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Your Florida Waterfront Home

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Shane Wilson Takes You On a Boat Tour

This is the fifth of 5 Steps to Finding Your Florida Waterfront Vacation Home which is available as a FREE eBook at

A Florida vacation isn’t complete without a day on the water! Once you’ve found a home that could be “the one”, it’s time to take a boat tour. As a boating enthusiast and Florida native, I have been navigating these waters for over 20 years. This gives you a huge advantage when you are viewing waterfront homes with me as your guide. I’ve had the opportunity to find some amazing places on the water, that even some of the locals may not know about!

My favorite part of helping you find the perfect vacation home, is introducing you to the full experience of the waterfront lifestyle. On your boat tour, I’ll take you to some cool Florida boating destinations and you’ll get to see how close they are to your waterfront home.

Here are just a few fun things we can do and some of the destinations we may visit:

Cabbage Key
This is a remote island, only accessible by boat. It’s unique restaurant & bar is famous as the inspiration for Jimmy Buffet’s song, “Cheeseburger in Paradise”. The food at the restaurant is great, but you’ll really be blown away by the fact that all of the walls and ceilings are plastered in dollar bills! Everyone that visits can write on a dollar bill and the staff will tape it to the wall, leaving your permanent mark in Cabbage Key.

Picnic Island
A remote little island that is so quiet, you could fall asleep to the sound of the waves lapping. This is a great place for camping!

The Best Beaches & Shelling Around!
If you love gorgeous, white beaches, I’ll show you the best shelling spots and beaches. Weather you’re into a lively beach with live music, beach bars, restaurants and shopping, or tranquil beaches with miles of pristine sand, I’ll show you how to get there from your waterfront property.

If fishing is your thing, you’ve just hit the jackpot! I know all the spots in the backwater mangroves where fat fish love to hang out. I’ll give you the low down on the tides, when and where to fish, and what you can expect to catch.

5 Steps to Finding Your Florida Waterfront Vacation HomeSeafood
There are so many great little seafood restaurants where you can find the tastiest, freshest catches on the Gulf coast! One of my favorites is a little hole-in-the-wall, best kept secret called the The Waterfront Restaurant, featuring mouthwatering crustaceans.

Once you’ve gone a boat tour with me, I think that you’re really gonna love this area and want to become a part of the Florida waterfront lifestyle. I’d really like the opportunity to be your waterfront Realtor®. Please contact me or call 1 (800) 741-3757 if you have any questions about waterfront properties in Southwest Florida.




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