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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 4…

Posted by Shane On December 18th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great.

It is nice here is SW Florida, a little on the chilly side. Actually down right cold. I am talking in the low to mid 40’s. This is cold for us. It does heat up in the day time and we did have some rain which we did need desperately. The snow birds are here and still coming down.
Properties are still selling well here. All price ranges are selling. There are homes in the $100,000 up the $million plus dollar range selling. You will not believe how low some of these homes are selling for. I am in shock. Interest rates are still low, in the 4% range. Who would have ever thought that rates would ever go this low? If you know anyone that is thinking about buying, now is the time. Prices are way low and interest rates are really low. If you would like daily updates on properties in our area that are coming on the market, pending or you just want to know what homes have sold for, let me know and I will set you up on Listing Book. This tool will give you full access to our MLS system and it will also send you a daily report of any new listings that hit the market. I have a many, many people on it and they love it. A great example, I had some friends on it. They got the morning report, a home popped up in the area they were looking for. On the water with Gulf access in their price point. We went and looked at it. It was a bank repo and a steal at that. They offered cash and got the house. They are so excited. Back to the dream I have spoken about in prior boating guides. They have dreamed for years about coming to Florida and buying a home on the water with their boat in the back yard. The are living the dream, they closed yesterday and are moving in today. They are soooooo excited 🙂 and I am very happy and excited for them too 🙂

Okay, now on to the fun part. Another Dry Tortugas adventure Part 4…

We left off last week on Middle Key a sand island between the Fort and Hospital Key. After hanging out and eating lunch, we headed to another great fishing spot. When anchored in about 40 feet of water. Now imagine this, the water is so clear here, I could see the reef at the bottom and I could see the fish….WOW!!!!! We put out the chum bag and watch the fish swarm the back of the boat. You have got to see this to believe it. Just incredible!!!! Check out some photos..

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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 3

Posted by Shane On December 14th

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing great. I hope each and everyone of you had a great Thanks Giving. I hope you were able to spend time with family and friends. This is what it is all about. The family and I had a great time. We went out to the woods with my inlaws. We had about 52 people come out. Skippie my Mother in Law did all the cooking. Turkey, Ham, all the fixings. The best part was the swamp Cabbage, Bob, my Father in law went out with the kids and got. We call it killing a Swamp Cabbage, which entails going out on the swam buggy and finding the perfect cabbage tree and then Bob works his magic and pulls the heart out of the tree with the help of all the kids. He then brings it to the camp and cuts it all up and Skippie cooks it. It is the best thing you have ever tasted. Skippie also makes a whole bunch of home made pies. Oh my and they are good. I am going to share some of our Thanks Giving with you. I will mostly show you photos of the beauty Florida has to offer, YES, beside the water. I am obviously a water boy, but I also love the nature and beauty of the woods. Enjoy the photos…

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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 2

Posted by Shane On November 27th

Hello everyone, I hope each and every one of you are doing great. The weather has been really nice here. Cool in the evenings and warming up in the day time. The wind has actually laid down as well. It had blown here for, it seemed like weeks and weeks making the water rough and boating not so enjoyable on the outside. I have spoken to many of my fishing buddies, they say the fishing is still hot. My one friend is catching all the white bait he needs at the Sanibel Causeway. He then headed out just off shore and slayed the Bonita and Blackfin Tuna. He said they released all the fish they caught, it was just for fun. I spoke to another buddy and he said the Snook are making their way back into the River and back into the Creeks and canals. We have a couple of our own Snook at our Snook light at our dock. They are almost like pets. They are there every night and it is fun to watch them feed off the bait fish that are attracted to the light. This is why they call it a Snook Light. I spoke to some other fishing buddies and they are catching a lot of Trout in the grass beds in Pine Island Sound and a lot of Red Fish up along the Mangroves at high tide. They also fished Red Fish Pass and Captiva Pass and caught a bunch of Spanish Mackerel and Grouper. As the water gets colder the Grouper are going to start moving in closer to shore. Yes the fishing is still red hot and the weather is beautiful with blue skies 🙂

The snow birds are back down here as well. Our road ways are swelled up with out of state tags from all over the place. This is a great thing for our local economy. I was at the boat show last weekend and it was packed. I spoke to several of the vendors and they were very pleased. People were spending money again. I spoke to some of the different boat salesman and they all said they had sold several boats. This is all great news. Now on the Real Estate… I do not care what the media says, homes here on and off the water are selling really well. Think about this… interest rates are at 4.25% fixed for 30 years and home prices are the low, low, low. Take a look for yourself. E mail me or call me and I will set you up on Listing Book for free. This gives you full MLS access to all the listings for sale, pending and what has SOLD. If you know anyone thinking of buying, now is the time. Rates are low, prices are low, there are really great deals out there to be had. I am in shock myself to see how low some of these homes are actually selling for. If you ever have any questions regarding Real Estate, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Okay now on to the fun part of the boating guide. We left off last week just arriving in the Dry Tortugas. (Fort Jefferson). We had gotten there a little later than expected due to the rough weather. After eating lunch in the harbour, we decided to head out to one of the fishing spots I know, close enough to the Fort so it would not be too rough.

We got to our spot and put out the chum bag to draw the fish over to us. We caught something I never ever thought we would catch in a million years. Mike caught a Bone Fish. These fish live on the Keys flats and shallows and in the Bahamas. Fisherman pay huge money to fishing guides to go out stalk and catch these elusive fish. The crazy thing is, Mike caught it on a frozen piece of cut bait.. When you see this fish you are going to think no big deal, well it really is. I have only caught two in my life. Check it out..

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Another Dry Tortugas Adventure Part 1

Posted by Shane On November 20th

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great…

I do have to apologize for not sending any new boating guides in the last several weeks. I have heard from so many of you saying, “Shane, where is the boating guide, why have you not sent it out, Shane we miss it.” I have to tell you, I missed writing them and sharing the all this great information with you. Much of it is sharing my experiences with you which is educational and just fun. Living this waterfront lifestyle is a lifestyle that so many people love. Many people have got their goals set to come to our area and live the waterfront lifestyle. Whether you live on the water with your boat in the back yard or you keep your boat on the trailer next to your home, you can live the waterfront lifestyle. Or if you have dreams of doing this one day, your dreams and goals will come true, if you truly believe. I feel we all share the love of the water, activities on the water, the wild life you see on the water and just the way you feel on the water. As you may or may not know the feeling, it is a different world out on the water. Wether you are just going fishing, diving, beaching or just cruising enjoying all the nature, birds, fish, Dolphins, there is so much to see and appreciate. I know we live in such a fast paced world now. On the water it all slows down. I know you get it 🙂

The other day my son said, Dad how come we never put our crab trap in the water anymore and catch crabs. I looked at Wade and said son, I do not know. We are just so busy with everything. He looked at me with this stare. I felt almost like I could hear his brain saying, yah Dad, it is real hard to bait the trap and throw the trap off the dock into the water. In that instant, I said Wade, go get some frozen bait out of the freezer and we will do it right now. Wow, how hard was that? It made Wade so happy and I was happy to see him happy. The simple things in life can bring so much enjoyment, it was so simple. Ya know the best part? A few days later I was on the dock looking at the water. Suddenly it hit me, lets check the crab trap. I called Wade to the dock, he pulled the trap and wholly cow, one of the biggest Blue crabs I have ever seen was in our trap. Wade and his buddy were so excited.. Check out the photos below….

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A Lobstering Getaway To The Florida Keys Part 2

Posted by Shane On September 10th

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great. The weather is still beautiful here. We have had a bunch of rain, I mean a bunch of rain for several weeks now. I know we needed it, but this is crazy. The fishing here is still great. Lots of bait everywhere, Lots of green backs also know as white bait. Big Thread fins at the causeway. Great reports of all kinds of fish being caught.
I was at dinner with the family talking about fishing and boating and fish we had caught. This guy in the next booth turned around and said I could not help but hearing you all talking about fishing. You will not believe what I caught on Ft. Myers Beach today. He showed me this mammoth, Monster Snook on his phone. It is huge. He caught it on a frozen Mullet. This is not normal guys. I have fished my whole life and have never caught a Snook even close to the size of this one. WOW.. check out the photo…

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A Lobstering Get Away To The Florida Keys!!! Part 1

Posted by Shane On September 9th

Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing great.. The weather here is SW Florida has been great!!! It is warm, but loving it.. Almost every afternoon we get the thunderstorms and rain which cools everything down. It is nice.. The fishing has been great. The Snook bite is still on and the Reds Fish are still biting well. Many of the big Red Fish are beginning to school up in the back bays and grass flats getting ready to head off shore for the spawn. The Tarpon are still around, off the beaches and some in the passes. The Trout bite is still hot on the grass flats. The weather has been very calm, so running offshore is great. No rough water to deal with, just dodging the thunderstorms and catching lots of Fish..

As far as the OIL SPILL goes. It is capped off, we have seen NO, NONE, NODDA, Oil here. Our beaches are still pristine. Where did all the oil go, do not know. They are trying to find it now. It is a mystery. Please keep those folks who were affected further north in the panhandle and further up who were devastated by the oil spill in your thoughts and prayers, they have a long road a head of them.

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Dolphin Fishing In The Keys – Part 2

Posted by Shane On June 25th

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great. The weather continues to get more beautiful here everyday. The Tarpon are back in the passes rolling, the Sharks are back as well chasing the food they feed. The Snook bite has picked up as well as the Red Fish and the Spotted Sea trout bite is on. OffShore, my friends went out and limited out on Gag Grouper and Snapper. They caught King Fish and plenty of Spanish Mackerel. Come on the down the fishing is red hot and so are the deals on waterfront property. I never ever thought we would see waterfront prices this low again. It is really crazy…

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