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Posted by Shane On July 31st

Hello everyone, I do hope you are doing great. Have I got a great adventure for you on this week’s boating guide!!!


First, let’s talk some business and then on to the fun stuff. I get many e-mails from folks asking how our waterfront real estate market is doing?? Let me tell you, it is great! If Waterfront Homes are priced at market value, they are selling. Of course, some sellers who have their homes on the market that are over priced have the perception that the market is bad and nothing is selling. That is way wrong! I watch the Waterfront Activity Report every day, and of course, I’m out in the market everyday, and there are more waterfront properties pending right now in south Ft. Myers than I have seen in a long time. There are more properties over $1,000,000 going pending and closing than I have seen in a long, long time. The lower priced waterfront properties are selling; the mid-range waterfront properties are selling; and the $1,000,000 and above are selling. Interest rates are still at all time lows. I do get some people saying to me, “oh can you believe interest rates are up to 4.5 percent?”   I have to chuckle inside. Come on guys, 4.5%… hello, that’s amazing. I remember when interest rates were 8%, 9% and 10%.. Remember in the 1980’s when rates were 18%?  Interest rates as I said, are still very, very low. You can buy a lot of house for your money and property is still affordable. If you have any questions about real estate, feel free to call, text, or e-mail me and I will do my best to help you any way I can. Remember, I have this really cool program (yes it is free) that will send you new listings in your area as well as property going pending. You can actually set it up to search any area you would like. It is really neat, I have a bunch of folks using it and they love it.  Again, it’s a free service that I offer to my Boating Guide followers.


Okay, now on to the fun stuff…. Fishing.. Oh My Gosh.. The fishing has been amazing!  I do not think there is a day that goes by that friends, fishing buddies, customers, clients, are not sending me photos of fish they have caught. You would not believe it – Snook, Red Fish, Trout, Mackerel, Flounder!  My other peeps fishing offshore are catching Black Fin Tuna and Dolphin (Mahi, Mahi), yes, out in the Gulf. Not huge ones, but good sized gaffers!!!!! They are sending me photos of Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, Black Grouper, Red Snapper, Lane Snapper.. All these guys are killin’ me!!!!!!!!! 🙂 That’s it, I have been busting my behind at work – WE are going out fishing ourselves!!!!


I called a buddy and his family and said “let’s go fishing; we are gonna hop in the boat and run 30 plus miles out, and on the way back in we’ll stop and spear fish!!!!”


Sunday morning we loaded up the boat with my buddy, his wife, their two daughters, a boyfriend and another friend. I loaded my family onboard – Wade, Annie, our neighbor Nancy – and we headed out!! The weather was so calm, flat calm, just a small ripple on the water. Take a look at our motley crew…….

 image001 image002 image003 image004 image005 image006

Yes it was flat calm out, what a beautiful run out to our spot about 30 miles. On the way, we saw so much marine life. We saw Dolphins jumping. We saw numerous Loggerhead Sea Turtles. We saw Flying Fish. There were lots of birds circling over massive pods of bait. Nervous bait. “Nervous bait” means that there are groups or “pods” of bait that are being chased and eaten by predatory fish below.  The smaller fish, or bait, are getting pushed up to the top, so the birds can eat them as well.


It is hard to explain this through words, but as you get farther out to sea, the water begins to turn colors. Closer to shore it’s like a milky turquoise color. As you go farther out, the water clears and turns to a beautiful emerald blue and as you get even farther out, it turns to a more brilliant cobalt blue. It is soooo pretty. I tried to capture it on camera for you, but it did not come out. After just short of an hour run we were coming up to our spot, the kids were getting so excited to catch some fish. We pulled out the frozen squid and Spanish sardines; Grouper love this bait! Jordan, Mark’s daughter, was the first to hook up….FISH ON!!!!!!!!!  Jordan fought that fish like a true champion fisherwoman..she pulled up a nice Red Grouper.. Yum Yum…




No sooner had Jordan dropped her bait down again – Bam – FISH ON!!!!!!!!! Then her sister Madison had one on!!! We had a double header guys!!!!!!!!!!! Check these fish out… Jordan’s Red Grouper was even bigger this time.

image009 image008 image010

Holy cow! The girls, three fish; the guys, NONE!!!!!! 🙁

As we were fishing, we noticed a large remora fish swimming under the boat. These are the fish that you see stuck on sharks along their sides and bottom. Remora eat the scraps of food that the sharks do not. My son Wade thought it would be fun to catch and show everyone, then let it go. Once we got it in the boat, Wade showed everyone how it will suck on to your chest (do not try this at home :-)……



See the suction cup head the remora has? Pretty neat. And yes, it stuck on Wade’s chest pretty hard. We never thought about that..LOL!  Wade was left with a faint “remora tattoo” but was fine, and we let the fish go. What were the other girls doing? They were up on the front of the boat being silly having a great time enjoying the beautiful ocean air and sunshine. It really was an amazing day.


We said “we cannot let these girls beat us by catching more fish!”, so the boys caught a keeper Red Grouper…



By this time, believe it or not, some of the crew were getting bored…. I said “let’s hit it!!! Let’s run into some shallower water and spear some fish” so we ran about 15 to 18 miles to a top secret spot. It is so secret we were not even sure the fish knew where it was. We set the anchor; Mark suited up and was over the edge. Wade and I suited up and we went over the edge with spear guns in hand. I swear, it seemed that by the time we got to the bottom, Mark already had Grouper and big Mangrove Snapper on his stringer. There were hundred and hundreds of fish, crabs, marine life. We even saw a nice Lobster..(they are out of season). We hand picked the biggest Snapper and Hogfish to shoot. When we spear fish, we DO NOT decimate! We only take what we need to have a few nice meals. After about 45 minutes on the bottom we came up with our fish. I must tell you, Mark is a spearfishin’ fool. He is good!!!!

image015 image016

After this photo the girls piped in, “hey what about us????” Okay, Okay… Here ya goooooooo…..They wanted to show off the fish too…..:-)



On the way back in the wind kicked up and the seas got a little choppy, but it was nothing for the 31 T Contender with Twin 350 Horsepower Yamaha motors. She sliced through those waves like it was nothing!

image018 image019

What an amazing fun filled family and friends day. We could not have asked for better weather and better company. Everyone had a grand time!!!!


Yes, we all took fish home that day and oh my gosh was it good, good, good……


Until next time make it a great week. Make time to do the things you want to do. You must plan it. Because if you do not plan it, it will not get done and may never happen. Enjoy your family and friends now so you will never look back with any regrets, saying I wish I would have done that, or gone there, or seen him or her. Like Nike says!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!!!!


Make it a great adventure…!!!!


Shane” Waterfront” Wilson



Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

Posted by Shane On July 24th

Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

Come by Land or By Sea




A  nice place for you to go check out for lunch or dinner. It is called Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon on Sanibel. After a morning of fishing and boating you can pull right up to Gramma Dot’s in the boat. Gramma Dot’s has a lot to offer. The food is great and they are famous for their Grouper Sandwich. I believe it has won the people choice award 7 years in a row. When coming by boat, call the Dock Master at Sanibel Marina, he monitors channel 16. Let him know you are coming for lunch or dinner and he will find you a boat slip. Stay for the afternoon or several nights at Sanibel Marina. Gramma Dot’s has a great atmosphere and the people you meet here are really nice. You are only minutes to the beaches here, amazing sunsets in the evening, and fishing. 



How Do You Get There? If you know where the C span part of the Sanibel bridge is, it is the last span of bridge before you get to Sanibel. From there head down the Sanibel Coast towards the light house. Keep looking to your right, you will see a set of markers to guide you into the marina. You will see Sanibel Marina and Gramma Dot’s. Enjoy!!!! –

Click on the links below:


The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

Posted by Shane On July 17th

Have I got a place for you to go boating this weekend.  Have you heard of the Gulfshore Grill & The Cottage on Ft. Myers Beach?


This is a great time of year to go. If you like to people watch and have a great time you have to go!  Once you have anchored off  Ft. Myers Beach, you can walk up to the beach and eat lunch at the Cottage. You can sit on a deck or inside over looking the beach and Gulf of Mexico and watch the people, It is really quite amusing.


The food at The Cottage is really good an the cold beverages are great too. If you want to dine inside in the air conditioning walk next door to the Gulfshore Grill which also offers amazing views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. The food here is really good as well. After lunch you can go down stairs to the Beach Bar and hang out, enjoy a cold beverage, people watch,  throw a Frisbee,  play smash ball or just relax in the refreshing waters of the  Gulf of Mexico.  You will have a great time here, everyone is happy and having a great time!!!  DO not forget your camera.

122_IMGP9922-575x431[1] 125_IMGP9927-575x431[1]

How Do You Get There?

This is easy. Starting from the Sanibel Causeway, head towards Fort Myers Beach VIA the inter coastal waterway. Keep heading parallel to Ft. Myers Beach. You will see the big concrete pier. Just past the pier you will see a large green building, the Lani Kai. The Gulfshore Grill and The Cottage are to the left of the Lani Kai.Have fun.


Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Posted by Shane On July 10th





Pool Bar and Grill


Hotel View From the water


Hotel Main Pool

If you have never been to The Sanibel Harbour Resort, you have got to go. After an early morning fish in your boat or spending the first part of the day at the beach by boat, head over to the Sanibel Harbour Resort.  This place is absolutely amazing!!! Once you get your boat secured at the dock run a couple of spring lines, There is a lot or boat traffic in the inter coastal water way that makes it a little choppy at the dock. Walk  to the Resort style Pool and outdoor Bar and Grill, (The Cove). The drinks are great here and so is the food. Take a dip in the massive pool or sit around the pool enjoying the tropical paradise created right there. Or you can sit by the water and watch the passing boats and the Dolphin play in the water. There is small beach the kids can play on as well. If you like to fish, you can fish right off the dockYou can catch some big Snook, Red Fish and Snapper. You will love it here, so check it out.


How Do I Get There?

Coming from the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, head towards the Sanibel Causeway. Just before getting to the causeway, look to your leftyou cannot miss Sanibel Harbor Resort. Look at the photos and you will recognize it when you see it.


For additional info. go to….

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

Posted by Shane On July 3rd


Looking for a fun get away, but still near everything?  Try Parrot Key Caribbean Grill. It is located at Salty Sam’s Marina. Going by water is the best!!! For the land lubbers you can go by car. (See below for directions by land or by water)

p key p key2 p key3

This is a great place to take friends and family to have a fantastic time. They have live entertainment nightly for your enjoyment. The menu is to die for with the wide variety of food that is offered. You can choose to sit inside or outside by the water to enjoy the awesome sunsets. The staff is extremely accommodating to your needs to make it your most enjoyable experience. You will not be disappointed!

Directions by car:

From I-75, take exit 131 and follow Daniels Parkway West to Summerlin Road then turn left. Next, turn left on San Carlos Boulevard and then turn left on Main Street at the foot of the Matanzas  Pass Bridge. Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is at the end of Main Street.

Directions by boat:

From the Gulf of Mexico, enter the intracoastal waterway at the north end of Fort Myers Beach, go under the Matanzas Bridge.  Stay to the left and the Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is at channel marker 24. Boaters can hail the dockmaster at Salty Sam’s on channel 16 or 17 for docking instructions.

2500 Main Street,  Fort Myers Beach.  Phone: 239-463-3257 Fax: 239-463-2415


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