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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great..It is great here is sunny South West Florida. Yes it is hot, but as I mentioned before, the afternoon rain storms come and cool everything down. We have actually had massive amount of rain here. It seems to pour every day not just showers, but pours rain. I know we needed it, but this is ridiculous.
🙂 I know in a few months when the winter comes, everyone will be belly aching about the droughts. The fishing has slowed down some. I think it is all the fresh water coming down the River and Creeks. I feel it is pushing the fish farther out to a higher salinity level. As the rain subsides, the fish will move back up into the River and Creeks.
Remember I wrote about feeding the Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina in the Florida Keys. We we met a family there from the Netherlands. They thought it was so cool to watch Wade, my son feed these Tarpon by hand. One of the daughters of this family walked up and ask to take photos of Wade feeding the Tarpon. I said of course you may. This camera this young lady had was like a foot long with this amazing lense and she said the camera would take like 10 frames per second or some crazy number like this. Her and her brother looked at me and said i promise when we get back to the Netherlands we will e mail you these photos. These folks were on Holiday. Below are only two of the photos she took, but they are really neat and I thought I would share them with you. Take a look…..

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A Lobstering Getaway To The Florida Keys Part 2

Posted by Shane On September 10th

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. The weather is still beautiful here. We have had a bunch of rain, I mean a bunch of rain for several weeks now. I know we needed it, but this is crazy. The fishing here is still great. Lots of bait everywhere, Lots of green backs also know as white bait. Big Thread fins at the causeway. Great reports of all kinds of fish being caught.
I was at dinner with the family talking about fishing and boating and fish we had caught. This guy in the next booth turned around and said I could not help but hearing you all talking about fishing. You will not believe what I caught on Ft. Myers Beach today. He showed me this mammoth, Monster Snook on his phone. It is huge. He caught it on a frozen Mullet. This is not normal guys. I have fished my whole life and have never caught a Snook even close to the size of this one. WOW.. check out the photo…

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A Lobstering Get Away To The Florida Keys!!! Part 1

Posted by Shane On September 9th

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great.. The weather here is SW Florida has been great!!! It is warm, but loving it.. Almost every afternoon we get the thunderstorms and rain which cools everything down. It is nice.. The fishing has been great. The Snook bite is still on and the Reds Fish are still biting well. Many of the big Red Fish are beginning to school up in the back bays and grass flats getting ready to head off shore for the spawn. The Tarpon are still around, off the beaches and some in the passes. The Trout bite is still hot on the grass flats. The weather has been very calm, so running offshore is great. No rough water to deal with, just dodging the thunderstorms and catching lots of Fish..

As far as the OIL SPILL goes. It is capped off, we have seen NO, NONE, NODDA, Oil here. Our beaches are still pristine. Where did all the oil go, do not know. They are trying to find it now. It is a mystery. Please keep those folks who were affected further north in the panhandle and further up who were devastated by the oil spill in your thoughts and prayers, they have a long road a head of them.

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Tween Waters Inn Island Resort

Posted by Shane On September 8th

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing great. I came across this really awesome offer from Tween Waters Inn. I have written about it before and told you it is one of our favorite places to visit and hang out and stay as well. It is a great place to unwind and relax. The beaches are beautiful with amazing Gulf sunsets. You can drive there by car, but the boating there is much better:-)

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