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Doc Ford’s Rum Bar And Grill

Posted by Shane On June 7th

I have got another great place to go to by boat after a day of boating and fishing or just relaxing on the beach. You may or may not have heard of Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill on Ft. Myers Beach. It just recently opened. It is where the Bridge Restaurant used to be for years. This is a great place to go to and try different types of food and drink, such as the Banana Leaf Snapper or their Island Mojito drink.

Doc Ford’s offers a great atmosphere. You can dine inside in the air conditioning or dine out side on the deck and enjoy the expansive views of the bay and Shrimp boats.

Please go to the website, it is very well done…

How do you get there?

Coming into Ft. Myers Beach from the Gulf of Mexico, head towards the big sky bridge. Go under the bridge and take a left following the well marked channel. Look to your left and you will see Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grill


Visit Doc Ford’s Sanibel Bar & grill on Sanibel   975 Rabbit Road Sanibel Island  239-472-8311

Look for Doc Ford’s opening soon on Captiva!!!


Bayfront Bistro On Ft. Myers Beach

Posted by Shane On May 24th

Bayfront Bistro is simply amazing. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is great. This entire facility is new and it shows. I cannot even begin to tell you the best dish on the menu, because everything is so great there. From the appetizers toany of the meals, lunch or dinner. You will not be disappointed.

There are beautiful views of the marina and back Bay from the upstairs dining area. Or you can go down to the bar area and enjoy the out door facilities


For us boaters, there is a full service marina and much more.

This facility offers so much, I think it would be better just to go to their website and check it out for your self. You are going to love this place. Below are just a few photos for you to enjoy.








How Do I Get There?

The are two ways to access Bayfront Bistro. Coming from the water, come around the north end of Ft. Myers Beach (Matanzas Pass) and follow the well marked channel south. Or you can come from the south end of Ft. Myers Beach through Big Carlos Pass and head north, north west. The channel is well marked. When you get to Bayfront Bistro and Snook Bight Yacht Club & Marina, you cannot miss it.

Make it a great time!!!

166 IMGP9897 575x431 Bayfront Bistro On Ft. Myers Beach

For more information on this facility go to: OR


The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

Posted by Shane On March 21st

121 IMGP9920 575x431 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

Have I got a place to go for you this weekend in the boat. Have you heard of the Gulfshore Grill & The Cottage on Ft. Myers Beach? This is a great time of year to go (Spring Break). If you like to people watch and have a great time you have got to go. Once you have anchored off of Ft. Myers Beach, you can walk up to the beach and get lunch at the Cottage. At The Cottage you can sit out on a deck or inside over looking the beach and Gulf of Mexico and watch all the people, it is really quite amusing. The food at The Cottage is really good an the cold beverages are great too. If you want to dine inside in the air conditioning walk next door to the Gulfshore Grill which also offers amazing views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. The food here is really good as well. After lunch you can go down stairs to the Beach Bar and hang out enjoy a cold beverage and people watch. Or throw a Frisbee or play smash ball or just relax in the refreshing waters of the  Gulf of Mexico. You will have a great time here, everyone is happy and having a great time!!!Oh, do not forget you camera. Enjoy the photos.

122 IMGP9922 575x431 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage


125 IMGP9927 575x431 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

How Do You Get There?

How do you get there? This is easy. Starting from the Sanibel Causeway. Head towards Fort Myers Beach VIA the intra coastal waterway. Keep heading down parallel to Ft. Myers Beach. You will see the big Concrete pier, just past the pier, you will see a large green building. Right to the left of the Lani Kai (the green building) you will see The Gulfshore Grill and The Cottage. You cannot miss it.

The Green Flash Resturant

Posted by Shane On March 4th


This is great place to go by boat or car.  Although if you love the water as much as My family and friends do, then go by boat of course.

This is a little more formal than say cabbage Key, however, if you have been boating all day it is still perfectly fine to go in and have lunch or dinner. After a day of fishing or at the  beach with the family and friends, you can pull right up to the dock. (They now have two docks for plenty of parking for your vessel.) You can sit outside and enjoy the Florida breeze (if you do sit out side bring a few shrimp from you bait well or some white bait and there are a couple small white Herons that would love a hand out.) or if you are hot go inside to the cool air conditioning. The food is really good hear and the service has always been great for us.


How Do You Get There?

This is easy. Coming from Cape Coral Yacht Club, get into the ICW and head towards the mouth of the river. Go through the slow zone, when it says to resume normal speed, go almost straight ahead, you will see a green marker this is the opening of the miserable mile as some people call it. Proceed stahying in the channel, do not go out side the channel or you will run aground, it is very, very shallow outside the channel. Follow the ICW into Pine Island Sound. You will have the back side of Sanibel on your left. Keep following the ICW. When you get to Green Marker 35 make a left towards land approx. one mile you will see a Red head pin marker, should be number “2″ marking the channel going into the channel into the harbor area. (Stay in the channel there are some shallow spots just outside the channel) Follow the markers in. The Green Flash restaurant will be on your right. You will recognize it from the photo attached. Have a great time!!


Get ready for a weekend filled with fabulous yachts, boats and cool cars along with live music, food and fun as Cape Harbour presents its 5th annual “Water and Wheels”event on March 4th, 5th and 6th. Admission to the family fun event is free and open to the public.

There will be live entertainment at Expo Island:

  • Friday, March 4th from 6pm – 10pm featuring “Headcount”
  • Saturday from 6pm – 10pm with “The Juice”
  • Sunday from 4pm – 8pm with “Acoustic Addiction”

Cape Harbour’s four-star restaurants are gearing up for the event. Rumrunners, The Joint and Run Agrounds will offer food and drink specials throughout the weekend.

Cape Coral Events: Water & Wheels 2011

Cape Coral Events: Water & Wheels 2011

American Spirit Racing will be unveiling their new race car the “Formula 1000” on Friday, March 4th at 7pm and will be on display the entire weekend. American Spirit Racing is based in Cape Coral. This will be the first unveiling of the car to the public. It will be competing in the “F1000 Pro Series Championship.”

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A Fantastic End To 2010

Posted by Shane On January 8th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. It has been quite chilly down here. Well actually down right cold some nights it got to the mid 30’s. That is freezing for us. The water temperature has dropped a bunch too and the bait has all but disappeared. I am not sure where it goes, probably deeper water where it is warmer believe it or not. I think this time of year the best thing to do is put in and go The Bait Barge in the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River. Call Rick or Debbie 239-677-7179 . They will be there Saturday and Sunday with Live shrimp and Pin Fish. Call ahead, Rick and Debbie will reserve your bait for you. This is awesome!!! I spoke to Capt. Billy Hammond. He said the bite is still on and the bait of choice right now is live Shrimp. Capt. Billy said they are catching lots of Red Fish, Sheeps Head and bunch of Flounder. The Trout are beginning to bite as well. I am telling you if you want catch fish and have a great day on the water, contact Capt. Billy.. . Here is a thought, Capt. Billy took out the guys fishing yesterday and caught all kinds of fish. Now today Capt. Billy is taking out the families of these guys sight seeing, Shelling and stopping for lunch at the world Famous Cabbage Key Ya know it has been said that Jimmy Buffet wrote Cheese Burger in Paradise there sitting at the bar at Cabbage. Yes the food is great and the atmosphere it great..

Okay getting back to Rick and the bait barge, he was out earlier this week and look what he caught.. Huge Black Drum. Yes, he released it unharmed to breed and make more babies.

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Matanzas Inn Bayfront Resort

Posted by Shane On November 12th

Have you been to Matanzas Inn Bayfront Resort: Motel, Restaurant, Marina?

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Tween Waters Inn Island Resort

Posted by Shane On September 8th

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing great. I came across this really awesome offer from Tween Waters Inn. I have written about it before and told you it is one of our favorite places to visit and hang out and stay as well. It is a great place to unwind and relax. The beaches are beautiful with amazing Gulf sunsets. You can drive there by car, but the boating there is much better:-)

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Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great. I know is has been a couple weeks since I have done the boating guide. We have just been very, very busy, work, then the weather was nasty for nearly 5 days in a row, lots of rain, etc.

I did want to update you on the oil spill. As I am sure you have heard the oil well has been capped off. The Beaches here in Lee County, covering Bonita Beach, Ft. Myers Beach, Sanibel, Captiva Islands, Cayo Costa, Boca Grande, Little Gasparilla are all oil free. No oil in the water or on the beches, NO oil….This is great news for us. Once again based on the computer models, there appears to be less than a 1% chance that we are going to see any oil. Please keep the other folks in the affected areas in your thoughts and prayers. The areas hit the hardest with the oil are having a really tough time. Once again, please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers. I do not think I know any more than you do about where the oil is going. If I hear anything new, I will be sure to let everyone know.

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Happy Fourth Of July Weekend!!!!!!!!

Posted by Shane On July 9th

Hello Everyone, I hope you are doing great.

I will have to postpone part two of…

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