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Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great. Well summer is almost upon us and the waters are getting busy. The jet skier’s are back on the water, the water has warmed up. There are small boats, medium boats and large boats back on the water. Local fishing tournaments are back in full swing with great results. The fishing is great with the Tarpon returning to our area, the Snook bite has been great as is the Red Fish and Trout. The Mackerel are here and so are the King Fish.

Here is another day of living the Waterfront Life Style in SW Florida I always talk about. It was Sunday morning and the weather was supposed to be great with a few thunder showers in the afternoon, typical summer weather for our area. My daughter and her boyfriend and I decided to go fishing and meet some other friends out on the water. We put the boat in at the boat ramp. Today was a big day for my daughter, she was going to drive the boat from the boat ramp to our home on the water all by herself, first time ever. This is about a four mile journey. Ciara, my daughter has been boating her entire life and has driven the boat for as long as I can remember, but I have always been with her in the boat. This was her first solo boat ride. I drove the truck and trailer back to the house and patiently waited for my baby girl to come around the corner on the canal in the boat. It seemed like an eternity, but suddenly, there she was proud as could be, grinning ear to ear. She did such a great job. I am so proud of her and she was so very proud of herself. I just had to share this with you. I am sure you have your own children or grandchildren and if you do not, you may one day 🙂

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A Quick Florida Keys Get Away…… Part Four

Posted by Shane On May 21st

Hello to everyone. I hope you all are doing great.
The weather does continue to warm up although we had a couple of cooler evenings and cooler mornings a few days ago, very surprising for this time of year.
Fishing in South West Florida continues to improve. I took some clients and friends out offshore fishing last weekend. We only went out about 28 miles. We all had a blast. My son Wade mated for me on the boat. He rigged rods and baited hooks, Wader just loves it. I was able to put these people on a school of 200 plus Bonita, they are in the Tuna family and put up an amazing fight. Big Mike who is like 6 foot 4 inches, just a big dude, got his butt kicked by this little 16 pound Bonita, not to mention the other people on the boat were worn out after fighting these fish. We also caught Snapper and Grouper which were too small to keep. Craig caught a nearly 40 inch King Fish, that was a surprise. We saw a lot of Logger head Turtles sunning themselves on the top of the water. It was a beautiful day on the water, blue sky, great breeze. Just an absolutely amazing day.

Okay now on to A Quick Florida Keys Get Away…… Part Four

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Hello to everyone. The weather continues to warm here is South West Florida. The water is warming up and the boating weather has been great. I see more and more people getting back on to the water. The fish bite has picked up even more. Snook are biting and almost ready to make their way to the beaches and passes. The Tarpon should be coming anytime now a few have shown up. Grouper and Snapper are being caught off shore and still inshore as well. As the water warms you will see the larger Grouper move to deeper water. The water on the Gulf has been crystal clear with the exception of the few days when the winds were high stirring up the water. Summer is almost here and we cannot wait!!!!

Okay now on to part three of the Quick Florida Keys Get Away….

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Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. The weather continues to improve here. It is actually very cool in the morning, but it does get warmer in the afternoon which is awesome!!
I hear the fish are starting to bite again, although Snook Season is closed. There are still plenty of big Gator Trout being taken, Red Fish, Flounder, Spanish Mackerel. The pods of bait have found their way back to our local water which is nice. The bigger fish are following the pods of bait… Yippee!!!!!

Now on the continuation of our Quick Florida Keys get away part two….

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Hello everyone,

I know it has been a few weeks since the last boating guide and I am sorry cause I really do enjoy writing about things to do by water and places to go by water. We have just been super busy here in Lee County with work. Many, many people are coming down to look and see what all the talk is about when it comes to great deals on properties. There are still great deals to be had.

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