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Big Shell Island Sand Bar

Posted by Shane On December 27th

This is a fun place to go to if you are short on time and do not have time to run further out. This is a great place to grill out and meet friends and family. Pull right up on the beach. Remember pull up on the rear of the beach( the NE side) as long as you run on close to the island you will have good water. I would not bring a large boat around the rear side. This sand bar is not as nice as say a real beach, the sand bar does have rocks and some oyster shells, however, the kids can still play and have a great time and dad can still fish from shore. Depending on the time of year, you can catch, Sheeps Head, Red Fish, Trout, Snook and snapper right from the Sand bar.

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Green Flash Restaurant

Posted by Shane On December 20th

This is great place to go by boat or car. Although if you love the water as much as My family and friends do, then go by boat of course.

This is a little more formal than say cabbage Key, however, if you have been boating all day it is still perfectly fine to go in and have lunch or dinner. After a day of fishing or at the beach with the family and friends, you can pull right up to the dock. (They now have two docks for plenty of parking for your vessel.) You can sit outside and enjoy the Florida breeze (if you do sit out side bring a few shrimp from you bait well or some white bait and there are a couple small white Herons that would love a hand out.) or if you are hot go inside to the cool air conditioning. The food is really good hear and the service has always been great for us.

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