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Hello Everyone. I hope you all are doing great. Our local Real Estate market still remains strong, contrary to what you may be seeing in the National News. Homes are still selling and our inventory of homes to sell is getting smaller and smaller. As I said last time, banks are lending money to buyers who can truly qualify for a mortgage. Yes, you have to qualify for the mortgage. (wow what a novel idea.) Interest rates are low, low, low…..Like crazy low. Try around 4% for a 30 fix rate loan, this is amazing. We are still seeing many foreigners from other countries coming here and buying property as well as the Northerners. They are coming here to buy for their retirement now while prices and interest rates are soooo low, they retire here in a few years to a home they bought at the bottom of the market. It you have any questions on the Real Estate Market and what is happening as far as values, what is on the market, what is selling. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will set you up on a computer program that will give you full access to our MLS. It will even e mail you new updates whenever a property fitting your description hits the market. It is really a neat way to track our market and best of all, it is free… Yippee!!!!!!:-) Just let me know.

Okay on the fun stuff..
Mini Season Lobstering in the Florida Keys 2011 Part 3

We last left off Lobstering at a secret spot. We caught some bugs and and Stone Crab and saw some really cool fish. Of course we released the Stone Crab, cause they are out of season. About this time everyone started getting hungry, so we all decided to go to the Island Grill right on the Ocean. It is a cool place to go to by boat. It is right on the Atlantic Ocean. There are three areas to sit. One area is out on the beach with great views of Snake Creek and the Ocean. The next is inside in the A/C…. UGGGGG….The other area you can sit is on the canal side, it is all under cover and the ocean breeze feels great. Go and check out the website.. It is a really cool place. Oh yah and try the Tuna Nachos, oh my, they are great!!!!! Check out the photos.. sorry I only got a few photos, I totally forgot to walk out to the beach bar and take more ☹

Well with our bellies full we headed to a different spot. This is another secret spot, so do not tell anyone…

Well as it turned out this spot was so very secret the Lobster could not find it either. There was nothing there. Now of course I have to hear it from my crew… Dad , Mr. Shane you could not find a Lobster if your life depended on it. Well of course my competitive nature kicked in. I said oh Yah, “Well. I am going to take you to a spot where I know there will be lots of Bugs (Lobsters) to get and no one knows about it. My crew on the boat was like Yah RIGHT!!!! I said you will see. So we headed off the top secret spot. I cannot take photos of the spot or you may know where it is, but I can show you what we caught.. Yes Capt. Shane redeemed himself J Oh Yessssss!!!!! See the photos……

It was now getting late and we decided to head home. We first ran south in the boat to Upper Matacmbe  to drop Nate off at his home. Nate also lives on the water. It is such a beautiful ride seeing all the nature, birds, fish, skinny little mangrove channels. Check out the video and the photos…

How cool is this, to have a channel in your back yard carved out of Coral Bed Rock to a basin in your back yard. I thought it was neat. Check it out…

We headed back north in the boat going home it was getting late.  Ya know I always say you never know what you are going to see on the water. I also know there are people out there that take their Lobstering very serious. Even if they do not have a boat to go out in they find some way to get on the water. We drove by these Kayaks that had dive flags and scuba tanks and diving gear on them. I thought this is very interesting. I do not think I would ever do this my self, but again it was interesting to see..

As I said before you never know what you are going to see on the water.. Well check this out!!!! Now I have seen it all..  I looked off in the distance and I see what I think to be a car driving on the water. I am thinking no way. Maybe I have heat stroke. I looked again and this car driving on the water was getting closer and closer. Now  my crew sees this thing and they say,” what the heck is that?, It looks like a car driving on the water.” I thought to myself thank goodness I am not losing it. A Cadillac Deville driving across the bay…”REALLY”

I am sorry to say now, but I have to go.  Stay tuned for “Mini Season Lobstering in the Florida Keys 2011 Part 4”

Remember make time to smell the roses, spend time with your family and friends.  Just make the time, schedule it out and JUST DO IT!! Life is way to short.

Until next time make it a great week.

Shane “Waterfront” Wilson

Hello everyone, I hope you are going great. Here is some more news on our Real Estate Market. Homes continue to sell and the inventory of homes is getting smaller.  Interest rates on mortgages just dropped again. Can you believe you can get a 30 year fix rate loan just above 4%. That is cheap money. I have been reading this is the lowest rates have ever been, at least in my life time. I mentioned last week that certain properties are going up in value. This is true. Not on all properties, but more of the unique, better maintained properties are. There are still some very good values out there. If you thought maybe you could not afford to purchase your home on the water, with interest rates so low, maybe you can now. If you would like any information on properties, please let me know and I can set you up on a free program that allows you to search the MLS just like a Realtor and it sends you automatic updates of new properties hitting the market on a daily basis. Feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have 🙂

Okay now on to the boating guide  – the fun part!

I left off last week in the Lobstering in the Florida Keys; with the Unites States Coast Guard wanting to board our boat. If you missed that blog post you can check it out here : “Mini Season Lobstering in the Florida Keys 2011 (Part One)”.  Of course , I said sure come aboard. They checked all of our safety gear. Of course we passed with flying colors.  They then asked to check to see if we had any Lobster. I said Yes, But only one. I said hey, of all those other boats you have checked today, how are they doing on Lobster? Officer Meagan said most boats had none and a few boats had one. There was only one boat that had 12. I said twelve. Your killin me. Of course I had to hear it from my crew how we only had one lobster… UGGGGG… I said okay – I am going to take you all to my very best secret spots and you cannot tell anyone where they are or it will be certain Death 😉

Before Officer Meagan and Officer Matthew of the United States Coast Guard got off our boat, I asked if they would pose for a photo. They looked at each other and said sure…



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Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing great.

Just to give you an update on the Real Market. Properties are moving and banks are loaning money. This is a great thing for everyone. Prices appear to have leveled out and in some cases prices are going back up. The inventory supply of homes is way down. This is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. The nicer more unique waterfront properties are selling  for more. If you would like a detailed analysis on our market or just updates on what is on the market for sale and what is selling and for how much. Just let me know and I can get you all set up.

Okay on to the fun part, the BOATING GUIDE!!!!!!!

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