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“Hello everyone. I wanted to send this apology out. For some reason the last boating guide that just came out had a bunch of glitches in it. We think it was something with the server or not uploading and grabbing all the photos. We did redo the boating guide and you are getting it again, but the corrected version. Please enjoy the this edition of the boating guide.”

I hope you all are doing great. It has been freezing down here. Like in the high thirties…. What happened to global warming???? Seriously it was very , very cold. We are not use to this kind of weather. The great news is that today it warmed back up to 80 degrees. I cannot believe it. First it is freezing cold, then the 80’s. Let me tell you, I will keep the 80 degree weather any day.

The fish bite has still been red hot. My friends are catching lots of mackerel in the passes and on the Gulf beaches. They are catching keeper Grouper in the passes as well. The Red Fish bite is still hot on the high tide fishing up along the Mangroves and the Sheep Head fish are biting well also. The Red Grouper and Gags and Black Grouper are moving in to our inshore reefs and into shallow water since the drop in the water temperatures. Last week my friend told me the water was 57 degrees in Pine Island Sound. Sounds hard to believe, but this is what I was told. BIRRRRR…..

I know I normally talk about cool places to go by boat and cool places to go eat by boat, But have a quick story to tell you about a client of mine that moved just moved down here. For those of you that have been getting the boating guide for some time you always hear me talk about peoples dreams of coming here and living this waterfont life style. You will hear me talk about what you can do, if you put your mind to it. I have a family that for a long long time has wanted to move here and buy a place on the water and live the waterfront life style. This person contacted me through my website after talking several times and e mailing quite a bit, this client decided that Shane “Waterfront” Wilson (me) was the most knowledgeable Realtor he had spoken to about waterfront property and the Real Estate Market in general. He had studied my website. He told me, “One day Shane you are the Person we want to work with and I know you will tell the truth and always be honest with us.” This Client came down and we looked at property. After seeing a couple homes we came to this amazing home. I said this is the one. They both looked at me and said, it is very nice and we like it but it is only the third or fourth home we have seen. I again said this is the one. Long story short, we put an offer in on that same home and put it under contract. As a celebration, I said let go out in my boat and check out the area. It was only a short boat ride, but while out there, My client ,now friend, Jerry Webb looked at me and said , Shane, man this is the Waterfront Life Style.” I look Jerry in the eye and said you just got it. Jerry smiled ear to ear. I yelled back to Sandy his wife who was sitting in the back of the boat and said, “Sandy what do you think?” She was already smiling ear to ear and said Shane, “This is it, I have dreamed about this for a long, long time and I cannot believe we are actually doing this. We are here.” She then said, “Shane I LOVE IT!!!” The home we put the offer on is a short sale. These take some time to get closed cause many of the lenders are so backed up. They went back home. Fast forwarding, We were able to get the sellers lender approval. Jerry flew back down. While he was here I said Jerry lets go fishing, he said that would be great !!!! Keep in mind Jerry if I recall had not fished in years and I do not think he had salt water fished. Jerry and I got out on the water and had a ball. The Dolphins were out the sun was shining, but off in the distance were some dark clouds, real dark. We were on a fishing spot and I said Jerry we need to leave soon or we are gonna get wet and stuck in a storm.. We both decide to keep fishing against my better judgement. Jerry was having a ball Catching Spotted SeaTrout, Lady fish. Watching all the Mackerel attack the pods of bait. Check out the photos….

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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 4…

Posted by Shane On December 18th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

It is nice here is SW Florida, a little on the chilly side. Actually down right cold. I am talking in the low to mid 40’s. This is cold for us. It does heat up in the day time and we did have some rain which we did need desperately. The snow birds are here and still coming down.
Properties are still selling well here. All price ranges are selling. There are homes in the $100,000 up the $million plus dollar range selling. You will not believe how low some of these homes are selling for. I am in shock. Interest rates are still low, in the 4% range. Who would have ever thought that rates would ever go this low? If you know anyone that is thinking about buying, now is the time. Prices are way low and interest rates are really low. If you would like daily updates on properties in our area that are coming on the market, pending or you just want to know what homes have sold for, let me know and I will set you up on Listing Book. This tool will give you full access to our MLS system and it will also send you a daily report of any new listings that hit the market. I have a many, many people on it and they love it. A great example, I had some friends on it. They got the morning report, a home popped up in the area they were looking for. On the water with Gulf access in their price point. We went and looked at it. It was a bank repo and a steal at that. They offered cash and got the house. They are so excited. Back to the dream I have spoken about in prior boating guides. They have dreamed for years about coming to Florida and buying a home on the water with their boat in the back yard. The are living the dream, they closed yesterday and are moving in today. They are soooooo excited 🙂 and I am very happy and excited for them too 🙂

Okay, now on to the fun part. Another Dry Tortugas adventure Part 4…

We left off last week on Middle Key a sand island between the Fort and Hospital Key. After hanging out and eating lunch, we headed to another great fishing spot. When anchored in about 40 feet of water. Now imagine this, the water is so clear here, I could see the reef at the bottom and I could see the fish….WOW!!!!! We put out the chum bag and watch the fish swarm the back of the boat. You have got to see this to believe it. Just incredible!!!! Check out some photos..

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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 3

Posted by Shane On December 14th

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing great. I hope each and everyone of you had a great Thanks Giving. I hope you were able to spend time with family and friends. This is what it is all about. The family and I had a great time. We went out to the woods with my inlaws. We had about 52 people come out. Skippie my Mother in Law did all the cooking. Turkey, Ham, all the fixings. The best part was the swamp Cabbage, Bob, my Father in law went out with the kids and got. We call it killing a Swamp Cabbage, which entails going out on the swam buggy and finding the perfect cabbage tree and then Bob works his magic and pulls the heart out of the tree with the help of all the kids. He then brings it to the camp and cuts it all up and Skippie cooks it. It is the best thing you have ever tasted. Skippie also makes a whole bunch of home made pies. Oh my and they are good. I am going to share some of our Thanks Giving with you. I will mostly show you photos of the beauty Florida has to offer, YES, beside the water. I am obviously a water boy, but I also love the nature and beauty of the woods. Enjoy the photos…

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