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Happy Holidays Everyone!

I hope the season is treating you all well. It’s been a busy buying season in Southwest Florida – not only are people busy out on the roads buying presents, they are also busy buying HOUSES! If you are interested in buying a home in Southwest Florida, give me a call!

Also I wanted to share with you a Southwest Florida fishing charter guy that we just love. If you have a fisherman in the family that you are still trying to figure out a gift idea for – a GIFT CERTIFICATE for a Southwest Florida fishing charter with Capt Bill at Endless Summers Charters, can help you out, without leaving your home. You can buy and print the Gift Certificate right from your computer & printer.

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Camping by Boat to Cape Sable (Part Three)

Posted by Shane On December 9th

Welcome back to Part Three of Camping by Boat to Cape Sable!

Hope you are doing well this holiday season, can’t believe we are coming up on the end of the year already. 2012 will be here before you know it! I hope you are taking the time to enjoy your family and friends during the holidays. I’d love to hear what you have been up to, please leave a comment below and share!

Alright, so we left off last with a long night of fun pranks while sleeping on the beach at Cape Sable. The next morning or should I say when the sun came up. It was so beautiful. Cold as could be, but beautiful clear skies and no storms, Yippee..

We did have a small problem though, when we looked down to the boats, we realized that we had not anchored them far enough off shore. With the tide dropping so drastically, one of the boats sterns was high and dry…UGGGGG… Not a good thing..

It was not bad, we were able to get the boat right off… We went to check on the other boys still sleeping and they were out like lights….could not wake them up for anything. We started to cook the Bacon and Eggs and toast and wouldn’t you know, there heads popped out of the tent, we are hungry. We ate like kings, it was soooooo good. Imagine this… cooking an amazing breakfast on a beach that overlooks the gulf as far as you could see.. check out the photos….

After breakfast we all decided to run up to Lake Ingraham and fish for awhile. Lake Ingraham is amazing. There are all different types of Creeks feeding into it. This is a great place to catch Red Fish, Snook, Trout, Tarpon and some times Snapper if you can find some type of structure, whether it be man made or Mangrove Roots.

We did okay fishing caught a lot of fish, many of them too small so we released them. It was time to head back and pack up our camp and get ready for the beautiful journey ahead of us.. check out the photos and photos of our way home.


All in all, it was an amazing adventure. The weather was amazing and beautiful. Everyone caught fish, no one got hurt. The memories these kids have made. They will never ever forget this trip for as long as they live.

This is what life is all about, enjoying your family,friends and Loved Ones…

Make time to make time and enjoy life. It is far too short.

Until next time……


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