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Tarpon Lodge On Pine Island

Posted by Shane On June 14th

The water is warming up and the fish are biting again in Pine Island Sound and Boca Grande Pass areas. I have a really cool Historic/Nostalgic place to go to.

This is the one and only Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island. This place is really neat and offers something for everyone. You can go there for the day for lunch or dinner or make it a long weekend and stay at this amazing property. The accommodations are awesome. Stay in the Historic Lodge built in 1926. The rooms in the Lodge are awesome. Or you can Stay in the boat house or the Cottage, the choice is yours. Enjoy the Four Star Dining, Lunch or Dinner.

There are many things to do, of course for the boater you can bring your boats and moor up to the dock over night. For those of you that are not aware of the fishing in this area, it is outstanding, Snook, Red Fish,Trout,Flounder,Snapper,Sheep Head and many more species. Take a short boat ride to Boca Grande Pass and catch Grouper, Big Mangrove Snapper and Tarpon if your timing is right. Boca Grande is the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the world.

For those that are not into boating there are so many things to do at Tarpon Lodge. Hang out by the pool, grab a book and go sit on the dock and watch the wild life abound. Ospreys, Bald eagles, marine birds, so much wild life.

I could go on and on. Tarpon Lodge has got an amazing web site, so you have to go to it..

You will have a fantastic time!!!!!!


Doc Ford’s Rum Bar And Grill

Posted by Shane On June 7th

I have got another great place to go to by boat after a day of boating and fishing or just relaxing on the beach. You may or may not have heard of Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill on Ft. Myers Beach. It just recently opened. It is where the Bridge Restaurant used to be for years. This is a great place to go to and try different types of food and drink, such as the Banana Leaf Snapper or their Island Mojito drink.

Doc Ford’s offers a great atmosphere. You can dine inside in the air conditioning or dine out side on the deck and enjoy the expansive views of the bay and Shrimp boats.

Please go to the website, it is very well done…

How do you get there?

Coming into Ft. Myers Beach from the Gulf of Mexico, head towards the big sky bridge. Go under the bridge and take a left following the well marked channel. Look to your left and you will see Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill


Visit Doc Ford’s Sanibel Bar & grill on Sanibel   975 Rabbit Road Sanibel Island  239-472-8311

Look for Doc Ford’s opening soon on Captiva!!!


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