SW Florida I always talk about. It was Sunday morning and the weather was supposed to be great with a few thunder showers in the afternoon, typical summer weather for our area. My daughter and her boyfriend and I decided to go fishing and meet some other friends out on the water. We put the boat in at the boat ramp. Today was a big day for my daughter, she was going to drive the boat from the boat ramp to our home on the water all by herself, first time ever. This is about a four mile journey. Ciara, my daughter has been boating her entire life and has driven the boat for as long as I can remember, but I have always been with her in the boat. This was her first solo boat ride. I drove the truck and trailer back to the house and patiently waited for my baby girl to come around the corner on the canal in the boat. It seemed like an eternity, but suddenly, there she was proud as could be, grinning ear to ear. She did such a great job. I am so proud of her and she was so very proud of herself. I just had to share this with you. I am sure you have your own children or grandchildren and if you do not, you may one day 🙂

Ciara, her boyfriend and I loaded up in the boat and headed out to catch some bait for our day of fishing. On our way to our secret bait catching spot we admired all the boats on the water and watched all the people having such a great time on the water.

We got to our secret bait catching spot and started chumming. I do have to admit the bait was very slow to come to our chum line this day. I cast the net and cast the net. One bait here and one bait there. This is one of my children’s most fun part of fishing, catching the bait. Why are you are thinking this? Because you never know what you are going to get in your net. Besides the bait fish we are after, we catch all kinds of things, Starfish, Jelly fish, Sea Horses, Crabs, Needle Fish, Ballyhoo, Hermit Crabs, Snails, Puffer Fish, all kinds of things. My kids just love it. When we do catch a variety of things it is like studying Marine biology 101 in our boat. The children ask me intently, Dad what is this, Dad what is that, how do they eat, how big do they get, where do they live? I am able to teach them so many things about the ocean and its echo system. It is not like being in school, they really get into it. The next time we go out and they bring friends and we catch these sea creatures in the net, it is amazing to watch my children teach these other children about the sea creatures. My children tell them all about them. Wow, my kids really do listen. Ha ha ha, when they choose to. Well on this day of throwing the cast net we caught something really neat, it was a tiny Puffer Fish. The particular fish has a defense mechanism against predators that try to eat them. When the Puffer Fish feels threatened, it will blow it self up so the fish cannot swallow the Puffer Fish. If you look closely, you can see the Puffer Fish eyes and mouth. Check out the photos below….

Is was so great to hear my daughter teaching her boyfriend about this tiny little fish and showing him all the marine life that we were catching in the net. We did release the Puffer Fish and other Marine creatures unharmed with the exception of the bait fish we were targeting.

We got a call from Kim saying she was done working and could join us. I told her to meet us at the Punta Rassa Boat ramp near Sanibel and we could pick her up at the dock.

We headed over to Red Fish Pass, the fishing was kind of slow this day. We were in the middle of a tide change and the fish bite is not so great at a tide change. Like I teach my children, never give up. I told Ciara and her boyfrind, watch this. I put on a big bait and I said big bait equals big fish. I cast the live bait under the dock and bamm!!!! Fish on.!!!!! It was a struggle to get the fish away from the dock so he would not tangle us up on the barnacle filled pilings and brake us off. We were able to get the fish up. It was a beautiful 19 inch Grouper. To small to keep so we put it back in the water to grow up and get bigger one day.

The fishing continued to be slow so I took the kids to Red Fish pass beach. What a beautiful place. The kids played on the beach and I continued to fish. I got a text from my friends who were a mile South of us on the water saying they were catching fish and to come on over. I said we would…..until I looked far to the South and saw it coming……..

Afternoon lightning and thunderstorms and this was a good one coming our way. I texted my friends and said, look South they texted back and said they were going to head out to a friends home who was having his 50th birthday party. I said we would be behind you shortly once I saw where this storm cell was heading. You do not want to be on the water when lightning is coming down all around you. It is very dangerous and in all seriousness can be deadly. I watched to see where the storm cell was moving to, while the kids played on the beach….

I watched the direction of the storm with its lightning and thunder, Wow what a sight, So beautiful and yet so dangerous. I began to see an opening to the South and told my crew to load up we were going to make a run for it to Kevin’s home on Sanibel. He lives right on the beach. We hopped in the boat and ran about 65 mph all the way to Kevin’s home while watching that storm cell. Thank goodness the storm cell continued to move to the North away from us. We arrived at Kevins home to about 50 adults and children having a great time. The kids were jumping off the dock into the water and hanging on the beach. It was so great to see so many friends and meeting new people. What a spread of food Kim, Kevins wife put out, it was awesome.

Just before we were ready to sing happy birthday to Kevin, he made a speech that really touched me and made me think. Kevin said, ” My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my 50th Birthday, you can go any where do almost anything you want to, what would you like to do?” Kevin replied.”I want to be at my beach house with my family and my closest friends to Celebrate my 50th Birthday. Wow, that is what I always say at the end of my boating guide stories. Make time for family and friends. I think Kevin gets it. He had a great birthday party just like he wanted. His family and friends were all around him to celebrate this great day.

It was starting to get dark and the rain was on its way back in. Our friends left ahead of us and got caught in the storm. Visibility was awful. We had left ten minutes after our friends, I saw the storm and took another way back to the boat ramp and let my family off so they could drive home and I would take the boat back home in the rain. I got an urgent text that our friends who had left 10 minutes before we did got stuck in the storm and missed the channel and ran aground high and dry. Thank goodness no one got hurt. The text said our other friends saw them and took the wife and two kids back to the boat ramp and left the husband with the boat. Immediately I changed course and headed to the sand bar where our friend was a ground. By now it is pitch black out and you cannot see a thing. I saw a faint light off in the distance. I knew this had to be my friend. When I pulled up, yes he was high and dry in about 4 inches of water, when his boat needs about two feet to float. There was no way I could pull him off. He had already called Sea Tow, they were on their way. Our other friend returned and we sat with our buddy till Sea Tow got there. Oh what a time. As Jeff and I were watching Sea Tow pull our friend off the sand bar. Jeff started yelling Shane get over here quick you are not going to believe this. A Jack Fish chasing bait flew out of the water over the bow of Jeff’s boat over his console and landed in the boat. I have seen crazy things before, but nothing like this.

All in all it was a great day on the water, fun, exciting and no one got hurt.

Until next time make it a great weekend and make time for your family and friends.

If you ever have any questions on Boating, Real Estate or anything, please drop me an e mail and I will be happy to help you any way I can.

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson



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