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Happy Holidays!!

Posted by Shane On December 30th

Hello all, I hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for the Holiday Season and the New Year!!!

I have thinking a lot about 2009. I am so very thankful and grateful for everyone I met and was able to help in some way in 2009. I did meet a lot of wonderful people and made many new friendships that will last a life time. Reflecting back on 2009 it was also a very challenging year for many people and I do feel for them. Things are getting better and will continue to get better for everyone. When you look out in the world there is always going to be someone out there who has it much worse than you or I do. We all need to be very Thankful and Grateful for what we do have and focus on what we do have, do not focus on what you do not have. Do not try to keep up with the Mr. and Mrs. Jones next door.

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Fun Filled Afternoon At North Captiva Island

Posted by Shane On December 25th

Hello to everyone. I hope each and everyone of you is doing great. Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner? The weather here has been great compared to the folks up north. We are supposed to get down into the 40’s this weekend. I will believe it when I feel it, I hope not though.

I want to tell you about a great place to go to by boat.

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Chix-N-Stix Fishing Tournament

Posted by Shane On December 18th

Hello All, I hope everyone is doing great!!!!

We had a little cold snap down here but not too bad compared to my friend in Chicago who said it was 25 degrees below with the wind chill. I am so glad I live in Florida.

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Tarpon Point

Posted by Shane On December 11th

Hello All,

I hope everyone is doing great. I have a great place for you to take your boat to this weekend and not only have a great lunch, but have a great time with all the events they have going on this weekend. The place I am talking about is Tarpon Point. They offer a full service Marina, Restaurants and much more. The Naughty Mermaid Bar and Grill is awesome. It is an outside area that overlooks the Bay. It is just beautiful and a great atmosphere. Their service is outstanding and so is the food. They have an interior restaurant as well with great food and once again they have out done themselves with an amazing atmosphere. The service and food is outstanding. I have eaten at both places on different occasions and it is great. Please go to their website. The restaurants both just opened up and I did not see them on their web site as of yet, but maybe I just missed them.

Please enjoy the photos below:

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Fun Family Boating In Southwest Florida Continued

Posted by Shane On December 5th

Hello All. I do hope everyone had a great Thanks Giving Holiday and extra long weekend.

I royally goofed and want to make this right. This last story I wrote about, FUN FAMILY BOATING IN SOUTHWEST FLORIDA.

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Fun Family Boating In Southwest Florida

Posted by Shane On December 4th

Hello All,

I hope each and everyone of you had a great Thanks Giving and Spent lots of time with your family and friends even though the Holiday weekend is not over yet. We had a great Thanks giving. Our Family goes out to the camp which is in the woods. Grandma Skippie makes a spread, Turkey, wild hog, swamp cabbage, all the fixings you can think of and all the home made pies you can think of. We bring the four wheelers out there for everyone to ride. We take the swamp buggie through out the woods and slough looking for Deer, Wild Hogs, Turkeys and all the other wild life that lives out there. It was a beautiful day, not to hot, not too cold sunny and just right.

Okay I have a really neat boating guide story this week, which has become near and dear to my heart. I had a man named Craig contact me several months ago saying he wanted to come to Florida and buy a place on the water for his family and friends to use and enjoy. He said he wanted to buy a boat and do all the fun things you do by boat in your boating guide. I said we can do that. When I met Craig , we clicked immediately. He is a great human being who loves his family and friends very ,very much and only wants the best for them. Long story short Craig bought a beautiful place right on the water. Craig said Shane, I need to find a boat that will accommodate my wife and 5 children. I said we can do that. So after giving Craig some advice on boats he found one in the keys he fell in love with. Craig told me the boat was in Tavernier (in the Florida Keys) I said Craig, I was raised in Tavernier and I have a very good friend who will go and water test the boat for you.The water test went great and Craig bought the boat and shipped it to Ft. Myers where Craig, Eddie and I met the boat at the city boat ramp. The first day we took Craig’s new boat out it was rough and windy, but it did not matter. The three of us decided to take the boat to Cabbage Key for lunch. It is about a 20 mile journey one way. The wind was blowing 20 plus knots, the seas were kicked up and rough. Once we were able to get the boat trimmed in just right Craig stuck the throttles to the consol, running about 58 MPH. Craig looked at me and yelled in my ear, I will never forget what he said… He said,” Shane I have dreamed about this moment for years and now I am living it, my dream!!!!” I will never forget that for as long as I live.

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