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Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

Posted by Shane On July 24th

Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

Come by Land or By Sea

168 IMGP1532 575x4311 300x224 Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon


167 IMGP15361 300x225 Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

A  nice place for you to go check out for lunch or dinner. It is called Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon on Sanibel. After a morning of fishing and boating you can pull right up to Gramma Dot’s in the boat. Gramma Dot’s has a lot to offer. The food is great and they are famous for their Grouper Sandwich. I believe it has won the people choice award 7 years in a row. When coming by boat, call the Dock Master at Sanibel Marina, he monitors channel 16. Let him know you are coming for lunch or dinner and he will find you a boat slip. Stay for the afternoon or several nights at Sanibel Marina. Gramma Dot’s has a great atmosphere and the people you meet here are really nice. You are only minutes to the beaches here, amazing sunsets in the evening, and fishing. 

170 IMGP15391 300x225 Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon


How Do You Get There? If you know where the C span part of the Sanibel bridge is, it is the last span of bridge before you get to Sanibel. From there head down the Sanibel Coast towards the light house. Keep looking to your right, you will see a set of markers to guide you into the marina. You will see Sanibel Marina and Gramma Dot’s. Enjoy!!!! -

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image generator1 300x186 Gramma Dot’s Seaside Saloon

The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

Posted by Shane On July 17th

Have I got a place for you to go boating this weekend.  Have you heard of the Gulfshore Grill & The Cottage on Ft. Myers Beach?

121 IMGP99201 300x225 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

This is a great time of year to go. If you like to people watch and have a great time you have to go!  Once you have anchored off  Ft. Myers Beach, you can walk up to the beach and eat lunch at the Cottage. You can sit on a deck or inside over looking the beach and Gulf of Mexico and watch the people, It is really quite amusing.

123 IMGP99241 300x225 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

The food at The Cottage is really good an the cold beverages are great too. If you want to dine inside in the air conditioning walk next door to the Gulfshore Grill which also offers amazing views of the beach and Gulf of Mexico. The food here is really good as well. After lunch you can go down stairs to the Beach Bar and hang out, enjoy a cold beverage, people watch,  throw a Frisbee,  play smash ball or just relax in the refreshing waters of the  Gulf of Mexico.  You will have a great time here, everyone is happy and having a great time!!!  DO not forget your camera.

122 IMGP9922 575x4311 300x224 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage 125 IMGP9927 575x4311 300x224 The Gulf Shore Grill & The Cottage

How Do You Get There?

This is easy. Starting from the Sanibel Causeway, head towards Fort Myers Beach VIA the inter coastal waterway. Keep heading parallel to Ft. Myers Beach. You will see the big concrete pier. Just past the pier you will see a large green building, the Lani Kai. The Gulfshore Grill and The Cottage are to the left of the Lani Kai.Have fun.


Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Posted by Shane On July 10th




134 IMGP9938 575x4311 300x224 Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Pool Bar and Grill

132 IMGP98731 300x225 Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Hotel View From the water

133 IMGP99361 300x225 Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

Hotel Main Pool

If you have never been to The Sanibel Harbour Resort, you have got to go. After an early morning fish in your boat or spending the first part of the day at the beach by boat, head over to the Sanibel Harbour Resort.  This place is absolutely amazing!!! Once you get your boat secured at the dock run a couple of spring lines, There is a lot or boat traffic in the inter coastal water way that makes it a little choppy at the dock. Walk  to the Resort style Pool and outdoor Bar and Grill, (The Cove). The drinks are great here and so is the food. Take a dip in the massive pool or sit around the pool enjoying the tropical paradise created right there. Or you can sit by the water and watch the passing boats and the Dolphin play in the water. There is small beach the kids can play on as well. If you like to fish, you can fish right off the dockYou can catch some big Snook, Red Fish and Snapper. You will love it here, so check it out.

fort myers apartment american rentals sanibel harbour resort pool amp restaurants 470 13854201 300x206 Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa

How Do I Get There?

Coming from the mouth of the Caloosahatchee River, head towards the Sanibel Causeway. Just before getting to the causeway, look to your leftyou cannot miss Sanibel Harbor Resort. Look at the photos and you will recognize it when you see it.


For additional info. go to….

Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

Posted by Shane On July 3rd

parrot 300x224 Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

Looking for a fun get away, but still near everything?  Try Parrot Key Caribbean Grill. It is located at Salty Sam’s Marina. Going by water is the best!!! For the land lubbers you can go by car. (See below for directions by land or by water)

p key 300x224 Parrot Key Caribbean Grill p key2 300x224 Parrot Key Caribbean Grill p key3 300x224 Parrot Key Caribbean Grill

This is a great place to take friends and family to have a fantastic time. They have live entertainment nightly for your enjoyment. The menu is to die for with the wide variety of food that is offered. You can choose to sit inside or outside by the water to enjoy the awesome sunsets. The staff is extremely accommodating to your needs to make it your most enjoyable experience. You will not be disappointed!

Directions by car:

From I-75, take exit 131 and follow Daniels Parkway West to Summerlin Road then turn left. Next, turn left on San Carlos Boulevard and then turn left on Main Street at the foot of the Matanzas  Pass Bridge. Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is at the end of Main Street.

Directions by boat:

From the Gulf of Mexico, enter the intracoastal waterway at the north end of Fort Myers Beach, go under the Matanzas Bridge.  Stay to the left and the Parrot Key Caribbean Grill is at channel marker 24. Boaters can hail the dockmaster at Salty Sam’s on channel 16 or 17 for docking instructions.

2500 Main Street,  Fort Myers Beach.  Phone: 239-463-3257 Fax: 239-463-2415


RumrunnersWaterfront Restaurant

Posted by Shane On June 26th

29 Rum Runners 11 300x187 RumrunnersWaterfront Restaurant


Escape, Dine & Unwind.  Casual Waterfront Dining.

The above says it all.  We absolutely love this place!! I love to take the family, friends,  and clients here by water. The greatest feeling is to pull out of your canal with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres and cruise down the river nice and slow enjoying every minute. Watching the sky turn a brilliant reddish/orange color as the sun begins to set. Once the sun has set, we cruise up to Rum Runners and dock. Depending on the time of year, there is normally a wait. You can call ahead for reservations (542-0200). This place is well worth the wait. The atmosphere is second to none and the food and service is outstanding. You can dine outside on the water or inside in the AC.  I think you will truly love the entire feel of Rum Runners.


If there is a wait, the fuel dock is right next door. Fuel up your boat while waiting. Please remember, it will be dark by the time dinner and dessert is over. Be sure you are comfortable driving your vessel home at night. Things to remember, bring your spot light.

101 2 Rum Runners1 300x212 RumrunnersWaterfront Restaurant Rum 300x225 RumrunnersWaterfront Restaurant rum2 300x202 RumrunnersWaterfront Restaurant


How do I get there?

By Boat or by car … This is easy.

Coming from Cape Coral Yacht Club, get into the ICW and head towards the mouth of the river. As soon as you get to the slow zone, look to your right, there is a series of red and green markers. Follow these markers in as if you were going to Tarpon Point. Make a left when you get to the rock/mangrove jetty. Follow the markers down around the corner and you will see Rum Runners. Boat smart and have a great time!!

By car:     The address is   5848 Cape Harbour Drive

Phone: 239.542.0200 Open 11:30am-Close


Charlie’s Pass

Posted by Shane On June 21st

Many folks want to know where to go by boat to beaches that are not packed with a lot of people and only accessible by boat.

171 IMGP18961 300x225 Charlies Pass 172 IMGP1898 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass 179 IMGP1910 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass

Here you go.  Have you heard of Charlie’s Pass? It is located on North Captiva Island. Charlie’s pass is an unofficial name for it, but everyone calls it Charlie’s Pass. Years ago when Hurricane Charlie came through, it literally blew a hole right through the island, hence the name Charlie’s Pass. It was deep enough to bring larger boats through it. In a short time, The pass began to close up to where it looked like a little creek that only skinny water boats could get through. A very short time later the creek closed up. Now it is an amazing place to go to. We love to spend the day here on the beach. The neat thing about the beach here is you can anchor and back right up to the beach within feet of the dry sand. (No long walks to shore). The sand here is the nice white sugar sand and loads and loads of sea shells. Most people set up an umbrella or canopy right on the beach and enjoy the rolling waves on to the beach and the gentle sea breeze. My children and I cannot sit still, so we swim in the beautiful blue green waters and shell along the beautiful Beaches

176 IMGP1906 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass 175 IMGP1903 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass 177 IMGP1907 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass

Okay this is the really fun part if you like to fish,walk East,  opposite of the Gulf,  about 200 yards and you will come to the back Bay, it is a natural estuary full of marine life. Birds, Crabs, Fish,, you name it. You will see in one of the photos my son throwing his cast net catching bait for his friend Jo Jo, who caught a nice Snook and of course released it. Enjoy the photos, this is such a beautiful place, unspoiled and full of nature. You are going to love it and you will not want to leave. Have fun!!!!!

173 IMGP1900 575x4311 300x224 Charlies Pass174 IMGP19081 300x225 Charlies Pass

How do you get there?

Coming from Pine Island Sound,  head towards Redfish Pass. Hint, South Seas Plantation is on the south side of the pass. Once you are in Redfish Pass, head north up the beach . You will see a few homes on your right. Keep heading north and you will come to an area where the trees are gone and you can see clear over to the Bayside. You are there. Enjoy..

Picnic Island

Posted by Shane On June 12th

If you do not  have time to run all the way to Ft. Myers Beach or the barrier islands to go to the beach,go to Picnic Island. This is a great place to take the family and friends and it is an easy run. The kids  love it here as do the adults. In the last several years, mother nature has created a neat lagoon on the NW side of the island. I would only suggest smaller boats anchor on this side of the island. It gets shallow when the tide goes out and I have seen many, many people stuck until the next high tide. I would suggest anchoring on the NE side if the Island. There is plenty of water there. I bring My 28 footer right up to the beach and kick up both motors.   Remember to mind the tides. This Island is a great place to have family cookouts and meet friends in their boats. The kids have a blast playing in the sand and the adults can relax and watch the kids play.

32 Picnic Island 11 300x225 Picnic Island 33 Picnic Island 2 300x2251 Picnic Island 104 3 Picnic Island1 300x225 Picnic Island


If you are really outdoorsy and like to camp. Camp on the island. There are many places to pitch a tent and have a camp fire. (Use common sense with the camp fire) and fish off the beach at night. You will be amazed at what you can catch right off the beach at night. Please remember this, not everyone picks up after themselves, please if you are ever at Picnic Island and you see trash on the ground or in the water, please do not be afraid to pick it up and put it in your trash bag. I know we all want to keep this place a beautiful place to visit. As we all know most people follow by example. Have a great time and boat smart!!

How Do I Get There?

This is easy.  Coming from Cape Coral Yacht Club, get into the ICW and head towards the mouth of the river. Go through the slow zone, when it says to resume normal speed, go almost straight ahead, you will see a green marker, should be Green marker #3.  This is the opening of the miserable mile as some people call it. Proceed staying in the channel and do not go outside the channel or you will run aground. When you get to Green Marker #7, you will see Picnic Island up on your left –


picnic islandonetwo 300x186 Picnic Island

(Google image seen above)


The Green Flash Resturant

Posted by Shane On June 5th

28 Green Flash11 300x183 The Green Flash Resturant

This is great place to go by boat or car.  Although if you love the water as much as My family and friends do, then go by boat of course.

This is a little more formal than say cabbage Key, however, if you have been boating all day it is still perfectly fine to go in and have lunch or dinner. After a day of fishing or at the  beach with the family and friends, you can pull right up to the dock. (They now have two docks for plenty of parking for your vessel.) You can sit outside and enjoy the Florida breeze (if you do sit out side bring a few shrimp from you bait well or some white bait and there are a couple small white Herons that would love a hand out.) or if you are hot go inside to the cool air conditioning. The food is really good here and the service has always been great for us.

How Do You Get There?

This is easy. Coming from Cape Coral Yacht Club, get into the ICW and head towards the mouth of the river. Go through the slow zone, when it says to resume normal speed, go almost straight ahead, you will see a green marker this is the opening of the miserable mile as some people call it. Proceed  in the channel, do not go out side the channel or you will run aground, it is very, very shallow outside the channel. Follow the ICW into Pine Island Sound. You will have the back side of Sanibel on your left. Keep following the ICW. When you get to Green Marker 35 make a left towards land approx. one mile you will see a Red head pin marker, should be number “2″ marking the channel going into the channel into the harbor area. (Stay in the channel there are some shallow spots just outside the channel) Follow the markers in. The Green Flash restaurant will be on your right. You will recognize it from the photo attached. Have a great time!!

Rear Daytime61 300x225 The Green Flash Resturant

55974e2a2546369ce81ff2abecaa80fe1 300x224 The Green Flash Resturant

Take a look and the Menu!

Riverfront Beauty

Posted by Shane On May 16th

 Riverfront Beauty IMGP23691 300x199 Riverfront Beauty IMGP25081 300x199 Riverfront Beauty

Nearly 1 acre on the River

4 Bedrooms + Study,  5.5 Baths, Over 5570 Sq. Ft.  of Living area

Tropical resort Style, Infinity Edge Pool / Spa,   Boat Dock / lift

Do you Know A Buyer for this home?



 Riverfront Beauty
playbutton animated Riverfront Beauty



PRICE REDUCED $30,000 OWNER VERY MOTIVATED DIRECT GULF ACCESS!!!!!! MINUTES TO THE RIVER!!!  Extremely well maintained custom built, 4 bedroom (4th bedroom is small),2 bath with oversized 2 car garage pool home. This home has been very well maintained. Bring your pickiest buyer. This home shows great. Formal dining room, Large family room with vaulted ceiling, fire place. Ceramic tile and wood laminate flooring throughout. Split bedroom plan. Master has sliding doors out to the pool area with long expansive views down the canal. There is a large covered lanai to enjoy the outdoors. There is a breakfast nook just off the kitchen which also offers views of the pool and water !!!. Lovely mature foliage around the property, Sprinkler system on a well. There is a large dock with a 10,000 pound boat lift. How great to walk out on to your dock push a button and drop you boat into the water and be in the River in Minutes!!!!!! Come see, you will not find a cleaner home!!!!!

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