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37th Annual Fort Myers Boat Show

Posted by Shane On November 20th

Hello Everyone. I hope everyone is doing great.
Well we had a little cold snap come into Ft. Myers / Cape Coral area. It was in the low 60’s Friday night but warmed up to about 77 degrees. The weather is really nice a little chilly on the water with the wind.

I have something a little different for you this weekend, it is the 37th Annual Fort Myers Boat Show. It is a blast!!! If you can go, then you must go. You have always had to drive there by car, but this year you can go by boat. It is a great time. There are a bunch of really neat boats of all sizes and anything nautical you can think of, boating supplies, fishing gear, gadgets anything you could want for your boat, you will find it here. Enough of me trying to explain how great it is, please go to the web site:

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A Fun Filled Day On The Water

Posted by Shane On November 13th

Hello again everyone,

The weather has cooled down some here in sunny Southwest Florida. Now when I say cool, I mean high 60’s in the morning and it heats up to the 80’s. It is nice, the snow birds are just beginning to come down. I see a lot of out of state tags.

I have had people e mail me saying Shane what else do you do when you go boating. Well, we had a fun and exciting Sunday the weekend before last. Now here is the fun part, I had My family with me and my buddy and his girl friend and three friends with us for a total of nine of us. They are all from Chicago. This was quite the treat for them. We went to the Marina to get my buddies Boat. What a beautiful boat, 31 foot Renegade with twin 250 H.P. motors and it moves.. Craig thank you so much again for letting us use your boat. My big boat was out of the water for maintenance.

We headed out of the marina toward Cabbage Key. We saw all kinds of neat wild life along the way. We saw Bald Eagles, Ospreys, Dolphins, lots of fish and birds diving on bait fish. What a great experience to see my friends from out of town enjoying the sites, things that we as locals take for granted. I have written about Cabbage Key before. It is an island in Pine Island sound that has a great restaurant and lodge on it. Once we got to Cabbage Key. The kids and our friends fed the ducks and walked around the island. Inside of the restaurant are tens of thousands of dollars all over the walls that patrons put their names and dates they were there on the dollars and stuck them to the walls. After have a few cold beverages and a great lunch and of course the world famous Key Lime Pie, we went out side to check out the turtle and feed it flowers. My other friends proceeded to climb up the water tower and enjoy the scenic views. We decided to leave Cabbbage Key and head over to Captiva Pass.

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