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Lobstering In The Florida Keys Mini Season Part 3

Posted by Shane On November 20th

Lobstering in the Florida Keys Mini-Season Part 3

Hello everyone, hope you all are doing great and had a wonderful week.

The weather continues to get cooler and cooler in Southwest Florida and it is so beautiful at night. The days are even nicer being cool, bright, and sunny with less humidity. We are seeing more and more snowbirds coming down to our area. The roads are filling up as are the waterways where we go boating. This is so very good for our economy and for everyone in our area.

The fishing here continues to be red-hot! I have many friends who are going offshore and catching their limits of Gag Grouper and Red Grouper. Anglers are catching Permit and Cobia on almost all of the artificial reefs in the Gulf . The inshore fishing is just as red-hot for Snook which are now in season, along with Red Fish and Trout which can be found on the grass flats. If you are not catching fish this time of year, you must not have a fishing line in the water!

Waterfront real estate continues to move right along. There were quite a few new pending sales in the last couple weeks and more closed/sold properties on the water.

If you would like any information on waterfront properties in Southwest Florida, or even properties off the water, I will be glad to set you up on my database program that is totally free and will keep you automatically updated on new properties that come on the market, as well properties that go pending, and closed properties.

Okay now on to the fun part: Lobstering in the Florida Keys Mini-Season Part 3

We left off last week with the crew coming in with our daily cash limit of lobsters –  what a great morning it was!  We loaded up the other families in our group with all the smaller hildren and took them back out to scout for more “bugs”. Everyone was so excited to go out after seeing our morning catch with the other families.

IMGP8071 IMGP8072 IMGP8073 IMGP8075 IMGP8077


We searched and searched and searched for more bugs! Many of the spots were cleaned out but the kids were determined to find more lobsters.

In one of the holes we found a Stone Crab which is a delicacy in many restaurants. We brought him out of the water to show the kids but then had to release him because he was out of


We arrived at another spot and all the kids wanted to get into the water and snorkel around to see the marine life.  Fish, lobster, snails, shells –  all kinds of sea life!  It was like a marine biology trip for the children and even for the adults!  Please remember, most of the adults were from Chicago and had only seen these types of wildlife in an aquarium (or at the grocery store.

IMGP8081 IMGP8083 IMGP8084

After exploring the area for a while, it was time to get out and search more ledges for lobster. Everyone was so excited and enthusiastic to find more lobster and to get more snorkeling time.  Check out these photos of happy kids.

IMGP8085 IMGP8087 IMGP8088

While driving along we found another ledge; take a look at this photo. This is what we see from the edge of the boat above the water, looking down into the water.


This is what it looks like in the water while swimming down to the ledge.


It’s so cool what we’re able to see underwater on the ledges –  crabs, fish, lobster, Moray Eels, tiny shrimp –  just amazing!

We had a pretty full afternoon and the little kids were beginning to get very tired as you will see. But they did have a ball; what a great day.

IMGP8095 IMGP8099 IMGP8102

As we headed back into the channel, who do we see, but of course, the teenage kids out fishing!  They could not get enough of it.


Getting back to the dock is the fun part! That’s where the kids get to watch us clean the lobster, take photos with the lobster, and touch them –  oooohhhhh!!!


Guess what we had for dinner?  Fresh baked lobster, fresh grilled lobster, fresh boiled lobster, all with drawn butter, yummy!!!!


What a fantastic day today! It’s so great to see the enthusiasm and excitement on all the children’s faces, especially the younger ones. The knowledge they’ve gained from experiencing and learning about our ocean and all the animals that live in it is priceless –  just a great, great day!

Remember, take time for your family and friends; time goes by so fast.

Look for Lobstering in the Florida Keys Mini Season Part 4 next week.

Until then, make it a great day!!!

Hi Everyone … I made some changes to the last post, Lobstering in the Florida Keys Mini Season Part 2.  There are some great Photos, take a look and enjoy.  Maybe next year I will see you down there!!!

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Lobstering In The Florida Keys Mini Season Pt 2

Posted by Shane On November 9th

Lobstering In The Florida Keys Mini Season Part 2

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a wonderful week!!! We are doing great here in Southwest Florida and the weather is beginning to cool down some. The fishing for Snook, RedFish, and Trout has been red hot. There are even Tarpon off the beaches right now chasing pods of bait. The offshore Grouper bite has been hot as well. I cannot wait to get on the water and wet a line!


The Real Estate Market is still moving right along. If homes are accurately priced to reflect today’s market value, they are selling. Of course, the homes that are overpriced continue to sit on the market waiting for buyers. As you know, interest rates dropped again this last week with 30 year fixed rate loans just above 4% and 15 year loans just above 3%. Keep in mind this will vary some from lender to lender and depend on how many points you may, or may not, pay.  As I said before, the homes on the water are moving. All price points are selling – from Gulf access homes in the high $100,000’s to the multi-million dollar homes. There is also a lot of new construction going up all over. In my neighborhood, there were three homes scraped and new homes are being built right now. I am seeing more and more of this type of turnover in many of our waterfront neighborhoods.


The snow birds are already here for the holidays, the roads appear to be filling up, and the restaurants are getting busy. I do not see a slowdown in sales of waterfront property; there is only so much of it and people from around the country and overseas want their own piece of paradise. If you are curious about what you can get for your money in Southwest Florida, or specifically about waterfront property values, please feel free to contact me and I will set you up on my FREE program that will automatically e-mail listings to you when they come on the market. It’s a neat program and I think you’ll enjoy it.


Okay now on to the fun stuff..


Lobstering In The Florida Keys Mini Season Pt 2

We left off last week down in the Florida Keys looking for Lobster and scouting out new spots before the mini season opened up. If you missed last week’s Boating Guide, go to my archives and look up Lobstering In The Florida Keys Mini Season Part 1.


Well today was the big day. The opening of Mini Lobster Season in the Florida Keys. We all got up at about 4:30 am as to get the boats loaded, beat the crowds of boaters out onto the water, and get to our secret spots.

IMGP7984 IMGP7987 IMGP7985

Yes it is still very dark out. I have to tell you there is nothing more peaceful than planing off in your boat at night on flat calm water. No wind, no waves, not a ripple on the water. Just the smell of the ocean, and the boat hull gliding along the surface of the water. I will try to show you a photo of what this looks like. This photo does not do it justice though…



We ran about 7 or 8 miles South, Southwest to our spots. What an amazing ride, so quiet, so peaceful. When we finally got to our spot, it was still dark out, so we got our lights and gear and splashed in to the water. The first spot had a few on it, nothing to write home about. Below is Paige and Mr. Craig; they would double check the size of the lobsters to be sure they were legal size.


IMGP7993 IMGP7994


I cannot even begin to tell you how calm the water was, there was not a breath of wind. This is really good, so when we are scouting the ledges on the bay bottom, it makes it much easier to see…   Look how calm it was…

IMGP7996 IMGP7995 IMGP7997


We decided to move on to another spot, when we got there, we saw a lot of tentacles sticking out from under the ledges. Everyone jumped in. It is good to have spotters so if you are reaching up under a ledge and the Lobster shoots out the other end, you have a spotter to chase him down and get him!!! The spot we were on had a deep ledge, so we needed to bring down a scuba tank with us. My son Wade went to reach into one hole and out popped a Moray Eel. Bad news! They have razor sharp teeth that will slice you wide open, not to mention their teeth angle backwards, so if you try pulling your hand out of its mouth, it will tear your hand up. Wade decided to leave those Lobsters in that hole where the Moray Eel was. Check him out….



It was okay though, we had several other ledges to check out that were full of Bugs.. (Remember Lobsters are also called Bugs) We had everyone in the water – the catchers, the spotters, the chasers – everyone plays a roll, an important roll. Enjoy these photos….

IMGP7967-150x150[1] GOPR0034 GOPR0012  GOPR0022 GOPR0025 GOPR0027 GOPR0032  IMGP8020 IMGP8025 IMGP8003 IMGP8007 IMGP8012 IMGP8014



Remember I mentioned earlier, we have spotters up above that watch for the runaway bugs!!!  Well, Anne saw one getting away, she wasted no time and caught him, bare handed by the way, no gloves on!!! It tore her hand up some, but she was not about to let that bug get away!



I gotta tell you what Team Work we had. Bernie, Craig, Wade, Anne, Tyler, Paige we all had our positions and jobs to do, Team work!!!!!


We decided to hit one more spot; we were getting close to our limit of Lobster. When we got to our other spot, we found just off of it, a Lobster Motel. This is where someone uses some type of man-made object, whether it is a barrel, a sunken boat, a car hood, anything man-made. We came across a barrel full of bugs, they were all shorts though…



GOPR0053 GOPR0046


We found another ledge full of bugs. We all took our positions. We had to bring down the air tank this time so we could get more bottom time…Craig was on his mark to be sure no bug escaped!!!!!


GOPR0069 GOPR0062 GOPR0068


We did great at this hole. By this time we had reached our limit of Lobster. So we decided to head on back in to get the other kids so they could have a chance to catch some bugs as well.

We had a fantastic boat ride back for the 10 mile run. Flat calm crystal clear Florida Keys water!!!! Enjoy the photos……


IMGP8030 IMGP8031 IMGP8033 IMGP8040 IMGP8045 IMGP8046 IMGP8047 IMGP8048 IMGP8050 IMGP8053 IMGP8054 IMGP8055 IMGP8057 IMGP8058 IMGP8060 IMGP8062 IMGP8063 IMGP8065 IMGP8067 IMGP8068 IMGP8070



What an amazing morning we had boating, looking for bugs, spending time with Family and Great friends. Words cannot even describe what an amazing adventure we had this morning…


This is all the time we have this week so stay tuned next week for our afternoon Lobstering outing with all the kids. Until next time, make time for your Family and Friends. Time goes by so fast. Just DO IT!!!!

Make it a great day!!!!!!!

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